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‘Sharp Objects’ Season 1, Episode 5 ‘Closer’ Recap: Calhoun Day

BY Daniel Rayner

Published 6 years ago

'Sharp Objects' Season 1, Episode 5 'Closer' Recap: Calhoun Day

Following the disturbing dream the protagonist had, the residents of Wind Gap celebrate an annual festival. The festival takes place at the Preaker home, inviting all of the townsfolk. As the program happens, tensions stir among some of the locals. While the local police force alleviated the situation, another takes its place. Once again, an on-the-spot search party heads out to the woods. This incident leads to a significant revelation that changes Sharp Objects‘ plot indefinitely.

In this week’s episode of Sharp Objects, Adora Crellin (Patricia Clarkson) hosts the town’s yearly Calhoun Day celebration. As Camille Preaker’s (Amy Adams) article reaches the townsfolk, conflicts arise between some of the locals as well as herself. Meanwhile, Amma Crellin’s (Eliza Scanlen) mood swings become too much for everyone including herself. As a result, she resorts to unadvisable methods to distract herself.

Breaking News

Taylor John Smith and Will Chase in Sharp Objects

Anne Marie Fox/HBO

Camille’s article quickly spread around Wind Gap. Because of this, the residents came up with different theories. To them, there are only two possible suspects: John Keene (Taylor John Smith) and Bob Nash (Will Chase). As a result, trouble between them could happen. During Amma and her friends’ performance, Bob suddenly attacks John. Fortunately, the local police force quickly separated them. However, the townsfolks’ attention is misplaced. When none of them noticed, a troubled Amma suddenly leaves the stage.

Bob and John have strange similarities. They have similar behaviors other their relation to the victims. For instance, they are both antisocial. Also, they have broken families. They blame each other for the loss of their loved ones. Similarly, both are town outcasts. When Camille’s article blows up, both have similar reactions. Frankly, one of them may be the murderer. After all, John has a lawyer-like girlfriend. On the other hand, Bob closes himself off from the town.

Mood Swings

Patricia Clarkson and Eliza Scanlen in Sharp Objects

Anne Marie Fox/HBO

Throughout the episode, Amma’s behavior changes frequently. For instance, Amma was friendly to Camille before she read Camille’s article. After causing an incident at the local dress shop, Amma apologizes to Camille who decides to stay for the festival. However, Amma takes drugs before her performance at the festival for no reason.

Being a teenager is one thing, but Amma’s decision to run into the woods while everyone was distracted is strange. Also, when Camille finds her in the hunting cabin, she has several unexplained bruises. A mystery shrouds Amma’s personality, and Camille might not like what she would discover about her sister.

Unloving Mother

Patricia Clarkson in Sharp Objects

Anne Marie Fox/HBO

Adora relished the power she has. The festival is her way of subtly brandishing her wealth. Also, Adora knew that her friends secretly envied her. However, she does not mind. Instead, Adora lets her friends talk behind her back. There was one thing that Adora could not control. Unlike everyone else, Camille never bent to her will. Camille followed her own.

Because of this, Adora resents Camille. Throughout Camille’s childhood, Adora never cared for her. Years later, this behavior does not change. In fact, Adora treated Camille like a stranger. Frankly, Adora does not love Camille. Camille reminds Adora too much of her ex-husband, whose identity is still unknown. Camille herself barely knew her father.

However, Adora does make it clear that to her, Camille inherited her father’s behaviors. In addition to this, Adora points out that Camille would not find love, again, just like her father. This scene looks like it poses hope for their relationship’s repair. However, Adora’s words cut their emotional mother and daughter bond altogether.

Black Sheep

Amy Adams in Sharp Objects

Anne Marie Fox/HBO

Camille did not receive a warm welcome from her family during her homecoming. Throughout the day, Camille did nothing but avoid trouble. Also, Camille decided to stay for the festival even if she did not wish to. Detective Richard Willis’ (Chris Messina) presence may be one factor that affects Camille’s decision. Still, her choice is a tough one.

Camille’s old friends and other town residents constantly plagued her during the festival. After finding and returning Amma home, Camille left broken after Adora’s revelations. Because of this, Camille desperately runs to Richard for comfort. With everything that happened in this episode, Camille’s presence at Wind Gap may come to an end. To back this up, Camille did call Frank Curry (Miguel Sandoval). Camille tells him how she felt.

Richard may be the only person that Camille could depend on entirely. Like him, Camille was an outcast. Unfortunately, the townsfolk are mostly unfriendly. Camille, who is just doing her job, lost her home. Perhaps her brief stay at the psych hospital barely helped her. After all, Camille still had disturbing dreams about the past. Not even alcohol dulled these dreams.

Sharp Objects continues next Sunday, August 12th, with “Cherry” at 9/8c on HBO.

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