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Fear the Walking Dead Premiere Review

BY The Screen Spy Team

Published 6 years ago

 By Lewis Richards

Although last night's Fear the Walking Dead premiere kicked off with a high tension build up to an encounter with "patient zero" it was just a small part of one family's story.

Their unfolding drama perfectly illustrated how in the face of the unacceptable, the world could continue to operate, oblivious or disbelieving of the existence of the infection that would ultimately mean the demise of the human race.

The first episode (watched by a cable tv history-making 10.1 million viewers) offered a good mix of extremely subtle and glaringly obvious clues to the impending apocalypse, as we were introduced to a dysfunctional mixed family, Madison and Travis, and Madison's children Nick and Alicia.

While Junkie Nick questions his own sanity following a close encounter with recently zombified friend Gloria, the rest of his family struggle to believe Nick's tales of cannibalism in the local church.

It's only when Nick reaches out to Travis, who in turn heads to the 'shooting gallery' to check the scene of the alleged murders, that the larger picture starts to emerge.

Meanwhile, as Madison convinces a student his conspiracy theories are more than likely false, tensions rise as signs of L.A's impending doom start to emerge.

Slow Burner or Trail-blazer?

Initial reaction dubs FTWD a slow burner. I’d just like to add my own two cents by declaring it a slow burn … on a short fuse.  True, the premiere showed two (maybe three, if that weird figure in the park counts) walkers, but we need to remember we are starting from a point where there is no knowledge of the infection. Considering we have gone from no knowledge to our protagonists actually killing a walker in the space of a single episode is a big step and I believe we can look forward to some action a lot sooner than anticipated.

We also have to ask ourselves, why Gloria? Was her change related to the drugs she took (which also ultimately killed her) or was she already infected? Though the theories are endless at this point, this is a question I feel we may have to forget as the story has already steered away from revealing any clues to the whereabouts of Gloria and her cause of death, and nothing is shown or mentioned about her back story.

As we saw in the previews of next week’s episode Madison and Tobias have already found themselves in a questionable situation as they try to secure a trolley full of supplies. It will be interesting to see what Madison and Travis do following their run in with zombie Calvin. Besides the fact that he turned into a zombie, how do they deal with Nick’s initial murder?

And just how is Nick going to deal with his trauma after he has seen two of his friends become zombies? Is Alicia’s boyfriend already dead? Is Tobias an apocalypse survival expert?

We get our answers on next week’s episode.

Fear the Walking Dead continues Sundays on AMC.

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