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Grimm Full Set of Cast Promotional Pictures

BY Jennifer Griffin

Published 10 years ago

Grimm, debuting on NBC on October 28th, tells the story of Nick Burkhardt, a Homocide Cop with a hidden and dangerous family legacy. Remember all those fairy tales you heard as a kid? Well, it turns out they’re real, and the only thing protecting us from them are Grimms, an ancient line of criminal profilers charged with keeping the balance between humanity and the mythological creatures of the world.

The thing is, it’s all news to Nick, and if he tells anyone about it, they’re sure to lock him up and throw away the key. As Nick tries to hide the dangers of his new found calling from his fiance Juliette and his partner Hank, he becomes ever more entrenched in the Grimm world of ancient rivalries, alliances and royal bloodlines dating back to the original profilers – the Brothers Grimm.

NBC has released a set of promotional photographs of the cast ahead of the Halloween weekend premiere.

Look out for our interview with David Giuntoli (Nick Burkhardt) coming soon!














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