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‘The Crossing’ Season 1, Episode 6 ‘LKA’ Recap: Aggressive Measures [SPOILERS]

BY Daniel Rayner

Published 6 years ago

'The Crossing' Season 1, Episode 6 'LKA' Recap: Aggressive Measures [SPOILERS]

In this week’s episode of “The Crossing,” Jude (Steve Zahn) faces his tragic past as he heads back Oakland to ask for help from a previous colleague. Back at the campsite, Caleb (Marcuis Harris) calls on Marshall (Tommy Bastow) for help after seeing tightened security in the camp and Sophie’s (Georgina Haig) plan to help Reece (Natalie Martinez) reunite with her daughter goes downhill which brings consequences to her medical condition.

The Plan For Reunion

Dr. Sophie Forbin shares Leah’s (Bailey Skodje) recovering condition to Rebecca (Simone Kessell). Since Leah is healed, Rebecca then asks if she could finally stay with them. However, Dr. Forbin says that she has made different arrangements for Leah. When Rebecca asks about her treatment details, Dr. Forbin refuses to give her any more information, but Rebecca senses that she had help from Reece, so she warns her about them, Apex.

Natalie Martinez and Georgina Haig in The Crossing

Eike Schroter/ABC

Dr. Forbin continues to experiment on the cure she made with Reece. She combines it with her blood cells and sees the unbelievable effects. She meets up with Reece in a secure location. She tells her about Leah’s condition, shows her a photo of Leah, and tells her about the arrangements she has made to have Leah moved to a hospital where she and Reece can meet and finally escape. They discuss a time to meet up and agree upon it.

Reece heads to the harbor to find the person who saved her, Kurt Cooper (Roman Podhora). She asks him for help in obtaining legal documents for her and Leah, pointing out his tattoo that means that he is connected to a mafia. Kurt takes Reece to where the mafia is hiding. She meets Viktor (Raresh DiMofte), the mafia’s leader. Reece tells him what she needs, but he is skeptical at first. Annoyed, Reece incapacitates his men and holds him at gunpoint, telling him to open the bag of money. The next scene reveals Nestor investigating a damaged ATM, opened from the bottom with all the money missing.

Dr. Forbin meets Craig at a pier. Craig asks her how she had managed to cure Leah, and Sophie makes up an explanation. Craig thanks her again, telling her that she could ask him for anything they could help her with. Dr. Forbin then tells him about the research she is doing, but Craig replies that all of it is government property now and that there is nothing he could do. Dr. Forbin returns to the camp, but she is not allowed to enter. Her anger makes her grunt painfully; then she turns her car around to leave.

Reece is preparing the things she and Leah would need for their trip. Dr. Forbin gives her a call, telling her about the setback she has in the plan she made. Disappointed, Reece dismisses this. Dr. Forbin pleads to Reece, asking her for another blood sample. Reece tells her that she is not there to save people, only Leah. Dr. Forbin continues to ask for her help, saying that she could save her, but Reece hangs up. Dr. Forbin has a heart attack while she is driving, then she passes out.

Dr. Forbin wakes up in the hospital. When she looks at her heart monitor, she sighs. A cardiologist comes in the room and tells her that she has bad news, but Dr. Forbin could already tell. Reese returns to Victor to buy weapons from him. When she has them, she loads them into her car.

Outside Connections

While Caleb is walking around the park, he hears the sound of heavy equipment. When he follows the source of the noise, he discovers that the HSI have men putting up an electronic fence enclosure around the park. Alarmed, Caleb decides to talk to Agent Bryce Foster (Luc Roderique). Agent Foster asks him if there is a problem with having additional security, and Caleb replies that there is nothing wrong, right before he leaves.

Marshall sings to Hannah through the phone. While they are having a chat, Caleb suddenly enters Hannah’s (Kelley Missal) cabin, saying that he needs to talk to Marshall. Caleb presents the situation to Marshall, and before he could say anything, his friend, Gabe (Toby Hemingway) gives him a plan that would help expose what is really going on in the camp. Gabe tells Caleb to take photos of the camp and send it to them so that they could circulate them through the web. Marshall and Gabe finally receive the images, and Gabe asks Marshall if he is sure about what they are going to do. He responds by uploading the images in multiple websites.

Craig Lindauer (Jay Karnes) receives an email from Dr. Greta Pryor (Melinda McGraw), Paul’s (Rob Campbell) wife, containing a link to one of the sites where Marshall and Gabe uploaded the photos from Caleb. He has the men from HSI search everyone’s cabins for the camera phone that has been smuggled into the camp. Agent Roy Aronson (Grant Harvey) enters Hannah’s cabin. Hannah quickly hides the phone before Roy could find it. She then diverts Roy’s attention by turning the situation into an emotional predicament.

