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SUITS Season 5 Premiere Review: Ripping Off the Band Aid

By on June 25, 2015

Pictured: Gabriel Macht as Harvey Specter -- (Photo by: Ian Watson/USA Network)

By Lewis Richards

Wednesday evening saw the return of Suits for its 5th season, and thank the TV gods for that!

The premiere begins by showing us that the usually untouchable Harvey Specter is in-fact human, and it becomes clear he is having real issues dealing with the loss of Donna, so much so that he is seeking professional help.

When Harvey is handed Donna’s official two weeks notice, it finally sinks in that she is serious about leaving him for Louis and not staying with him, as he had previously predicted.

Harvey refuses to allow Donna to spend her final 2 weeks searching for her replacement, seemingly out of spite, and claims he prefers to “rip the band aid off.”

Donna is immediately relieved of her position as Harvey dismisses her from his office.

During the episode, cuts to Harvey at a psychiatrist’s office reveal he is suffering from extreme anxiety. The mighty Harvey Specter, reduced to panic attacks and vomiting by his former long term secretary! The theory that Harvey is in love with Donna is most evident in this episode (not a tear was shed for Scotty). Despite all this, Harvey manages to keep his anxiety issues to himself and eventually decides to accept Donna is gone (just down the hall) for good.

Whilst Harvey has had his bubble burst by Donna, at the opposite end of the spectrum Mike and Rachel have created their own “bubble” of happiness and secrecy for their engagement deciding to only let Rachel’s family and Donna in on the news for now.

This changes when Mike can’t help but tell his friend and mentor Harvey within seconds of entering his office. At first Harvey is dismissive of the news, acting as if he doesn’t care, but he later softens after tying some loose ends together for a case and takes Mike to watch the Mets to congratulate him on his engagement.

This episode focused quite a lot on Harvey, but it was fantastic to see how Donna leaving hit him extremely hard, right in the feels! (well, she is Donna!)

There are some good foundations laid with Louis and Donna having a rocky start to their new partnership too.

“Denial” is a great start for what is hopefully an even greater season.

Additional Notes:

Will Darvey ever reunite?

Who will Harvey bring in to replace Donna?

When will Louis say “You just got LITT UP” again?

One Comment

  1. Kamal Tudu

    June 27, 2015 at 3:27 pm

    It was a Nets game, not a Mets game as mentioned. Great review by the way.

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