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Home ‘Lucifer’ Season 3, Episode 22 ‘All Hands On Decker’ Recap: Puppy Love Problems [SPOILERS]

‘Lucifer’ Season 3, Episode 22 ‘All Hands On Decker’ Recap: Puppy Love Problems [SPOILERS]

BY Stephanie Larson

Published 5 years ago

'Lucifer' Season 3, Episode 22 'All Hands On Decker' Recap: Puppy Love Problems [SPOILERS]

You’d think Lucifer would be wrecked after witnessing the success of Pierce’s marriage proposal to Chloe in the last episode. But, it seems that the devil is taking it in stride. While Ella (Aimee Garcia) and the girls are planning Chloe’s bachelorette party, Lucifer (Tom Ellis) is busy trying to understand Chloe’s (Lauren German) decision. On the other hand, everybody else is game for “All Hands On Decker,” either trying to break up the engagement or keep it riding to happily ever after. Deep breaths or booze, I think we’ll all be needing a healthy dose of either one after all these wedding troubles, Chloe included.

Chloe Gets a Bride Break

This episode’s new case starts with the puppers. In a dog show, a staff member discovers one of the contestants’ owners drowning in his pool of blood. Miss Cornelia, the Mastiff contestant, is nowhere to be found save her bloody footprints scattered around her master’s body.

Meanwhile, in the precinct, Ella’s freaking out about Chloe’s engagement. And of course, Ella hits on the topic of a bachelorette party. After playing the sister card, Ella gets Chloe to agree to one. Upon hearing all the things that they have to plan for, Chloe seems to be drifting away to anxiety. However, Pierce  (Tom Welling) calms her nerves and insists that she use her pent-up vacation weeks to take a breather and relax.

On the other hand, for the first time in forever, Amenadiel is bent on getting Lucifer what he wants. He suggests that Lucifer tell Chloe what he feels. But, the devil himself admits that he has far missed that chance. And now, all Lucifer wants to do is understand how and why Pierce has managed to capture Chloe’s affections.

Sadly, Chloe takes Pierce up on that vacation break. Now, Lucifer needs to work with Dan (Kevin Alejandro), who endearingly calls him Lucinda, on the doggie case. To make up for that, Lucifer decides to channel Chloe in the investigation. They interview Frederick (Eric Nenninger), the victim Francis’ husband. Through Dan’s questions, they find their first lead, a man whom Francis argued with at the training center’s parking lot.

Maze Joins the Party Planning

Like Lucifer, Maze (Lesley-Ann Brandt) is not pleased with the wedding at all but, Pierce promises her another way back to hell. In the meantime, Maze sets herself to get Chloe’s affections back for Pierce supposedly. Because all of a sudden, the mark is back on Pierce’s arm. And, it’s only Chloe’s full love that can get it off. Upon spotting her, Ella drags Maze to help her plan Chloe’s bachelorette party. And, Maze couldn’t be any happier to offer support.

Tom Ellis and Kevin Alejandro in Lucifer (2018)


On their way to their first suspect, Lucifer finds out that Dan has his own “Not telling how he feels” issue with Charlotte (Tricia Helfer). And speaking of Charlotte, Amenadiel seeks her out for some advice to split the engagement from Pierce’s side. Charlotte advises him to use his fears and insecurities as weapons to penetrate Pierce’s solid wall. For her part, she’ll do her best to water the seeds of doubt in Chloe.

Back to Dan and Lucifer, the latter realizes he needed another thing to complete his Chloe research. He needs a Lucifer. As his current partner, he elects Dan. When they reach the door of the illegal gambling den where they could find Vincent Walker, their suspect, Lucifer shoves Dan inside. Dan quickly discovers that Lucifer has taken his badge and gun and replaced it with a wad of cash. All he could do is act on the devil’s advice and channel Lucifer to his utmost best.

Chloe Steps Into the Pinkest Bachelorette Ever

Dan almost kills his chances to get information from Vincent in his efforts to be Lucifer. However, he manages reasonably well and opens up a conversation about dogs with the suspect. But, before he could get anything useful, Lucifer barges in with the SWOT team behind him.

Tricia Helfer, Lesley-Ann Brandt, Rachael Harris, Aimee Garcia and Lauren German on Lucifer (2018)


Meanwhile, Maze leads an excited Chloe to her bachelorette party. However, instead of the wild, fun, and exciting bachelorette party that Chloe had in mind, a pink tea party greets her instead. The guests aren’t so excited about it too. As they’re frantically looking for the booze, Linda (Rachael Harris), Ella, and Charlotte all realize that Maze is planning something. And they’re not just standing by to let it ruin Chloe’s supposed best night ever.

