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‘Sharp Objects’ Season 1, Episode 6 ‘Cherry’ Recap: Sister Bonding

BY Daniel Rayner

Published 6 years ago

'Sharp Objects' Season 1, Episode 6 'Cherry' Recap: Sister Bonding

After a rough night, the residents of Wind Gap wake up to a new day. Sharp Objects begins with a different introduction this time. The intro sequence reveals the morning routines of multiple characters. As the day unfolds, the main protagonist’s sense of belonging to the town further wanes. Meanwhile, an unexpected development brings the protagonists together as a piece of evidence surfaces at the Preaker Pig Farm.

In this week’s episode of Sharp Objects,  Chief Vickery (Matt Craven), Detective Richard Willis (Chris Messina), and Adora Crellin (Patricia Clarkson) recover Ann Nash’s bike at the Preaker Pig Farm. On the sidelines, Richard tries to uncover Camille’s dark past. After a long day, Amma Crellin (Eliza Scanlen) and Camille Preaker (Amy Adams) spend some bonding time.


Patricia Clarkson in Sharp Objects

Anne Marie Fox/HBO

Adora’s out front dislike towards Camille continually manifests. While Camille had breakfast, Adora looks at her oddly. Later that day, Camille finds out that Adora did not tell her the news about Ann Nash’s bike. As Camille angrily asked Adora questions about the incident, Adora avoids answering her questions. When Camille goes up to her room, Adora tells Alan Crellin (Henry Czerny), about how Camille’s overstaying of her welcome annoyed her.

When Camille heads out, Alan frankly tells Camille to leave if she does not stop reminding Adora about the dead girls. However, Camille did not take him seriously. Adora’s request is unreasonable and unfair, so Camille is not surprised since she stopped caring about Adora after their talk. That evening, Adora would peak into Amma’s bedroom, seeing Camille lying next to Amma. Adora is pissed, for sure, especially since she values Amma more than anything.

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Chris Messina in Sharp Objects

Anne Marie Fox/HBO

Before the discovery of Ann Nash’s bike, Richard decides to investigate Camille. Their steamy night left him both interested in her and curious about her past. After taking care of the evidence, Richard roams the town, looking for answers. At first, Richard uses his cop instincts and has some of his contacts check Camille’s records. Eventually, Richard gets information from one of Camille’s closest friends, Jackie O’Neill (Elizabeth Perkins). The drunk Jackie gives Richard some information that helps him understand Camille’s personality.


Eliza Scanlen in Sharp Objects

Anne Marie Fox/HBO

Camille crosses paths with Amma a lot in this episode. Before her interview with John Keene’s (Taylor John Smith) girlfriend, Ashley Wheeler (Madison Davenport), Amma stays at the Keenes’ swimming pool, trying to provoke John. Camille’s interview does not go as well as she hoped since she comes up with nothing until she reviews her recordings. While talking to her editor, Frank Curry (Miguel Sandoval ) and his wife, Eileen Curry (Barbara Eve Harris) Camille comes up with a theory: Ann Nash bit Ashley’s ear.

Later that day, Camille decides to hang out with her old high school friends. Since most of them had children, Camille, and her closest friend, Becca (Hilary Ward) could barely relate to them, so they went outside the house to talk on their own. The rest of the ladies eventually stop crying over the movie they just watched, so they join Camille and Becca. The day finally ends, so Camille leaves the house with Becca. Before Becca dropped Camille off, Camille begins to question Becca’s friendliness, but when Becca reveals that she knew the truth about Camille, a feeling of relief rushed over her.

Just as Camille left the convenience store, Amma arrives and urges her to go with her and her friends to a wild house party. Camille reluctantly goes with the group of teenagers. At the house, Amma coerces Camille into doing drugs. The pills kick in when Camille decides to leave. Shortly after she exited the house, Amma follows her. The sisters skate their way back to the mansion, laughing because of the drugs while seeing hallucinations. The duo has a sister moment outside before they creep inside the house. As they reached Amma’s room, they laid flat on their stomachs, sleeping the night away.

Sharp Objects continues next Sunday, August 19th, with “Falling” at 9/8c on HBO.

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