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PREACHER’S Cast On the Final Season

BY The Screen Spy Team

Published 3 years ago

PREACHER'S Cast On the Final Season

Preacher Cast Talks the Final Season


By Pauline Perenack


In what has become a tradition, the cast of AMC’s Preacher closed the Saturday programming of Hall H with a hysterical panel. Unfortunately however, cast member Joseph Gilgun was not in attendance, as according to reports, last year he invited the whole room to the cast’s hotel for drinks, and there were worries he would do it again this year.

Regardless, even without Gilgun’s energy, Executive Producer Seth Rogen, and stars Dominic Cooper, Ruth Negga, Julie Ann Emery, and Mark Harelik had the crowd laughing, while talking about what fans can expect during the final season of the show. Here are some of the things discussed:

  1. Going into this season, everyone knew it would be the final season.
  2. This entire season was filmed in Australia rather than New Orleans as it has been.
  3. The comic character Frankie Toscani will be in season four.
  4. Negga described Tulip, Jesse, and Cassidy as three lost individuals that ultimately find solace in each other, and this season they all realize what they’re worth to each other.
  5. Harelik discussed how God made man in his image, and that image includes some good, and some scummy parts.
  6. The reason God looks like he does on the show is because this is what God looks like in Jesse’s culture.
  7. Harelik points out that there are a lot of variables in the world God created, and it’s the component of free will that messes up his plan this season. He spends the season manipulating the paths of characters, but people aren’t following what he wants them to do.
  8. Ultimately, God is a key villain in season four, and viewers will see a lot of God’s backstory.
  9. Emery says that Featherstone kills a lot of people this season, and that the season overall stretched her in directions she didn’t expect. Specifically, she did not expect the finale at all.
  10. The fight scenes of the show have no special effects. They are all real people in real time, and are usually done all in one take.
  11. Featherstone and Tulip have an epic fight scene coming up this season. Their last scene together is weird and odd, and Emery pointed out that the characters have a deep respect for each other, even though they would never be friends.
  12. Ultimately, Emery believes that Featherstone thinks that Tulip is the closest person to understanding her.
  13. There will be a showdown between God and Jesse.
  14. Cooper said his most fun day of filming was for the first episode of season four.
  15. Harelik had a great time playing himself, and of course wearing the latex dog suit.
  16. Negga says the cast hasn’t processed that it’s the end yet. She also talked about her love for the fight scenes, and Tulip’s found object weaponry.
  17. Rogen said that as long as One Million Moms is protesting the show, then they’re doing the right thing.
  18. Emery can now strip a Glock because of this show.
  19. Negga can’t drive, which proved to be a real challenge for the filming of the show.
  20. The studio pushed back hard on blowing up Tom Cruise in the first season, even though they finally let it happen. Rogen did get an angry call from Tom Cruise’s representation though.

Preacher returns for its final season with a 2 hour premiere on Sunday August 4 at 9:00 p.m. ET. on AMC 

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