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Could There Be a Seventh Season of Drop Dead Diva?

BY Jennifer Griffin

Published 8 years ago

Brooke Elliott

Yes, we’re pretty much talking about the series finale of Lifetime’s Drop Dead Diva here, so if you haven’t caught up on last night’s episode better bookmark us and hit the return button to come back a little later.

There you are! We knew you’d make it back.

Diva rounded out its sixth season finale last night with an episode aptly titled “It Had to be You” and an ending which ultimately saw Jane (Brooke Elliott) and Grayson (Jackson Hurst … er … Jeffrey Pierce) finding the happy ending they deserved. (Sorry Owen/Jane shippers, but that ship appears to have sailed over a season ago.)

Diva creator and Executive Producer Josh Berman recently told press that if another Network were to express interest in picking up the show for a seventh season, he would be “happy to tell that story.”

But with no cliffhanger ending, and with all major characters achieving a measure of fulfilment and peace, is there any story left to tell? Where would a seventh season or a spin-off even begin to take the characters we’ve grown to love over the last six years?

Let’s take a look at some of the characters ripe (and not so ripe) for more, along with some angles we’d love to see explored either as a spin-off series or another 13 episodes on a new Network.


Fans were pretty much divided over what to make of Jackson Hurst’s absence from the show’s final episodes. With actor Jeffrey Pierce doubling as Grayson-the-second (Grayson inhabiting the body of Ian Holt, a former convicted killer Jane saved from death row and a second death by lethal injection), viewers were reminded once again of the show’s theme of love and acceptance regardless of the wrapping.

Although we were happy to accept Jane and the talented and funny Brooke Elliott from the pilot episode as an original soul inhabiting a new body, some fans were less than happy to see another (albeit capable and sexy) actor taking over the role of Grayson Kent, a character they had watched on screen for over six years. Jane may have been able to accept Grayson in a new body, but the viewers, it seems, proved a far more fickle bunch. Sometimes the wrapping is important. Yes, when it comes to our TV characters, we’re that shallow!

What does this mean for the chances of seeing Jackson Hurst in a seventh season? Unless there’s a way to re-write that death scene, in a word? Unlikely.


Jane’s Happy Ever After

We could totally see Jane having more adventures – both personal and in the courtroom – regardless of her happy ending. And with Grayson masquerading as Ian, there’s plenty of room here for more drama. Jane Bingum’s story could run and run, given the right opportunity.


Jane and Owen

I’ll go right ahead and put my hand up. I shipped Owen and Jane. Hard. But I was willing to let them go for the sake of the narrative. At least that’s what I’m admitting to publicly. In private, there may be a foot-size hole in my TV following last night’s series finale. But as much as I loved these two as a couple, there was something fresh and very watchable about their courtroom battle in the finale episode. Friends Schmends. We would pay good money – skip the DVR and watch live, that is – to see Owen (Lex Medlin) and Jane facing off against each other in the courtroom again as true opponents.


Stacy and the Twins

We never even got to see them, for crying out loud! What are the odds one is called Deb and the other Grayson? Too much to hope? We’ve seen Stacy (April Bowlby) go through several incarnations over the course of the series, transitioning from intellectual lightweight to entrepreneur and mother. There’s no reason Stacy can’t continue to grow as a person in future episodes.



Does Paul need a reason to stick around now that Jane has effectively completed her mission to become a more fully human human-being? If Justin Deeley were to come back for more (and honestly, the show would be the poorer for it if he didn’t, and we’re not just saying that because he takes his shirt off a lot although we admit, it did skew our opinion somewhat) then we feel Paul needs something better to do than just answer the phone and be adorkable. A little like Stacy, there has been a sense of ‘what should we do with Paul this week?’ where Deeley’s scenes were concerned this season. In short, Paul needs a nemesis. If guardian angels can roam the earth, how about a little devilish competition from down under?



Motherhood has certainly softened Kim (the talented Kate Levering) and her frenemy status with Jane. And although we felt it came a little out of left field, Kim found love in the show’s final episode and we all shrugged and admitted that we were happy to just go with it. Is there more story here? If there is, we’re not feeling it. This is one character we wouldn’t be too upset to close the book on.



The ever busy Margaret Cho is currently the co-host of the weekly podcast Monsters of Talk along with Jim Short, in addition to embarking on the European leg of her “Mother” tour and appearing in two movies Senior Project and Undateable John this year. Teri may have flown Harrison Parker for pastures creative, and it seems in this case, art imitates life. Pinning down this particular Diva alum may prove difficult.

Who and what would you like to see in a potential new season of Drop Dead Diva or a Diva spin-off series? Sound off in the comments below!

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