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Annie’s Rolling in the Deep in Covert Affairs “Something Against You”

BY The Screen Spy Team

Published 9 years ago

Annie's Rolling in the Deep in Covert Affairs

Blackmail, evil deeds, and monsters, with a side dish of mistrust. No substitutions, please.

Annie Walker is rolling in the deep in ‘Something Against you.’ Her only salvation this course is the result of Henry’s one vulnerability: Sana Wilcox, his ex-wife.

The action was more intellectual and emotional than physical this week on Covert Affairs due to a lack of memorable gunshot reports and martial arts entanglements. The underlying themes of darkness and duplicity, however, could not have been missed. As far as portrayals are concerned, this episode belongs to Itzen and Perabo.

Henry is so easy to hate, but interesting to watch as his expressions morph from cocksure and conniving to shocked or angered, as he did several times throughout this episode. His responses to Annie’s texts on Hughes’ cell phone were priceless. This guy might want to consider taking some anti-anxiety medication soon, because Annie is hot on his trail, and it’s gonna be wicked stressful. Guaranteed.

Though Perabo’s portrayal is best in her final scene, most interesting were the strategies created by the plot, which moves along at a steady pace while sending the understated message that Annie is still a diamond in the rough. However, her experience as a rogue could erode away the gunk to allow her true brilliance to shine  through in ways it hasn’t before, or it could leave her blistered, scarred, and numb. Time will tell what kind of gem is hidden inside Annie, and if it’s one she’s willing to live with.

According to Sana, who knows Henry best, in order to beat Henry ‘The Monster’ Wilcox, Annie will have to become him. This warning is a blessing wrapped in barbed wire, people, and a crucial one. Annie needs to see what is really at risk in this endeavor: her soul. As Annie herself states at the beginning, she doesn’t have time to be affected by the things she’s done, but she’s running on autopilot at this point. What affect is this going to have on her later when she reflects back on all she did to bring Henry down. How will her new insights affect her relationship with Auggie?

In ‘Something Against You’ Annie faces the reality  that she’s startlingly alone in a world much harsher and darker than she’s ever known. She isn’t yet ready to admit she’s frightened, but when the adrenaline wears off, she’s gonna need a really hot bath with loads of bubbles and probably a martini or two. Granted, she’s has gotten herself out of some tough scrapes in the past, but that was with the full force of the CIA behind her to catch her if she fell. Perhaps this realization of what could become of her is what drives her to return home next week. Let’s hope so.

Last week in ‘Dead’, Deric Hughes (Aden Devine), sneered at Annie’s ‘poor’ interrogation skills alerting her, intentionally or not, that this isn’t powderpuff–it’s the major league hardball–and she better sack-up or she’s gonna get her ass handed to her on a silver platter. Point taken, thank you. You’re dead, Hughes.

Though at first blush last week’s Hughes debacle might have seemed fruitless, it provided Annie and Sana (Seeta Indrani) with the means to lure Henry to Geneva, and to collect the necessary files for perpetuating the ruse that Hughes was alive to complete his mission.

Here’s how it went down:

In Switzerland and desperate to uncover any sliver of intel to link Wilcox (Gregory Itzin) to the Copenhagen plane bombing, Annie plays fast and loose with Sana and loses her as an asset in the end. In the process, however, Annie uses Henry’s feelings for Sana to lure him to Copenhagen after she and Sana break into Hughes’ hotel room to take his laptop and cell phone.

To flush Henry out, Annie fulfills Hughes’ mission by planting incriminating files on David’s computer, incriminating him in the Copenhagen bombing, and getting him cuffed and carted away by Interpol. Whoa. That was a huge gamble, Annie. No wonder Sana wants nothing to do with you. If Annie had Auggie in her back pocket, he would make those files disappear. But, wait! Calder didn’t arrange a line of communication between Annie and himself. Doh! Now David (Mike Dopud) will be forced to stew, and possibly get devoured by Henry’s minions. Hopefully Annie can get word to Auggie before Henry does any damage.

Henry would have us believe his true goal was to eliminate David and win back Sana’s love, but … What? Henry’s luh-luh-love?! Are you kidding me? Not buying it. One expects a more nefarious motive from Henry Wilcox, but, the man is a French fry short of a Happy Meal, so who knows what’s going on behind that yellow face of his?

In this episode, Henry comes to Geneva promising to ‘help and protect’ Sana and *cough* David. Annie, still using Hughes’ cell phone, texts and blackmails Henry for $3 million in hopes of uncovering a money trail leading back to Copenhagen. This plan unravels when Hughes’ corpse is found too early and Henry learns he’s being played, suspecting Annie in collusion with Sana. Sana and Henry spar, prompting her to call him a monster, and prompting him to vows to find and kill Annie. Shortly after, Sana calls Annie a monster gives her the heave-ho.

Back at the office, Auggie plants a bug in Barber’s ear that Eric ‘lapdog’ Braithwaite (Craig Eldridge) has opened a blue file on Henry. If you recall, Calder (Harper) dropped this tidbit on Henry last week – though it’s simply a scheme to divide and conquer. Just like in kindergarten, Auggie’s message is ‘telephoned’ around the office and turns into an investigation of Henry’s finances and activity since his release from prison. Bazinga!

So, we’ve seen Henry’s ‘love’ bite him in the ass. Anyone else want to raise their hand and jump in with some exploitable unrequited love? Oh, yes, back-haired girl in the back row, do you have something to say? Enter Helen Hanson (Michelle Ryan) to profess she never stopped being Auggie’s wife. Yes, she has the nerve to actually say this to Auggie’s face, and … well … it looks like she really means it! Whoa. Predictably, Auggie plays the bereaved lover well, but wants absolutely nothing to do with Helen even if she is still wearing his necklace. Why’s Helen popping up again anyway? Turns out Joan and Arthur have asked her to follow Henry around. Wha–? Wow. Well, I guess desperate times call for desperate measures. But wait … there’s more.

By the final scene it is clear that Annie got the crucial message from Sana that, to catch a monster she might have to become one, and Annie hears it, though the barbs on that wire may pierce her heart before she’s through. We know this, not through anything Annie says, but through the forceful emotion Perabo pours into Walker as she storms into the parking garage, throws and shatters her cell, and comes dangerously close to kicking her beloved Ducati. Snap! Welcome to reality, Annie Walker.

What Annie doesn’t know is that Helen’s in Geneva that very second, witnessing Annie’s temper tantrum. What Helen doesn’t know is whether or not Auggie knows Annie’s alive, or if Annie has perhaps played the same cruel disappearing trick on Auggie that she herlself did years ago. Now Helen has a decision to make. Does she help Annie or try to eliminate her before anyone ‘learns’ she’s alive, so she can have Auggie to herself?

We know Helen doesn’t kill Annie because in next week’s episode, “No. 13 Baby” Annie returns home and meets up with Auggie. Also, Henry reaches out to Calder, Joan reveals something that alienates Arthur, and an old flame reveals she still holds a torch for Auggie – think that might be Helen?

What do you think of Annie’s darker side?

Catch it, Thursday October 31st, on USA Network (9-10 p.m. ET).

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