On the other hand, Amenadiel takes up Charlotte’s advice. Under the pretense of kinship, Amenadiel rains down a barrage of “Life is short” scenarios. Based on Pierce’s face of fear, Amenadiel has successfully gotten into his head. And back at Chloe’s, Charlotte has successfully gotten the girls out of the house with a deluxe party bus much to Maze’s chagrin.

As everyone else tries to break up the engagement, Dan and Lucifer are busy interrogating Vincent. They find out that Vincent has his Mastiff named Eliot who’s the father of Cornelia’s soon to be born puppies. Vincent admits that that night in the parking lot, he and Francis were arguing about puppy custody. After all, purebred Mastiffs like those cost tens of thousands of dollars.

Drama Slams the Party Breaks Hard

For the first time in forever, Maze tries to bulldoze the party mood to the ground. However, there’s no stopping the fun on the party bus. To make matters worse for Maze, Charlotte got the hunks of the Malibu state water polo team on board the bus too.

Tricia Helfer and Lesley-Ann Brandt on Lucifer (2018)


Back to the investigation, Dan and Lucifer move on to their next suspect, Dr. Valerie Haynes of the Barkley pet hotel and day spa. They suspect that she knew about the puppies. However, Lucifer’s powers to reveal desires don’t work on the doctor. Apparently, she’s ultimately content with her life, so she doesn’t need the money from the puppies. But, it does work on the doctor’s assistant though. They find out that after Francis died, Cornelia trustingly went to the assistant. Sadly, though Cornelia was safe and sound, the woman had already sold off her precious puppies.

At the ride back to the precinct, Dan and Lucifer continue their car relationship banter. Dan hits home when he accuses Lucifer of being afraid to directly ask Chloe why she said yes because Lucifer’s scared to hear Chloe’s answer. However, the said man turns the conversation off course as he declares that he also needs a Trixie to complete the Chloe experiment truly.

Meanwhile, at the girl’s party, Maze starts throwing the water polo team off the bus one by one. She, unfortunately, also throws off Linda’s man. Luckily, Ella steps in before Linda’s 5 ft of anger could do any damage to herself by attacking Maze. By the corner, Charlotte is cunningly growing a whole garden of doubt in Chloe. Ella stops that too and orders everyone except Chloe off of the bus.

Lucifer Solves the Case

To make everybody agree on one thing, Ella suggests getting fake tattoos. As she explains that Pierce tipped her on it, Maze quickly realizes that Pierce lied to her. His mark is fake. She marches off in a fury. Before the girls could process what just happened, Linda points out Chloe leaving them behind on the party bus.

Tom Ellis in Lucifer (2018)


Finally, alone, Chloe ponders on her decision. She confesses her doubts to the lady driver of the bus. She thought that marrying a safe and steady guy could change her into a different person. The driver tells Chloe that she’s been married for 17 years and her husband is everything to her. She hopes that Chloe feels the same way about her man; however, Chloe doesn’t answer.

Back in the precinct, Frederick picks up Cornelia. As they were heading out, Dan notices that Cornelia doesn’t seem to want to go with Frederick. Later on, Lucifer finds out that Frederick signed Cornelia’s prenatal examination meaning he knew about the puppies.

In Lucifer style, complete with the whiskey, Dan sneaks up on Frederick in his apartment. With a gun in his hand, Frederick admits that he got jealous of the dog because it seemed to have become his replacement. When he knew of the puppies, it got way over the top and he and Francis fought over it. Francis fell and hit his head. Just in time, Lucifer barges in with a team, and Dan takes the opportunity to knock Frederick down. Lucifer fumes and prattles on about needing someone responsible, someone steady but most of all, someone who can always be there for him. Suddenly, he realizes the irony of it all.

Chloe Finds Her Answer

Maze finds Pierce in Chloe’s apartment chilling on the sofa. However, as she’s about to stab him, Pierce shushes her and points down to a sleeping Trixie. Maze threatens him and says that he can’t use the child forever as a human shield. Before Maze could say anything else, they hear the jingle of keys and Maze vanishes. Chloe comes in, and upon seeing Pierce, she immediately delves into the pressing wedding matter in her mind. Pierce also jumps on it and blurts out that they should elope. However, Chloe turns him down and breaks off the engagement herself.

Meanwhile, Dan surprises Charlotte with a visit. After a little chit chat, Dan throws his fears aside and confesses to Charlotte. He wants Charlotte’s whole deal and package. Albeit being a little bit surprised, Charlotte says ok.

The next morning, Lucifer comes in bearing confessions of his own. However, upon realizing that Chloe isn’t wearing any ring, he halts. Lucifer holds back whatever he has to say, and the pair goes back to work as usual. From a distance, Pierce watches them walk away together with anger in his eyes.

“Lucifer” continues next Monday, May 7th, with “Quintessential Deckerstar” at 8/9c on FOX.

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