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Suits Season Finale Review: Firm or Family?

BY The Screen Spy Team

Published 9 years ago

Suits Season Finale Review: Firm or Family?

By Lewis Richards


Suits’ season finale took an unexpected swerve into our characters’ history last Wednesday, as we uncovered the deepest and darkest memories of Harvey, Mike and Jessica. We revisited a young Harvey, dealing with his mother’s infidelities, and conflicted about whether or not to tell his father.

Mike meanwhile was shaken by Trevor’s advice to cut ties with his criminal past by quitting his job. The incident stirred up several unresolved feelings for Mike, who spent the episode haunted by memories of his parents’ death and the life directions he took as a result.

And Jessica, on the verge of losing everything, cast her mind back to a time where she chose her career over her husband.

Back in the present day, Team PSL have their backs to the wall as Hardman’s coerced ally Jack Soloff threatens Jessica’s title as partner in a vote of no confidence. The votes are stacked (marginally but significantly) against Jessica and with Harvey AWOL the time to win the hearts and minds of the undecided voters is fast running out.

Mike pays a visit to old confidant Fr. Sam Walker to repay a longstanding debt that seems to have been looming over him since childhood. While Mike comes to return the money and ask for forgiveness, he also uncovers suppressed feelings from his past. Father Sam questions him and together they delve deeper into his concerns and regrets.

Mike’s trip reveals a lot more than he bargained for as he finally comes to terms with unresolved feelings towards his parents, and his deep rooted anger at having been abandoned.  Mike’s heart breaks and tears flow when he sees a bookshelf lined with the childhood books he attempted to dispose of as a sullen teen.  Finally linking his past fears to his future ones, Mike manages to recognize his issues for what they are, and make a bold leap of faith regarding his future with Rachel and with the firm.

During Harvey’s memories we get an in depth look at his relationships with his parents, particularly his father. Harvey is guilty about not keeping his word to tell his Dad about his mother cheating the next time he caught her. Finally, the guilt of not coming clean is too much, and it all eventually spills out in an emotional sparring match (literally) between father and son. Hopefully Harvey coming to terms with his past will allow him to move on in the present, right?

Jessica is under heavy pressure as she stares a hostile takeover in the face. Jessica and Louis fight for votes and consider other options while Harvey, in therapy, is nowhere to be found. A Furious Jessica threatens Gretchen when she denies knowledge of Harvey’s whereabouts. Louis breaks the news he has managed to not only fail to find out what Hardman has on Soloff but to also loose his very own vote. Jessica can see that Louis intentions are in the right place, seemingly accepting defeat she reassures Louis she will always consider him family. Is Jessica done?

In a tense climax, Jessica foregoes making any manner of case for herself before the vote. She seems utterly defeated.  Soloff too is keen to get underway but Harvey enters with a last minute in the form of a document from Forstman that renders Hardman’s backing funds extinct. He doubles up with a heartfelt speech praising Jessica’s value, and reminding the partners just what kind of people Hardman will do business with. Jessica wins the vote. Everyone except Soloff has her backing. Damn it Jack, you could have been part of the family!

Though Jessica won, there is no happy ending to be had.  Shortly after the vote a newly burdenless Mike hands his letter of resignation to Harvey. Mike is honest about his feelings and Harvey is happy about his decision. Jessica approaches Harvey and asks the question we knew needed to be asked. “How exactly did you get that termination letter from Forstman?”

That’s right, Harvey Specter of PSL, has stepped down. It’s done. Though it’s devastating to the future of PSL it is nice to see Harvey and Mike have closure. At least for a few minutes before the cuffs come out and Mike is arrested for conspiracy to commit fraud! Has someone revealed Mike’s secret? And if so, who?

Suits returns this winter for the remainder of the season.

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