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TV REVIEW: Chicago PD Returns with a Bunny, A Bad Guy and a Bounty 

BY Lisa Casas

Published 7 years ago

“Call It Macaroni” picks up right where last season left off. Jin is still dead, Voight is under fire from Stillwell, Platt cracks us up, and Erin and Jay try to out pretty each other. There were some new additions as well. Burgess gets a new partner that we end up liking no matter how much we try not to, Antonio helps a cute CI, Nadia gets a job at the station, Erin has a bunny connection, and Olinsky turns into a chatty Cathy.


Voight Is Under the Gun

Sergeant Voight is being questioned by some higher ups, asking what he knew about the Jin throat slash. “Do you know who is responsible for the murder?”

“Absolutely not. Are we done?” he asks as he leaves to get some police work done.

Back at CPD, it’s Nadia’s first day and Erin’s a little excited for her project. Jay is skeptical, “Can she even type?”

“ Yes, she can, smart ass,” Lindsay answers. “Do not even hit on her.”

“What kind of an asshole do you think I am?” he asks. Their cute banter continues from last season. How long before Erin’s ready to jump off that Severide and take a trip to Jayland? The writers have been traveling down some pretty well traveled paths, so I’m thinking they’ll go the predictable “partners as more than partners” route. Four episodes tops, I’m calling it.

Nadia shows up, nervous and worried about her outfit. She’s a Voight pleaser and does a good job answering phones, taking messages, and standing every time the sergeant enters.

Platt continues her curmudgeony ways, telling Burgess she’s hooked her up with a great, new partner. New cop, Roman, shows up disgusted with the fact that he has a female partner. Oh, Platt, you’re such a meany to little Bambi eyes. Give the girl a break already! Trudy is definitely on her game tonight. A super secret  package was delivered for Halstead at another station. He notices it was delivered six weeks ago? Platt compliments him on the nice detective work.

Voight is on edge, screaming at everyone, letting Atwater have it when he asks for an update. Antonio questions a young CI, a cute Friday Night Lights alum. She’s got some information on a bad guy … it’s just a time and a place, that’s it. Voight says set it up. The girl’s never lied to Dawson before. What could go wrong?

Ruzek is undercover in a van bodyguarding some cash. A shootout ensues as a crew of bad guys hits the van. Our first CPD bloodbath has just entered the building. What took ya so long?

Pictured: Jason Beghe as Hank Voight -- (Photo by: Matt Dinerstein/NBC)

Pictured: Jason Beghe as Hank Voight — (Photo by: Matt Dinerstein/NBC)

It’s NOT about the Money

A “Bunny” calls for Erin throughout tonight’s episode. She avoids speaking to her, telling Nadia to take a number, I’ll call her back. Jay signals Erin to meet him in back. Wait, is this going to be the make out session? Already? No, he tells her the package is from Jin and holds a flash drive and a note reading “I can trust you.”

A US Attorney suit shows up to tell the unit that some important DNA evidence was in the van, that was the real target. A big bad guy, Oscar, will probably go free without the evidence. Olinsky’s got a past with this murderer who stabbed a girlfriend 25 times. Alvin speaks more in this episode than all of season one, in an effort to bust Oscar.

Olinsky harasses bad guy in a restaurant to say he knows he was responsible for the heist. “I’m coming for you.”

Burgess and new partner  Roman go to a bar to try to get intel. New partner tells a bartender she better contact him if the guy they’re searching for shows up. “I’m gonna get pissed. Like 2009 St. Patty’s day pissed.” Can’t wait to hear that story.

Jay plops the flash drive on Voight’s desk. “You’re gonna want to take a look at this. Jin sent it to me.”

Smug Voight goes to Stillwell and says you better get a good lawyer. The drive showed the squeeze Stillwell had on Jin. IA jerk warns Voight that he goes down, so does Voight.

Later, Jay comes busting in to Voight’s office, “So when is Stillwell going down“I’?” