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‘The Crossing’ Season 1, Episode 5 ‘Ten Years Gone’ Recap: Setback [SPOILERS]

BY Daniel Rayner

Published 6 years ago

'The Crossing' Season 1, Episode 5 'Ten Years Gone' Recap: Setback [SPOILERS]

In this week’s episode of ABC’s “The Crossing,” Marshall’s (Tommy Bastow) flashbacks reveal a childhood accident that not only caused his life to turn out the way it did but also links him to the earlier migration. Jude (Steve Zahn) decides to search for Emma (Sandrine Holt) after she becomes unreachable. Meanwhile, Dr. Forbin (Georgina Haig) and Reese (Natalie Martinez) work together to formulate a cure for Leah (Bailey Skodje). Craig (Jay Karnes), Paul’s wife, and the rest of the people who were part of the first migration devise a new plan to stop Apex once and for all.

The Cure

Dr. Forbin and Reese reach a laboratory and proceed to work with the cure for Leah. While making the cure, Dr. Forbin talks to Reese. Annoyed at the pace that Dr. Forbin was going, Reese cuts her side, takes the injection, and places it inside her wound to extract blood. Dr. Forbin is intrigued by the tolerance that Reese shows, so she is led to ask her more questions. Reese is infuriated by this, so she chokes her and tells her that after this, they will have no further involvements with each other.

While the cure is being processed, Reese has a flashback of her and Leah. Dr. Forbin asks Reese about how she ended up with Leah, and Reese tells her their story. Dr. Forbin receives a phone call, updating her about Leah’s critical condition. Reese overhears this and is enraged, but Dr. Forbin calms her down. Once the cure has been prepared, they prepare to leave the lab. A security guard enters the lab, and he tries to arrest them, but Reese incapacitates him. They exit the building, with Dr. Forbin driving to the camp with the cure for Leah.

When Dr. Forbin arrives, she immediately doses Leah with the cure. A few moments later, Leah wakes up. Her vital statistics show that she is healing rapidly. But Dr. Forbin did not make the cure for Leah alone; she had an extra vial.

The Missing Agent

Steve Zahn and Andy Nesdoly in The Crossing

Eike Schroter/ABC

Jude calls Emma’s phone and is redirected to voicemail. Jude was expecting her to visit him at the police station that morning. Nestor enters the office, and they have a brief exchange about Jude’s weekend with Oliver (Christian Michael Cooper) followed by him giving his report on the incident at Harbor Fest. Nestor hands Jude the case file. The file has a photo of the dead person that Reese had brought to the scene. Without having any identity confirmed, the case has been left open and Jude decides to take over the case. After this, Nestor tells Jude that Agent Foster (Luc Roderique) is there to see him. Confused, Jude heads to the conference room where they have Agent Foster waiting. Agent Foster asks Jude if he has been in contact with Emma. Apparently, even he has not been able to contact Emma.

Jude goes to the apartment that Emma had last rented. With the help of Frank (Andy Nesdoly), the landlord, they enter Emma’s locked room. Jude finds her belongings there, seemingly unused. Frank tells him that Emma had used a desktop that they kept in the lobby. Jude tells him that he would need to borrow the computer.

Jude enters the room with a technician working on the computer he had borrowed from Frank. The technician tells him that there was nothing out of the ordinary except for a visit on the public files storage site. The technician also tells him that he had found a folder full of information about Port Canaan that was dated back to ten years ago. Another folder contained memos. They found Craig’s profile in that folder, so Jude asks the technician to print out the files for him.

Nestor enters Jude’s office. Because of Emma’s disappearance, Jude decides to tell him about what is really going on finally. Nestor clarifies what Jude had told him. Nestor was disappointed with Jude’s dishonesty, but he decides to forgive him. Nestor asks about the people that Emma had interviewed, Paul (Rob Campbell) and Thomas (Luke Camilleri). Nestor deduces that Marshall’s story has something to do with this situation.

