First Look at Grandpa Winchester: Sneak Peek From Supernatural’s “As Time Goes By”

As the old saying goes, you can’t teach your Granny how to suck an egg, or in this case, your grandfather.

When a mysterious suited gentleman (guest Gil McKinney) falls out of the closet in Sam and Dean’s hotel room the questions start to fly. However the mysterious stranger will tell the brothers nothing except that he is searching for John Winchester, and finding him is of the utmost importance.

Alarmed, the brothers attempt to cuff “007” and extract answers from him … except it doesn’t quite work out as planned.

“As Time Goes By” sees Henry Winchester time traveling from the 1950’s in pursuit of a deadly demon (played by Stargate SGU alum Alaina Huffman). It looks like he has a lot to teach his grandsons about their Winchester bloodline.

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Catch Supernatural Wednesday January 30th on the CW.