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Published 3 years ago

Episode 2×08 “Patience is a Virtue”

Manfred and Kai team up against a common foe.

Olivia and Bobo search for a way to bring Fiji back to their side.

Joe gets a surprising visitor.

Air Date: Friday, Dec. 21 (08:00PM – 09:00PM) on NBC.


Episode 2×07 “Resting Witch Face”

In the wake of tragedy, Manfred vows revenge.

Joe squares off against a former ally to save his husband.

Fiji spends a night on the town.

Kai gives Patience an ultimatum.

Air Date: Friday, Dec. 14 (09:00PM – 10:00PM) on NBC.



MIDNIGHT, TEXAS — “No More Mr. Nice Kai” Episode 206 — Pictured: Bernardo Saracino as Chuy — (Photo by: Lewis Jacobs/NBC)

Episode 2×06 “No More Mr Nice Kai”

An unknown force threatens to reveal all the Midnighters’ secrets.

Manfred’s suspicion towards Kai intensifies.

Fiji embraces Dark Magic to save Bobo once and for all.

Air Date: Friday, Dec. 7 (09:00PM – 10:00PM) on NBC.

Photos: “No More Mr Nice Kai”



MIDNIGHT, TEXAS — “Drown the Sadness in Chardonnay” Episode 205 — Pictured: (l-r) Arielle Kebbel as Olivia, Kellee Stewart as Madonna — (Photo by: Lewis Jacobs/NBC)

Episode 2×05 “Drown the Sadness in Chardonnay”

Lem makes a shocking decision. Olivia’s past comes back to haunt her.

Fiji seeks outside help from her fellow Light Witches.

A suicide pits Manfred and Kai against one another.

Air Date: Friday, Nov. 30 (09:00PM – 10:00PM) on NBC.

Photos: “Drown the Sadness in Chardonnay”




MIDNIGHT, TEXAS — “I Put a Spell On You” Episode 204 — Pictured: Sydney Wease as Mary — (Photo by: NBC)

Episode 2×04 “I Put a Spell on You”

The Midnighters join forces to protect a newcomer in town.

With Bobo still in danger, Fiji’s forced to take desperate action to save him.

Patience and Manfred bond over their relationship troubles.

Air Date: Friday, Nov. 16 (09:00PM – 10:00PM) on NBC.

Photos: “I Put a Spell on You”




MIDNIGHT, TEXAS — “To Witch Hell and Back” Episode 203 — Pictured: (l-r) Jason Lewis as Joe, Josh Kelly as Walker — (Photo by: Lewis Jacobs/NBC)

Episode 2×03 “To Witch Hell and Back”

Fiji and Manfred try to get to the bottom of who or what is trying to kill Bobo.

A guilt-ridden Rev struggles with the weight of his past.

Joe embraces his new ‘night job,’ unbeknownst to his husband.

Air Date: Friday, Nov. 9 (09:00PM – 10:00PM) on NBC.

Photos: “To Witch Hell and Back”



MIDNIGHT, TEXAS — “The Monster of the Week is Patriarchy” Episode 202 — Pictured: (l-r) François Arnaud as Manfred, Jaime Ray Newman as Patience — (Photo by: John Golden Britt/NBC)

Episode 2×02 “The Monster of the Week is Patriarchy”

Manfred investigates a gruesome murder in the hotel.

Lem and Olivia’s psychic connection drives a wedge between them.

Bobo’s life is put in danger by a series of strange ‘accidents,’ much to Fiji’s concern.

Air Date: Friday, Nov. 2 (09:00PM – 10:00PM) on NBC.

Photos: “The Monster of the Week is Patriarchy”




MIDNIGHT, TEXAS — “Head Games” Episode 201 — Pictured: François Arnaud as Manfred — (Photo by: John Golden Britt/NBC)

Episode 2×01 “Head Games”


After shutting the veil to hell, The Midnighters finally settle into a semblance of normality— until the opening of a new hotel rocks their stability once again.

Manfred deals with the consequences of ‘taking-in’ six demons. Joe makes a new friend.

Air Date: Friday, Oct. 26 (09:00PM – 10:00PM) on NBC.

Photos: “Head Games”


About Midnight Texas

The town of Midnight sits on a veil between the living and hell.

The supernatural thriller, which is based on the best-selling book series by Charlaine Harris (author of the novels that inspired “True Blood”), takes a journey into a remote Texas town where nothing is what it seems. In Midnight, Texas, being normal is strange and only outsiders fit in. It’s a mysterious safe haven for those who are different — a perfect place for anyone looking to hide from the outside world.

“Midnight, Texas” stars François Arnaud (“The Borgias”) as Manfred, a charming, powerful psychic who can communicate with spirits and finds safety in Midnight surrounding himself with both human and supernatural allies. Midnight is also home to Bobo (Dylan Bruce, “Orphan Black”), proprietor of Midnight’s local pawn shop; Fiji (Parisa Fitz-Henley, “Luke Cage”), a witch who owns the local wiccan shop; Olivia (Arielle Kebbel, “Ballers”), a mysterious assassin with a weapon for every occasion; Joe (Jason Lewis, “Sex and the City”), an angel who knows all of Midnight’s secrets having been around for millennia; Lemuel (Peter Mensah, “True Blood”), a wise vampire with a long history in Midnight.


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