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'Madam Secretary' Season 4 Brief Recap: What We Know So Far and When the Show Returns

BY Louie Anne Matthews

Published 5 years ago

'Madam Secretary' Season 4 Brief Recap: What We Know So Far and When the Show Returns

Fans of “Madam Secretary” would have to wait to see what happens next to Elizabeth McCord (Téa Leoni) because Season 4, Episode 13 of the political drama won’t be coming back until March 11. It’s an excruciating two-month wait before we find out what the administration would be like in the hands of Vice President Theresa Hurst (Jayne Atkinson), especially when Hurst and Elizabeth butted heads not too long ago. So before “Madam Secretary” comes back, let’s have a little refresher on everything that happened so far in Season 4.

America vs. Russia

During the first few episodes of “Madam Secretary,” we saw Elizabeth dealing with drug cartels, peace treaties, and human rights violations. But now, the show’s biggest adversary is Russia. The United States and Russia have always had a very complex relationship especially when it comes to Syria and Afghanistan. The show portrayed this when a Russian spy infiltrated Henry and his team for the Afghan safe house location. During “Persona Non-Grata,” the fifth episode, we learn that the Russians raised their efforts in bolstering the Taliban. The Russian GRU was funding the Taliban’s weapons, helping them overthrow the democratic Afghan government.
Téa Leoni and Tim Daly in Madam Secretary (2014)
Elizabeth and Henry (Tim Daly) had also butted heads when an issue of national security was laid out on the table. When the Taliban kidnapped a member of the CIA, the husband and wife argued over foreign policy. We later find out that the Taliban is just a rouse for the Russian GRU. It looks like the writers suited up for a Russian centered storyline because it appears there’s a mole giving information to Russia. In “Minefield,” the ninth episode, Henry, and his team have narrowed it down to Senator Carpenter. They were able to get him to confess his involvement with the Russian once guilt overwhelmed the Senator. But of course, the Russians can fight back.

Zeljko Ivanek and Keith Carradine in Madam Secretary (2014)


In the latest episode, titled “Sound and Fury,” The Russian President then banned American families from adopting any more Russian orphans until America sever their ties with Afghanistan. Elizabeth tried to find a solution without negotiating. Elizabeth found a way when a Russian spy almost killed Dimitri. It’s clear that Elizabeth and the Dalton Administration still see Russia as a threat, and it’s exciting to see how “Madam Secretary” will portray the shaky relationship between Russia and America.

Dimitri and Stevie

At the beginning of Season 4, Elizabeth’s eldest daughter, Stevie (Wallis Currie-Wood), got engaged—falling apart a few episodes after. Stevie had a hard time trying to wrap her mind around the breakup until a newly sober and single Dimitri (Chris Petrovski) walks in. The Russian GRU-turned American intelligence operative was reluctant in starting a relationship with Henry’s daughter. It’s not because of Henry being his boss, but the fact that Stevie might get into trouble. The two then start a relationship, but Dimitri made sure not go into full detail about his background. The two kept it in secret for a while. But when a Russian spy following Dimitri took a few pictures of the two’s secret rendezvous, the relationship had to end.

Wallis Currie-Wood and Chris Petrovski in Madam Secretary (2014)


Henry was not happy with finding out about Stevie relationship with  Dimitri’s from FBI Director Ephraim Ware (Clifton Davis). Stevie’s life is on the line. To ensure their safety, the FBI captured the spy and had him in US custody. However. Dimitri hat to relocate to Alaska. So it looks like Dmitri and Stevie are still unlucky in love.

Is ‘Madam Secretary’ running for President?

One of the overbearing questions that we’ve all been asking since the Holiday party in “Minefield” was if Elizabeth McCord plans to run for office. It does seem like it’s the direction the show is going. But it’s building some momentum first. This season, she’s taking much more responsibility when it comes to foreign relations, though it’s up to Elizabeth if she wants to run. Vice President Hurst—who has her eye on the Presidency after President Conrad Dalton’s (Keith Carradine) term—has different views when it comes to foreign policy.

Téa Leoni in Madam Secretary (2014)


Last week, President Dalton went a little bit mental. He was making an order to take down Russia with guns (and missiles) blazing. His behavior then turned out to be the effect of a mass in the front lobe of Dalton’s brain. Because of this, he had to step down being President. Following Section 3 of the 25th Amendment, President Dalton gave Vice President Hurst temporary Presidential power. Seeing that the Administration had no other choice, it doesn’t mean there’s a vacant Presidential position. Dalton will return once he is well enough.
But then again, he can only be President for so long. Can his mental state make him permanently step down?
“Madam Secretary” returns Sunday, March 11th, with “Reading the Signs” at 10/9c on CBS.

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