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Gal Gadot Responds To Wonder Woman Costume Critics

BY David Riley

Published 7 years ago

Gal Gadot Responds To Wonder Woman Costume Critics

Gal Gadot has been in a slew of action films like “Fast and Furious” and last year’s “Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. ” Her next great moment could be this June’s “Wonder Woman,” when she stars as one of DC’s flagship superheroes and the famous Princess of Themyscira. “Wonder Woman” is among the most anticipated summer movies of 2017, but it doesn’t mean that it’s safe from a couple of slams by critics. Her skimpy costume has been heavily criticized; even going as far as convincing the United Nations to drop the superhero as an honorary U.N. ambassador late last year.

Gal Gadot Comes To Wonder Woman’s Rescue

In an interview with The New York Times, Gadot defended “Wonder Woman” by saying that she is a huge driving force for equality, regardless of whatever she’s wearing.

“I think as a feminist, you should be able to wear whatever you like! In any case, there is such a misunderstanding of the concept. Feminism is about equality and choice and freedom. And the writers, Patty and myself all figured that the best way to show that is to show Diana as having no awareness of social roles. She has no gender boundaries. To her, everyone is equal.” Gadot said.

Some critics have also slammed Gadot’s casting as “Wonder Woman” apparently due to her “small” bust size. This just proves that even until now, “Wonder Woman” and women in general is under an oppressive state. Gadot seems to be unfazed though, as she is overly grateful for the opportunity to play the titular character.

“I was very lucky, but I don’t feel like I just blew up. I got to a point, just before Wonder Woman, when I had so many almosts — great audition, great camera tests, but always the runner-up — that I was ready to give up and go back to law school.” Gadot said.

“Wonder Woman” hits theaters on June 2, 2017.

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