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'The Office' Revival: John Krasinski Wants Back In With The Office Gang

BY Stephanie Larson

Published 6 years ago

'The Office' Revival: John Krasinski Wants Back In With The Office Gang

“Let’s suit up,” John Krasinski said when he reenacted how he’d pick up the phone when he receives the call from “The Office” revival. However, the actor confessed that he and The Office haven’t been keeping up to date with each other.

No calls from ‘The Office’ for John Krasinski

The Office’s original stars are Steve Carrell, Mindy Kaling, Jenna Fischer, and Krasinski. It ran for nine seasons before coming to an end in mid-2013. Recently, rumors flew around about a revival that would feature old and new cast. For some time, people have been speculating that Fischer has been hinting at it here and there. The actress admitted, though, that she knows just as much as anyone else.
Last January, Fischer expressed her love for her character Pam Beesly and how she’s game to go back to The Office as Pam. Though like Krasinski, she hasn’t received a call about it. Other cast members like Rainn Wilson, who played Dwight Schrute, said that it’d have to be something cool to lure him back into it.
Krasinski, otherwise known as Jim Harper, found out about “The Office” revival rumors on the internet. “Guess who didn’t get a call? Me,” Krasinski lamented. “What does that say? NBC’s like ‘You know who we didn’t like? Jim.'” He also joked that the showrunners might be continuing the show without Jim. When Ellen said they couldn’t do that, Krasinski said that it looks like it. After all, he hasn’t received a call. Otherwise, when asked if he’d do it, he answered, “Oh my God. Are you kidding? I’d love to get the gang back together.”
John Krasinski and his wife, Emily Blunt had just finished filming for their upcoming horror movie “A Quiet Place.” The film hits theaters April 6th.

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