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Stranger Things’ David Harbour Confirmed As Hellboy In R-Rated Reboot

BY David Riley

Published 6 years ago

Stranger Things' David Harbour Confirmed As Hellboy In R-Rated Reboot

Good news for “Hellboy” fans out there! Creator Mike Mignola recently dropped the news that an R-Rated “Hellboy” reboot is in the works and to be helmed by “The Descent” and “Game of Thrones” director Neil Marshall. Not only will he replace previous director Guillermo del Toro, but “Hellboy’s” role has also been recast from Ron Perlman to “Stranger Things'” Chief Hopper, David Harbour.

Dropping The Hellboy Bombshell on Social Media

This news comes as a surprise to many fans as del Toro recently shut down any kind of hope for another “Hellboy” movie, even after overflowing support on social media which subsequently made him try to get the film done. The extent of the reboot is still unknown, as Mignola only revealed a few pertinent details. There is also no word yet as for the writers and production studio who will be working on the project. Check out Mignola’s announcement below:

Aside from the casting and director announcement, one notable detail that Mignola has stated is definitely the R Rating that the “Hellboy” reboot is heading towards. Given how a number of R-Rated films like “Deadpool,” “Logan,” and “Kingsman” have performed in the past, it’s not that surprising for them to take on this kind of tone for “Hellboy.” Bringing the film to a more mature audience certainly won’t hurt, if not even better for the “Hellboy” series.

Will The Marshall-Harbour Partnership Work?

Marshall has been known to be one of the genuises in the horror and drama industry. Aside from his work in “Game of Thrones,” he has also directed TV series’ such as “Hannibal,” “Constantine,” and “Westworld.” His big screen work include the werewolf feature “Dog Soldiers,” aside from “The Descent.” With the impressive portfolio that Marshall has, it’s very exciting to see how his take would be on “Hellboy,” especially with an R Rating.

Harbour is indeed a good replacement for “Hellboy,” but he will be facing a storm at the very least. Fans of the original film will definitely be having their eye on him and see if he can effectively fill in the shoes of Perlman. But with Harbour’s devoted “Stranger Things” fan base, he might be able to go through it unscathed. Though it may not be enough for Perlman’s fans, it’s also very interesting to see how Harbour and Marshall will work together as they come up a fresh take on the monster slayer from hell.

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