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Home 'The Mick' Season 2, Episode 7 'The Homecoming' Recap: The History of Jimmy's Ass Accident [SPOILERS]

'The Mick' Season 2, Episode 7 'The Homecoming' Recap: The History of Jimmy's Ass Accident [SPOILERS]

BY David Riley

Published 5 years ago

'The Mick' Season 2, Episode 7 'The Homecoming' Recap: The History of Jimmy's Ass Accident [SPOILERS]

Tonight’s episode of “The Mick,” titled “The Homecoming” starts well but ends very badly, especially for Mickey (Kaitlin Olson). This time we see the entire gang traveling to Warwick, Mickey and Jimmy’s (Scott MacArthur) hometown in Rhode Island. For Mickey, it’s a chance for her to rub it into her old friends that she is now rich, given how Grandma Tippy left her Mother-in-law’s Mansion to her during the last episode. However, things end on a nasty note as Jimmy finally realizes that he’s being played and manipulated by Mickey all along (finally!). Meanwhile, we’ve got the older Pemberton kids, Sabrina (Sofia Black-D’Elia) and Chip (Thomas Barbusca) exploring the streets of Warwick as it brings Chip’s cowardice to its maximum level.

Jimmy’s Ass

Mickey and the gang arrive at Warwick, and she’s naturally excited more than Jimmy. They’re there to celebrate the retirement of Jimmy’s high school baseball number, which amazes Ben (Jack Stanton). Apparently, he was a star baseball pitcher, but it all went to s**t when he burned his ass with what he thought was a cigarette butt. Because of this, he couldn’t pitch well anymore. Mickey, on the other hand, is there to flaunt her newly-acquired riches from Grandma Tippy (which, by the way, technically doesn’t belong to her on paper).
They arrive at a bar named Iguana, where Jimmy and Mickey used to hang out in high school. Chip and Sabrina are a little bit disgusted at how it looks, and they go out for a walk, refusing to come with Mickey. Inside, Mickey arrogantly announces her arrival and tells her stories of fake wealth to her former friends. While at it, Alba (Carla Jimenez) notices a tall man and instantly falls for him. Mickey tells her that he’s Mike, a psychopath who ripped a man’s ear off back in the day. Then a man comes in the bar, making Mickey regret ever coming back—Ipp De Luca (guest star Rhys Coiro), one of the biggest scumbags in Warwick.

Scott MacArthur and Kaitlin Olson in the new “The Homecoming” episode of THE MICK

Patrick McElhenney/FOX

Meanwhile, Jimmy helps Ben play an arcade version of strip poker, He also explains to Ben that it’s the pitcher’s ass—not the arm, mind you—that makes one good at pitching. That’s why Jimmy wasn’t able to make it to the Ivy League. Ipp comes up to congratulate Jimmy for his number retirement and to boast about his son who has the potential to be the next Jimmy pitcher. But He doesn’t take it offensively, saying that he has made peace with his past. Ipp brings up Mickey and what she did, which confuses Jimmy. Mickey interrupts them and corners Ipp to the side. Apparently, Ipp knows that it was Mickey who burned Jimmy’s ass with a failed firecracker, leading to his butt injury. They had a deal to never speak of it again, but now that Ipp sees Mickey as well-off, he demands $25,000 for silence money. He gives Mickey one hour to decide.
Mickey and Alba go outside to think of a way to eliminate Ipp. They break Mike the psychopath’s car window to blame Ipp. As they go back inside, Alba tells Mike (while flirting with him on the sides) that Ipp thrashed his car. Now angry, he comes at Ipp, who’s playing billiards, and hits him with a beer bottle. But the tables turn when Ipp fights back, repeatedly hitting Mike with a billiard ball. He asks why Mike hit him, and he points to Alba. Jimmy tries to interfere, and that’s when Ipp drops the bomb. He tells Jimmy that it was Mickey who burned his ass off with a bottle rocket. Mickey tries to brush it off and manipulate Jimmy into thinking that it’s a lie, but Ipp convinces him. Jimmy walks out, angry. Alba, on the other hand, cradles Mike and tells him that it’s going to be okay.
Scott MacArthur and Kaitlin Olson in the new “The Homecoming” episode of THE MICK

