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Biohackers Season 1 Episode 2 Recap – Secrets

BY Kean

Published 6 months ago

Biohackers Season 1 Episode 2 Recap - Secrets

Mia sees her father talking to a woman on the day of her brother’s funeral. Her father mentions the woman doing something to Mia’s brother, and that she will pay for it. The woman explains that she didn’t do anything and that the boy was already sick. Mia hides when the woman comes out of the room, only seeing the woman’s shoes as she walks out. 

In the present day, Mia pulls Ole out of the water in the tub. Ole is trying out his underwater pills. They help in holding your breath underwater longer. But, if there’s alcohol in your body it will put you into a deep sleep. When Dr. Lorenz comes to the class that day, she calls Mia to the front and asks her to explain her answer to her assignment. Mia says she didn’t consult the book for the answer as everybody else did. Dr. Lorenz throws the book and tells the students that if they want to keep up in her class they should create new ideas and not use old ones. The book is already three years old and in their field, it is already outdated. Mia tells Dr. Lorenz that she wants to be her assistant and that she already sent her form. She mentions Dr. Lorenz’s success and how even as a student she excelled. Dr. Lorenz says she’ll think about it and asks Mia to send her paperwork and meet her the next day. 

Mia remembers going to Berlin one night with her parents. Her father said they were going to meet someone who works for a newspaper. Because someone was following them that night, her father drove the car too fast they got into an accident. When Mia opened her eyes, she saw someone approaching their car. First, she saw a hand grabbing her brother’s papers, then a pair of shoes the same as the ones she saw at the funeral. 

The next day, Mia goes to the lab to meet Dr. Lorenz. Dr. Lorenz says they’re conducting a clinical study about women’s fertility. She asks Mia to take care of the subjects and their forms. Because one of the participants left before they were able to get a saliva sample, Dr. Lorenz asks Mia to replace her. When Dr. Lorenz takes Mia’s saliva sample, Mia remembers Dr. Lorenz doing that to her when she was a kid. Dr. Lorenz says that Jasper will sequence the samples and compare them to their old database. 

Mia comes home and finds Ole doing an experiment for his social media followers. He cuts himself and puts a chip inside his body. Mia helps stitch his cut afterward and in return, she asks for his underwater pills. Because Lotta likes Niklas, she asks Mia to spend time with Jasper in the lake so they can be together. Before jumping in the water, Mia hands alcohol to Lotta and then gives her the underwater pills. Mia and Jasper share a kiss that day. When Jasper sees her scar, she reveals that she got into an accident when she was a kid. Mia puts Lotta to bed that night because she couldn’t even open her eyes. And then she takes Lotta’s saliva sample while she sleeps. 

The next day, she goes to the lab with Jasper even though he initially said she’s not yet allowed to be there. Mia purposely spills the coffee she’s holding on the floor. Jasper tells her not to touch anything as he gets something to wipe the mess with. While Jasper is away, Mia takes her saliva sample from the container and replaces it with Lotta’s before she puts back her name on the tube. When Mia leaves, Jasper notices that Mia’s name on the test tube is pasted the other way. 

Dr. Lorenz shows Mia her complete blueprint from the saliva sample. But she notices that even though Mia has freckles, the results don’t show the correlating gene variant. She adds that the results show blue eyes and blond hair like the ones Mia has, and everything else. So, Dr. Lorenz assumes that the sequencer isn’t totally accurate because Jasper might have made a mistake.  

Our Thoughts:

So, things are making more sense now. Mia’s parents died while they were trying to get away from Dr. Lorenz. Maybe that is one of the reasons why she’s trying to get to Dr. Lorenz. But, what is she going to do afterward? She could just confront her, but that is not what she’s doing. So, we think we can assume that she wants to destroy her or do something to her. Maybe it’s not an apology that she’s after. She wants revenge. 

What Mia did when she replaced her saliva sample with Lotta’s was risky. Dr. Lorenz is a smart person and to try to trick her using tricks like that wouldn’t seem to work. But Dr. Lorenz just assumed that her assistant made a mistake. It’s very clear that Mia will do anything to get what she wants, even if that means she has to use Jasper. 

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