Marshall’s Connection

Marshall’s family is on their way home. While on the road, they play a guessing game. A group of people suddenly appear in the middle of the road which causes Marshall’s dad, Jerry (Bill Marchant) who is driving to try to avoid running them over. Their car falls off the cliff. When Marshall recovers, he sees two men approach the back of the car, but they leave almost immediately. Jerry discovers that his wife is dead.

Marshall suddenly wakes up in his trailer. He looks confused and bothered by what he had dreamt about. Marshall heads to the police station and tells Nestor (Rick Gomez) about what he had realized. However, Nestor dismisses this and reminds Marshall of the fact that he was one of the first respondents to the scene and that they did not find anyone near the crime scene. Marshall angrily leaves the police station.

Toby Hemingway, Bill Marchant, and Tommy Bastow in The Crossing

Eike Schroter/ABC

Marshall would then meet his friend (Toby Hemingway) in a restaurant. They have a conversation about their last attempt to contact Hannah (Kelley Missal). They are interrupted by Jerry’s arrival. Marshall’s friend leaves them. Jerry tells Marshall that Nestor had called, telling him about the trouble that Marshall has been getting himself into. Jerry gives Marshall some money to help him get his life back on track. Marshall asks if Nestor had said anything else, and Jerry tells him that Nestor told him about the conversation they had about the accident. Jerry emphatically points out that Marshall should just let it go, despite Marshall saying that he remembers that he had seen people just like Jerry did. Jerry insists on Marshall forgetting about what happened, or he would end up like him.

Marshall drives to the site of the accident. While he is there, his girlfriend, Claire (Shannon Chan-Kent),  follow him there. After their short conversation, Claire leaves, since Marshall told her that he was going with her to her new apartment. While Marshall is packing his things, Hannah calls his phone. Their phone call is interrupted by people who are near Hannah’s cabin. Right before Marshall leaves his trailer, Nestor appears at his door, telling him to go to the police station to talk to Jude. Jude and Nestor talk to Marshall, and they say that they believe his story. Marshall sees the dead person’s photo, and he tells them that he was there at the night of the accident.

The First Migration

A flashback scene shows a group of people that appear out of nowhere, causing a car to fall off a cliff. Craig and a male approach the car and Craig tells him that they should do something. However, he decides that is too risky, so they leave the area. Craig approaches Paul’s wife and tells her that they are in the year 2008. Craig and his group decide to leave the area before they are discovered.

Craig is standing outside a house. He meets Pauls wife there. He expresses his disappointment over her actions against Emma, but she reasons out that Emma had found out everything about them. She then complains about Craig’s decision not to tell her that Paul was one of the survivors. However, Craig defends himself by saying that he did not know that Paul was her husband, but he would keep him, along with the rest of the survivors, safe. They enter the house and find a group of people gathered inside. One of the persons in the group expresses his disbelief over what had happened, and another exclaims that their efforts to stop Apex were of no relevance. Paul’s wife disagrees with this, saying that the situation is an opportunity. She tells them that they need to devise a new plan.

The next flashback is set in two years after their arrival. Craig accepts a promotion from Senator Howe (Anthony Harrison) after he prevented the Senator’s death from happening. Craig exits the building, and he finds Paul’s wife waiting for him there. They have a short conversation before they left the premises.  Three years after their arrival, they devise the first plan. They come up with a list of people with twenty-seven names on it. These people are involved in the rise of Apex, so their idea is simple: to kill them off one by one. Eight years after their mission was executed, they are able to complete it. They celebrate in the house they use as a hideout.

Two years later, Craig and the rest of the members of the first migration receive the news that there are forty-seven people who have appeared out of nowhere, a sign that tells them that their fight is not over yet. One of their fellow members panic, but Craig tells him that the situation is under his control. Paul’s wife proposes a new plan to get rid of Apex for good.

“The Crossing” continues next Monday, May 7th, with “LKA” 10/9c on ABC.

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