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David Fincher Signs On To Direct World War Z Sequel

BY Louie Anne Matthews

Published 5 years ago

David Fincher Signs On To Direct World War Z Sequel

“Wolrd War Z” is getting a sequel and Paramount just announced that David Fincher will be directing the zombie project. Thanks to the zombie craze and shows like The Walking Dead “World War Z” was a box office success.  Brad Pitt will once again portray Gerry Lane, former United Nations investigator caught up in the war against zombies.

“World War Z” is also a reunion for Pitt and Fincher, this is the fourth project the two are working on. Pitt and Fincher worked together in Se7en, Fight Club and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Fincher is able to get great performances out of Pitt, translating emotion into art.

Finch is also the man behind critically acclaimed films like Zodiac, The Social Network, and Gone Girl.

World War Z, A Troubled Production

Marc Foster directed the first “World War Z” film; because of troubled production they no longer called back Foster to direct the sequel.  Troubled production included numerous reshoots. “World War Z” may have received box office success however it was a troubled film that took a critical hit.

The movie was criticized for its slow pacing and anti-climatic suspense sequences. This resulted in Pitt turning to Fincher to direct the sequel.  The first “World War Z” film had a $190 million budget for a PG-13 film but the studio hopes for a popular R-rated field for the sequel.

The deal has been closed though the project does not have a release date yet.  Production will not begin until the studios new Chairman and CEO Jim Gianopulos officially greenlights the film.

Fincher Back On The Director’s Seat

Fincher hasn’t directed a movie since 2014’s Gone girl. Since then the filmmaker turned his attention to television with Netflix pilot Mind Hunters.

However, Fincher did not have the best luck with franchises before and is wary when it comes to sequels. He has openly shown his displeasure for his project Alien 3 in the past. He nearly signed on a reboot of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. But the project never moved forward.

Paramount has given Fincher a lot of creative control over the direction, the content and themes, and the rating. The studio hopes that Fincher’s abilities and style will lower the film’s budget and the need to have lengthy reshoots.

Filming is not anticipated to begin until 2018 giving Fincher time to figure out where he wants to take the franchise.

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