Patrick McElhenney/FOX

Later that afternoon, Mickey, Ben, and Alba prepare for the ceremony. Jimmy is nowhere to be found, which upsets Mickey. Meanwhile, Ipp cheers his son on. He’s a good pitcher, and Mickey now sees how he could be the next big player. This boy’s got potential. Mickey leaves to look for Jimmy and finds him sitting by a dumpster and drinking beer. He’s still pissed, but Mickey tells him to have some closure over what happened and celebrate his number retirement like he ought to. He finally agrees, reluctantly.
Scott MacArthur and Kaitlin Olson in the new “The Homecoming” episode of THE MICK

Patrick McElhenney/FOX

During the ceremony, Jimmy finally loses it. When the time came for him to give his speech, he lashes out and calls the entire thing a sham. Mickey tries to calm him down but he just couldn’t. While Mickey takes over the mic to give away her pretend Jimmy Shepherd Scholarship grant, Jimmy throws away his boot and goes on a rampage. He lights a firecracker up and puts it on his ass so he could finally re-live his injury. As Mickey tries to stop him, it goes off and hits Ipp’s soon-to-be pitcher star son. Ipp loses it as Jimmy runs away.

Chip gets his shoes stolen

Elsewhere in the episode, Sabrina and Chip go for a walk around Warwick. Chip is scared to his wits, thinking that someone might jump him at any minute. Sabrina goes into a public restroom and has Chip wait for her outside. When she finishes, Chip is now sitting down and crying over his shoes that were stolen by some “thugs” as Chip puts it. They go on to find the thieves. While going around, Chip sees the thieves and points them out to Sabrina. It turns out that they’re a bunch of spoiled pre-teen street boys, and Sabrina is annoyed at Chip making a coward out of himself. She demands the shoes back, but the kids refuse. They’ll only give it back if Sabrina shows them her boobs. When she does, the kids snap a picture, and they run off on their bikes.
Chip and Sabrina go after them and see them go in their house. Determined to delete the photo, Sabrina follows them inside and demands to have Chip’s shoe back as well as their phones to remove her boob picture. The kids’ dad comes out, and Sabrina is surprised to see that it’s Mike—who has just finished a steamy makeout session with Alba. She’s finally able to get their phones and delete it. But a police officer comes in and asks about a theft. Apparently, Chip called the cops and wanted to have the kids arrested. Despite Sabrina’s efforts to not have them taken away through a petty crime that could have been solved by Chip manning up, the cops arrest the kids. As the police drive away, Chip triumphantly beams at Sabrina.
The episode then ends with Mickey and the gang on their way home. But they’re slowly following Jimmy, who refuses to ride with them. Mickey tries to convince him to go back with them, but Jimmy refuses unless Mickey apologizes. She manages to do so, but only after stuttering and much coaxing. She offers a half-assed (pun intended) apology, which Jimmy doesn’t accept. He’s tired of being Mickey’s dog, and he breaks it off for the two of them.

‘The Mick: The Homecoming’ Overall Verdict

It’s the first time we see a little bit of emotional drama and tension between Mickey and Jimmy in “The Mick.” It’s good to see Jimmy finally coming to his senses and seeing things with Mickey as being an abusive relationship. Mickey always got her way every time something involving Jimmy comes up, and now that he’s had enough of it, I can only imagine how Mickey will take this in the next episode. As much as she tries to deny that she has a thing with Jimmy, it’s pretty clear that she would need him again soon after. It’s also a proper character development for Jimmy; because ever since the first season, he’s been portrayed as a dumb, hopeless loser who follows Mickey along wherever she goes. He’s obviously tonight’s highlight character, and I can’t wait to see how his absence affects Mickey.
“The Mick” continues next Tuesday with “The Teacher,” 9/8c on FOX.

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