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‘Swamp Thing’ Season 1, Episode 3 ‘He Speaks’ Review: Soul Search

BY Daniel Rayner

Published 4 years ago

'Swamp Thing' Season 1, Episode 3 'He Speaks' Review: Soul Search

Swamp Thing finally approaches a milestone in its narrative. After patient zero escapes into the swamp, the creature finally meets the person who makes him remember his identity. Now, however, a different evil arises from the swamp. When the strange disease infects even the ones least susceptible, the search for a cure intensifies.

On Friday’s episode of Swamp Thing, Swamp Thing/Alec Holland (Derek Mears/Andy Bean) saves Abby Arcane (Crystal Reed) from a strange creature risen from the swamp. Meanwhile, the search for the cure reaches the point of desperation. As Avery Sunderland (Will Patton) lobbies for the funding of his shady swamp project, Matt Cable (Henderson Wade) pursues his feelings for Abby.

Broke Rich Man

Jason Woodrue’s (Kevin Durand) arrival in town meant that Avery needed to pay him. However, Gordon Haas (Matt Burke), the town’s banker, refused to loan Avery any further. Gordon hated the fact that local journalist Liz Tremayne (Maria Sten) bombarded him with questions about Avery’s loans. Also, his license is at risk if he continues to loan Avery secretly. Because of Gordon’s rash decision, humiliating Avery in his own home, Avery decided to return the favor. Long story short, Avery killed the guy with a fricken golf club. The desperate man indeed needed to get what he wanted.

Things at home did not go so well for Avery either. Day by day, his connection with his wife, Maria Sunderland (Virginia Madsen) grew weaker. Maria had her issues, especially since Shawna Sunderland (Given Sharp) frequently visited her. Well, at least her spirit does. Avery not only looked for satisfaction with another woman [he tried to seduce Lucilia Cable (Jennifer Beals) when she came over for his statement on Alec’s death], but he also tried to fool Maria in funding the swamp project using her family’s money. Avery stared in disbelief as Maria refused to help him. Sooner or later that guy is going to start robbing banks or asking local officials for kickbacks or something.

Fighting Back

Crystal Reed and Leonardo Nam in Swamp Thing Season 1 Episode 3

DC Universe

Abby desperately needed to get Alec’s files from his lab, so she decides to break the rules and head there. Alec, on the other hand, had visions of the man he killed, Munson (Micah Fitzgerald). Munson’s dismembered body was pieced back together by insects from the swamp, out for revenge. After claiming his first victim, Munson followed Abby to Alec’s lab, but luckily, Alec showed up in time to save Abby, telling Munson to leave her. The insects obeyed him as they left Munson’s body, which became a large bloodstain on the floor.

Alec and Abby’s exchange worked well for both of them. He started to piece together what happened to him while Abby figured out what the green flu did to its victims. Abby successfully healed Harlan Edwards (Leonardo Nam) who was recently infected, rendering the new CDC official’s presence pointless. The proper way to address the flu was not to bombard it with antibiotics but was to suppress it with stimulants instead. After all, the flu is a plant in nature.

Old Romance

Crystal Reed in Swamp Thing Season 1 Episode 3

DC Universe

Despite his mother’s warnings, Matt Cable (Henderson Wade) decided to pursue his feelings for Abby. The guy had a thing for her since they were young and perhaps realized that his chance was now or never. As Abby took to the bar after a long day, Matt buys her a drink then offers to dance with her, citing his foolishness during their prom night. Lucilia was not the only Cable going after wild desires, although her son was more successful compared to her. Sadly, Alec stood outside, watching them dance. The poor guy could do nothing but disappear as soon as Abby noticed him.

Lost Soul

Derek Mears in Swamp Thing Season 1 Episode 3

DC Universe

Swamp Thing may now be able to manipulate the local swamp life, but he still felt empty. Sure, he talked to Abby, helping her figure out what to do with the green flu, but he was still alone. Munson’s twisted appearance surely made him feel bad about killing the man, to a certain degree. Swamp Thing’s only authentic, meaningful conversation was with Susie Coyle (Elle Graham); the child understood that he was afraid. One can only speculate what amount of pain, both physical and emotional, Swamp Thing experienced. As a person, he already was a wreck. Now that the swamp chose him, his strange life became even more unfortunate.

‘Swamp Thing’ Season 1, Episode 3 ‘He Speaks’ Final Verdict

Swamp Thing does a great job of keeping the main character’s mysterious persona. Even the character himself barely understood his new physiology, but he sure is powerful. He knows enough to manipulate the swamp beings around him. Also, the complexity of the antagonists’ personalities makes them intriguing. Yes, Avery is a greedy old fool, but Maria’s case is different. It is likely that through her, Shawna would somehow manifest into a strange swamp creature. Although Shawna would be different from Munson since she is long dead. Woodrue’s presence in Morais only spells danger for the town, too. That scientist is leading a war for the wrong team, and Morais will likely have more cases of swamp life madness thanks to that clown.

Swamp Thing continues Friday, June 21st at the DC Streaming Service.

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