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‘Knightfall’ Season 2, Episode 5 ‘Road to Chartres’ Recap: Clouded Truth

BY Daniel Rayner

Published 3 years ago

'Knightfall' Season 2, Episode 5 'Road to Chartres' Recap: Clouded Truth

The Knights Templar survive an ambush at St. Lazarus’ church after they escort a Lazarian home in Knightfall. Much of the experience both served as a lesson as well as solidified the Templars’ faith. With that, the Templars recognize that they must part ways. Perhaps that served as the Templars’ last moments of bliss before the French launch their attack.

On Monday night’s episode of Knightfall, Landry (Tom Cullen) and Tancrede (Simon Merrells) visit Eve at the convent. However, Prince Louis (Tom Forbes) and his assassins ruin the reunion. Meanwhile, King Philip (Ed Stoppard) prepares his troops for an assault. Also, William De Nogaret (Julain Ovenden) and Gawain (Pádraic Delaney) polish the legal case against the Templars.


Pádraic Delaney in Knightfall Season 2 Episode 5


There is more to Gawain than being an excellent swordsman. Despite King Philip dismissing him as the Army’s commanding officer, Gawain remained devoted to bringing the Templars down. He comes up with something that would help De Nogaret and the legal case he is preparing against the Templars. The Templar Order always had mysteries surrounding it, so Gawain uses this to their advantage. Accusations about idolatry are something that the Templars face, so Gawain crafts an Idol that matches the description of the allegation. The new Pope, formerly Archbishop Raymond DeGoth (Stephen Fewell) does not receive this well, shocked at the discovery. Regardless, he announces that he and King Philip will place the Templars on trial.

Ready for Battle

Ed Stoppard in Knghtfall Season 2 Episode 5


King Philip took the offensive side of the battle before it even began. He commissions the development of a new explosive device that could destroy castle walls. Also, after dismissing Gawain, he has Gerard (David Bowles) take over and prepare the Army for an attack. With Prince Louis out hunting Landry and his baby, King Philip goes to the field to witness the field testing of the explosives as well as to personally check the Army’s preparedness. To his standards, his men are ready for battle. With that, he orders his men to march to the nearest Templar Castle, which is where Landry stays.

Mother’s Death

Tom Forbes in Knightfall Season 2 Episode 5


Queen Margaret (Clementine Nicholson) wondered where Prince Louis is. One of her maids reported seeing him at the temple. After choosing the right outfit and finishing other preparations, Queen Margaret goes to the temple. She makes a shocking discovery when she hears chains drag across the temple floor. A woman named Lydia stood there. Prince Louis did not kill her, as previously thought. Instead, he kept her prisoner in the temple. Also, he gave Lydia one of Queen Margaret’s gowns. Queen Margaret could not fathom the murderous crime Prince Louis committed, so she presumably drowns herself in her bathtub.

Prince Louis, on the other hand, received word about Templars who went to a convent known to take care of discarded babies. As if fate brought them together, Landry and Tancrede were at the convent, too, visiting his daughter, Eve. A nun calls their attention about fellow Templars who also came to visit the convent, so Landry and Tancrede went out to receive them. However, Landry notices that the horses that these Templars were on belonged to their fallen brothers, so he draws his sword. Landry and Tancrede the retreat to the convent to warn the nuns as well as to send Eve away.

Luckily, Landry, Tancrede, the Nuns along with Eve escape. Also, Landry wounds Prince Louis with his crossbow, making him both furious and determined to find and kill Landry and his child. After murdering the nuns at the convent, they follow after the tracks that led to Landry. He finds them in an abandoned Jewish temple, about to get some sleep.

Landry and Prince Louis duel to the death. Because of his injuries, Louis resorts to the use of his crossbow. Their duel was comprised of taunts and arguments, up until Landry tells him the truth about his mother’s death. After firing his crossbow, Prince Louis disappears. He visits the arrested former soldier that belonged to the King’s Army. Landry was telling the truth. His father killed his mother.

The Defensive

Tom Cullen in Knightfall Season 2 Episode 5


Landry did nothing but defend himself and the people he cares about in this episode. After protecting Eve from Prince Louis, he brought her and the Nuns to the Templar Castle. Grandmaster Jacques De Molay (Matthew Marsh) accepted them but could not help but wonder why Landry did such a thing. After all, the new Pope did order the Templars to head back to Jerusalem and take it back. However, it seemed as if they had no time to ponder these situations as Rhone (Dean Ridge) warns them about impending danger. Beyond the castle walls marched the French, ready to draw blood.

‘Knightfall’ Season 2, Episode 5 ‘Road to Chartres’ Final Verdict

This episode contains much dramatic conflict rather than the physical battles. Still, it perfectly puts into place the events that cause the upcoming battle. However, this is not the only thing that we must watch out for in the next chapter. Prince Louis is sure to revolt after he learns the truth about his mother’s death, and is yet to know Queen Margaret’s fate. Also, Initiate Master Talus (Mark Hamill) did warn the Templars in other Castles about the French threat. It is likely that he will return with reinforcements, possibly preventing the Castle from falling to the French once more.

Knightfall continues Monday, April 29th with ‘Blood Drenched Stone’ at 10/9c on History.

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