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'The Walking Dead' Season 8, Episode 11 'Dead Or Alive Or' Recap: When Faith is Tested [SPOILERS]

BY David Riley

Published 5 years ago

'The Walking Dead' Season 8, Episode 11 'Dead Or Alive Or' Recap: When Faith is Tested [SPOILERS]

Tonight on “The Walking Dead” Season 2, Episode 11, titled “Dead or Alive or,” the Alexandrians are in dire straits. After escaping their burning compound, Daryl (Norman Reedus) leads the survivors to the Hilltop for safety. However, things get a bit awry as Tara (Alanna Masterson) struggles to come to terms with Dwight (Austin Amelio) joining their side. It’s a long way to the Hilltop, but Daryl has to make it work. Meanwhile, as Father Gabriel (Seth Gilliam) escapes the Sanctuary with Dr. Carson (R. Keith Richards), he credits the favorable circumstances surrounding them as an act of God’s mercy and guidance. However, this declaration of faith turns on Gabriel in the end.

Leading the Remnants

“Dead or Alive or” opens with Daryl and the Alexandrians running through the forest, trying to dodge Negan’s patrol team. Along the way, they encounter a small group of Walkers. One of them tries to get Tara, but she forcibly throws the Walker to Dwight. In turn, Dwight throws the Walker to the ground and stomps on its head.
Later, Rosita (Christian Serratos) tells Daryl that the group needed to rest. Daryl heads back to cover their tracks, and Tara asks him why they’re still keeping Dwight alive. It’s not yet Dwight’s time to go, and Rosita believes that he could prove to be a valuable asset to their group. Tara has none of it, though.

Norman Reedus, Jason Douglas, Alanna Masterson, Christian Serratos, Kenric Green, Austin Amelio, and Avi Nash in The Walking Dead (2010)

Gene Page/AMC

While resting, Daryl shows Rosita and Tara a map that they could follow to get to the Hilltop undetected by the Saviors. Dwight butts in, saying that they could pass through the swamps to guarantee that the Saviors won’t see them. The Saviors never go through the place because of the Walkers in the water, and Dwight thinks that they could go in and clear the path themselves. Tara, on the other hand, doesn’t trust him, to which Tobin (Jason Douglas), one of the Alexandrians, seconds Tara. Dwight defends himself by saying he chose them because he killed one of the Saviors. It’s a not a question of Dwight turning on the Alexandrians, but if he could be trusted entirely. Tara still doesn’t subscribe to his words. Following their gut, both Rosita and Daryl agree with Dwight’s suggestion.
Norman Reedus and Christian Serratos in The Walking Dead (2010)

Gene Page/AMC

On their way to the swamp, Dwight tells Daryl that about his wife, Sherry. It was her who helped Daryl escape, and Dwight wanted him to remember that. She could still be around, wandering in the woods, and Daryl thinks so as well. Upon reaching the swamp, Daryl examines the area and sees that it’s going to be a challenge. A Walker rises from the water and Daryl shoots it with his crossbow. Together, they plan to clear a path by killing all the Walkers in the water. Tara stays so she can look out for Dwight—whatever “sinister” plan she believes Daryl has.
As they wade in the murky waters, Daryl, Siddiq (Avi Nash), and Rosita clear out a path. Meanwhile, Tara hears a group of Walkers close by and forces Dwight to take care of them. She follows him with a gun to his head. As Dwight eliminates the Walkers, Tara aims for him. Dwight then explains that killing him won’t undo whatever terrible things that he and the Saviors did in the past, but Tara believes that it could make her feel better. She shoots, but Dwight runs. They engage in a chase but is ultimately cut short when they overhear a group of Saviors scouting the area.
Jason Douglas, Alanna Masterson, and Kenric Green in The Walking Dead (2010)

Gene Page/AMC

Unsure of what to do, Dwight shows himself. At first, Dwight thought that they knew about him joining Rick’s side, but apparently, they didn’t. So Dwight comes with and directs them somewhere else when they told him about the swamps. Tara sees this and finally changes her mind about Dwight. Rosita appears behind her. When asked about why she didn’t stop Tara, Rosita said that she wouldn’t have let anyone do it for her if it was her.
Later, Daryl bursts out in anger upon learning about Dwight’s “escape.” Tara assures him that Dwight is indeed playing for their team. Daryl’s rants stop when he sees Tobin covering Judith’s ears. He then tells his group to go through the swamp path to the Hilltop.

Father Gabriel’s unwavering faith in God

Gabriel and Dr. Carson’s escape car breaks down in the middle of the road. Carson notices Gabriel’s eyes as he reads a map unsuccessfully, and how his infection is failing him. If they don’t administer antibiotics to Gabriel, his vision will permanently fail. Gabriel, on the other hand, firmly believes that God is leading them somewhere. A Walker crawls up to their car.

