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Defiance “Brothers in Arms” Images and First Four Minutes

BY Jennifer Griffin

Published 11 years ago


In the May 20th episode of Defiance, Nolan’s past comes back for a visit … and to visit some trouble on the town of Defiance.

When an old friend from the war turns up in Defiance chasing a dangerous criminal with a history of violence, he and Nolan (Grant Bowler) clash over how to handle the villain.

Meanwhile, everyone’s lives are complicated by the presence of Connor Lang (Gale Harold) a government agent, and a face from Amanda’s (Julie Benz) past who has a clear agenda for the town.

Speaking of his character in a recent ScreenSpy interview Harold noted “He’s a government agent who works for the Earth alliance. He’s climbing the ranks. He’s very ambitious. He sort of walks the line between diplomacy and some of the more hard-knuckled aspects of the world that they’re all in – this post-apocalyptic tribal war zone. I think, like any good politician, he’s taking his chances when they present themselves. But he’s got some past history with Amanda [Julie Benz] and I think he’s sort of trying to get reunited with her on some level. He’s really interested in having her come on board with his vision of how the Government should be run.”

Check out a promo (briefly featuring Harold) as well as a four minute sneak peek and images from the episode below.


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