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Home ‘The Royals’ Season 4, Episode 7 ‘Forgive Me This My Virtue’ Recap: A Night Of Heroes [SPOILERS]

‘The Royals’ Season 4, Episode 7 ‘Forgive Me This My Virtue’ Recap: A Night Of Heroes [SPOILERS]

BY Yasmin Quaid

Published 5 years ago

‘The Royals’ Season 4, Episode 7 ‘Forgive Me This My Virtue’ Recap: A Night Of Heroes [SPOILERS]

In comparison to the previous episodes of “The Royals,” this week’s events in “Forgive Me This My Virtue” is lighter and more pleasant. But the show wouldn’t be what it is today without the drama. The heroic deeds of his siblings did not stop Robert (Max Brown) from ruining lives. Even Willow (Genevieve Gaunt) was at the receiving end of Queen Helena’s (Elizabeth Hurley) spite.

The ordinary girl in the palace

Being queen is a lot of work. Willow isn’t even married yet, but her life did a complete 180. Helena was trying to shape her. Telling her what to wear, what to say. But the next queen of England was determined to speak and be the truth.

Genevieve Gaunt and Elizabeth Hurley in The Royals (2015)

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Instead of going with the story the queen and a writer came up with, Willow told the press the truth about her and Robert’s love story. This mini-rebellion did not sit well with Helena and Willow is now on the wrong side.

Robin Hood in action

In a weed-induced moment, Len (Alexandra Park) came clean to Jasper about her secret Robin Hood missions. Although her boyfriend was seriously against it, Len was still clad in leather and sneaking palace pieces out.  Instead of leaving the “gifts” on the doorstep, she used the lockpicking skill Jasper’s (Tom Austen) dad taught her. She gave away a laptop, a vase, and a “the most important pen in the world.”

Tom Austen in The Royals (2015)

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Unfortunately, her mother threw a massive fit for that pen. She even accused her ladies in waiting, the Blue Birds, of stealing. Len then set out for a revere heist with a professional conman, Jasper Frost. They snuck in and rummaged through the house until the princess saw it in the freezer when she was looking for ice when Jasper pulled his stitch.

Elizabeth Hurley in The Royals (2015)

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Before she could fix him up, the house owners came home, and they had no choice but to hide in the closet. Things got dramatic when Jasper admitted that he felt like he didn’t deserve to be knighted since the bullet was meant for him. But Len, as the loving girlfriend, convinced him that he was a hero. He saved her. Before she met him, she was a mess. But because of Jasper, she less of a mess now.

When they knew they had to leave to get to the knighting ceremony in time, they just barged out and talked to the couple. The couple who had mixed feelings about the princess, by the way. In exchange for the pen, Jasper gave the Rolex Robert gifted him. Then they were off on their merry way.

“The Royals” celebrate King Simon

On the night of the commemoration gala for King Simon, Jasper will also be knighted. Helena was going to present the most important pen to honor her late husband. The pen was important because Simon signed everything important to him with that pen. And to continue her husband’s legacy, Helena used that pen to do the good she needed to do.

When the queen gave up and was about to present the late king’s polo mallet, Len and Jasper arrived just in time to save the day. Len got up on stage and explained what the pen meant. She honored not only her late father but also her mother.

Alexandra Park and Elizabeth Hurley in The Royals (2015)

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The night started out friendly, and everything seemed right. When the press berated Willow (by order of the queen), Liam (William Moseley) saved her. He gave them something else to talk about. On the night they were to honor the late king, Robert and Willow were to make their first public appearance together, and Jasper was to be knighted, Liam added to the night’s events and announced his relationship with Kate (Christina Wolfe).

Christina Wolfe and William Moseley in The Royals (2015)

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He even gave a speech that favored Willow a lot. He talked about how she was anything but ordinary. Even Helena was proud of him for handling the situation.

Cyrus honored his brother in another way. He gave chips to his “embassy-mate,” trying to be nice and make him like him. Loneliness was making Cyrus do things he would never do. So when Aston (Tom Crowley) told Cyrus, he hated him because the ex-king made him miss his own brother’s funeral.

This made Cyrus into the kind of person his brother was. He might have hated him, but he admitted that he was a great man. He even said he loved him. His moving speech encouraged Aston to befriend him. They spent the rest of the day playing video games.

More than trouble in paradise

It looks like Willow isn’t true to herself. She might be engaged to the older Henstridge brother, but it seems like she has feelings for the younger one. Cassandra said Willow was in love with Liam. So, when Liam was giving the speech about her being magnificent, her sticky eyes were filled with feelings she doesn’t have for Robert. Maybe she is just playing Robert for something she wants.

Max Brown and Christina Wolfe in The Royals (2015)

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Robert will never stop being manipulative and shady. After the whole thing Liam, Willow, and the press, he talked to Kate. Robert told her what any guy would say to get back a girl—that he missed her, can’t stop thinking about her, and wanted her. To make matters worse, she wanted him to. The king told her to meet him in his room later that night.

William Moseley in The Royals (2015)

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That night, Kate knocked on Robert’s door, and everything came out. She wanted him, and he wanted her. But like always, Robert thought of everything. With the door wide open, Liam saw and heard everything. Their relationship ended just like that. Maybe Robert and Willow do belong with each other.

But that brought the brother’s closer together. Robert justified his actions saying he was only looking out for his little brother. He wished that maybe Liam would stop looking at him as the bad guy and would have a drink with him. And indeed. they did that night.

“The Royals” continues next Sunday, April 29th, with “In The Dead Vast in the Middle of the Night” at 10/9c on E!