Seth Gilliam and R. Keith Harris in The Walking Dead (2010)

Gene Page/AMC

Outside the car, Carson and Gabriel evaluate their plans. Carson regrets leading Gabriel out of the Sanctuary because if he stayed there, Gabriel’s infection would heal. Then, Gabriel hears a faint banging in the distance. They follow the sound to an abandoned house. Again, Gabriel thinks that this situation is their salvation. Meanwhile, in the Sanctuary, Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) brings Eugene (Josh McDermitt) in to ask him about Dr. Carson and Gabriel’s escape. Eugene tells Negan that he didn’t know about it, and so Negan tells him that the truth will come out soon enough once he brings them back for questioning. It bothers Eugene, however, since he was the one who helped them escape. Negan then assigns Eugene a new outpost for him to command. Eugene will also have to produce bullets since they’re almost out.
Josh McDermitt in The Walking Dead (2010)

Gene Page/AMC

The place turned out to be an empty radio broadcast shed. Gabriel tries to read the logs and believes that someone might still be around. It turns out that the “survivor” is with them, but now a Walker. Carson rummages through the dead Walker’s stash and finds an entire cabinet full of antibiotics. Gabriel thinks that it’s all God’s work and that they’re leading him somewhere. Carson gives Gabriel a dose of the medicine. Carson still shrugs in disbelief, and as Gabriel explains himself to him, he knocks over a piggy bank, and it shatters. Carson then sees the contents—car keys and a map.
They follow the map, and it leads them to a garden, where a truck is parked. However, as Carson makes his way to the shed, Gabriel notices the sign banging on a water tank (the sound that led them there in the first place) and sees that it’s a warning sign about traps scattered all over the place. He tries to warn Carson, but he’s already tangled in a bear trap. Walkers hear his wailing and come for Carson. Gabriel tries his best to see through his nearly-blind eyes to help Carson. He finds the gun but struggles to aim at the Walker. Gabriel then breathes in and shoots, hitting the Walker in the head.
Seth Gilliam and R. Keith Harris in The Walking Dead (2010)

Gene Page/AMC

Carson and Gabriel finally get in the truck, but another group of Saviors captures them before they even left. The gunshot must have led them there. As they tie them up back in their truck, Gabriel tells Carson that God is still leading the way. Carson beams with hope, but grabs one of the Saviors’ pistol and shoots himself in the head. Shocked, Gabriel cries as the truck leaves to bring him back to Negan.
Josh McDermitt in The Walking Dead (2010)

Gene Page/AMC

Back in the Sanctuary, Eugene is hard at work trying to make bullets for Negan. He cockily asks one of Negan’s wives for an omelet and some food for his crew. Suddenly, Negan bursts into the room to bring Gabriel. Negan then questions Gabriel about how he escaped and told him that it was Carson—much to Eugene’s relief. Negan then demands Eugene to produce the bullets faster, but it’s not possible given the lack of resources. Eugene then suggests using the Walkers themselves as projectiles and “bullets.” It’s a weird proposition, but Negan considers it. Later, Gabriel cries in front of Eugene, but he plainly tells Gabriel to start sorting out the bullet cases.

Maggie in the Hilltop

Elsewhere in the episode, we see Maggie (Lauren Cohan) making her rounds around the Hilltop. Everyone’s busy, and it’s all because of Maggie’s expert leadership. Meanwhile, Carol (Melissa McBride) tries to relieve Morgan (Lennie James) and Henry (Macsen Lintz) from guarding the Savior prisoners. One of the people inside the cage calls out to them and tries to taunt them. To Carol and Morgan’s surprise, Henry asks them who among them killed his brother. It’s a disturbing situation for Carol and Morgan, seeing how Henry doesn’t feel any remorse for killing Gavin.

Lauren Cohan in The Walking Dead (2010)

Gene Page/AMC

In Gregory’s former study, Dianne (Kerry Cahill), informs Maggie about their dwindling rations. It’s getting lower, especially without the Saviors’ help and with the prisoners a part of the daily ration distribution. Maggie then heads over the cage and talks to Gregory (Xander Berkeley). He pleads freedom for good behavior, but Maggie has none of it. Alden (Callan McAuliffe), one of the prisoners, tries to ask for an hour or two for them to exercise and get some shade. Maggie refuses and says that they’re taking them out of the ration list.
Finally, Daryl and the Alexandrians arrive at the Hilltop. Carol, Maggie, Enid (Katelyn Nacon) meets them as Daryl tells them about Carl’s (Chandler Riggs) death. We then see Enid break down with Maggie comforting her. Later, Henry (still guarding the prisoners with Morgan) asks Carol how Carl died. Carol tells Henry about how Carl helped Siddiq. Meanwhile, Siddiq thanks Maggie for taking them in. He then asks where the infirmary is and tells Maggie that he has medical experience. Hopeful, Maggie sees how she now can give birth to her child with the help of Siddiq. Again, she looks around, and the people present her that glimmer of hope that she needs for them to survive.
Maggie then goes to Gregory and tell them that she changed her mind, and is allowing one prisoner each for a day out of the cage and helping in whatever needs the Hilltop has. Gregory then tells her that maybe they should evacuate everyone due to the dwindling resources (like the coward he always was). Maggie has none of it and believes that they will win. Someone then announces Rick’s arrival.
Jeffrey Dean Morgan in The Walking Dead (2010)

Gene Page/AMC

“Dead or Alive or” episode ends with Negan meeting the Saviors, and proposes a vague idea that could help them gain the upper hand.

‘The Walking Dead: Dead or Alive or’ Overall Verdict

To keep the audience waiting, “The Walking Dead” succeeds in bringing in another filler episode. It’s becoming a tradition for the show to include a slow pace to the narrative, and frankly, I think it worked before, but now it doesn’t. The “All Out War” storyline isn’t getting any better, people are just dying, and no one seems to know what they’re supposed to do. “Dead or Alive or” fails as a solid episode, and it’s getting hard to keep up with this kind of direction that the show is going.
“The Walking Dead” continues next Sunday, March 18th, with “The Key” at 9/8c on AMC.

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