Caleb, Hannah, and Rebecca are having lunch in the cafeteria. Caleb asks about Marshall. While they are talking, the phone starts to vibrate, and Thomas (Luke Camilleri) hears this. Rebecca tries to mask the sound by coughing loudly as Hannah hands the phone to Caleb. Marshall calls Caleb to ask him about what is going on in the camp. Caleb tells him about the search the HSI is conducting. Marshall tells him how there are people who are twisting the story around. Before they could figure out a new plan, Agent Foster asks Caleb for the phone. When he turns around, he sees Thomas leave.

Agent Foster confronts him, asking him where he got the phone. Caleb turns the situation around and asks Agent Foster questions that the rest of the survivors agree to. Agent Foster orders Roy to take the phone, but Roy tells Caleb to continue talking. Caleb angrily airs his concerns; then he throws the phone in the water. Agent Foster disperses the crowd then he and his men leave the area.

Thomas enters his cabin and finds a bottle of alcohol on his bed. He smiles, and then he takes a sip of the drink. Caleb knocks on his door to have a word with him, so Thomas lets him in. Caleb confronts him bluntly, but Thomas tries to blow him off. Seeing this, Caleb is angered, and he threatens to kill Thomas. The end of their conversation results in Caleb breaking Thomas’ knee. Caleb leaves the cabin.

Connections In The Past

Jude has a flashback while he is on his way to Oakland. He is in a drug bust operation along with five other fellow police officers including his commanding officer, Sergeant Wayne Doucette (Jack Conley), and Jude’s partner, Cory Mack (Jason McKinnon). Before heading into the house of the target, Cory mentions something about a kickback from a rival drug dealer. Jude is surprised by this, but later on, confirms that this is just a joke. They proceed to the door. Jude senses something wrong, and before he knew it, Cory was shot in the neck.

Jude realizes that he is daydreaming while he is looking at the house where the operation had happened. He is on the phone with Nestor Rosario (Rick Gomez), who asks him about his trip there. Jude takes one last look at the house before he leaves. While he waits in a local cafe for his contact, he has another flashback.

In that same cafe, Jude talks to Martin (Wolé Parks) and Woodrum (William MacDonald) about what he has found out about Doucette. He tells them that the operation was a setup to have Cory killed since Cory was compiling evidence against Doucette’s trafficking ring. While Woodrum is unsure first, Martin assures him that the case they would have is good, and all they need is someone like Jude to testify.

Martin finally arrives in the cafe. After a casual conversation, they talk about Jude’s current case. Martin senses that the case is as dangerous as their previous case, so he warns Jude about his actions. However, since he was busy with a major trial, Martin tells Jude that he will gather what he can to see if there was something they could put together.

Jude visits his ex-wife, Amy (Alison Wandzura) and his son Oliver (Christian Michael Cooper). They have a short conversation that leads to him thinking about what had happened before. In this flashback, Jude comes home from work and he and Amy talk about the investigation. Amy asks about what they are facing as a family, concerned for their safety. Jude tells her that they are doing the right thing, pointing out how it could have been him that had been killed.

Oliver finally comes up the stairs, and Jude takes him outside to spend some time with him.

They return home after playing soccer. Jude mentions how odd it is to have Oliver signed up for soccer when they agreed to move to Portland, closer to Jude. Amy reveals that she met someone and that she is not trying to keep Oliver from him; she is merely putting her and Oliver’s happiness first. Jude is angered by how she is not following their deal, but she reasons that the real threat to their safety was him, not anyone else.

A flashback reveals Sergeant Doucette paying Jude a surprise visit. He discovers that he is there in his house, talking to Amy. Once he is inside, Sergeant Doucette talks to him about how they are a family and that if he needs anything, he just has to ask for it, then he leaves. Crying, Amy tells Jude that she does not want Jude to continue the case, but Jude disagrees. Amy then tells him that she is taking Oliver with him to her mom’s house.

Martin calls Jude, informing him about one of his contacts who has arranged a meeting with him. Martin gives him the address. Jude goes to the address, but senses that something is wrong. There were no security guards in the building, and the address they gave him was on the third floor of the building. With that, Jude leaves the building.

Steve Zahn and Wolé Parks in The Crossing

Eike Schroter/ABC

Jude waits for Martin in the cafe once again. He reflects on the day that they lost the case. When Doucette exits the courtroom, Jude punches him in the face. He calms down, tries to find another way to go after Doucette, but is countered by Martin. They lost, and there was nothing they could do. Moments later, Martin arrives and hands him the envelope. They discuss what Martin’s contacts had found, and Jude becomes even more suspicious. When Martin leaves, Craig gives him a call, and they arrange a meeting time and place.

Nestor pulls over Craig. He asks for his license and registration, but Craig does not have them, so he tries to show him his credentials instead, Nestor then tells him his observation of Craig’s driving behavior. This is when Jude knocks on the other door. Jude talks to Craig, pointing out the smell of alcohol in the car then Nestor has Craig exit the car. Jude finds a handgun in the glove compartment with the serial numbers shaved off. They proceed to arrest Craig.

“The Crossing” continues next Monday, May 14th, with “Some Dreamers Of The Golden Dream” 10/9c on ABC.

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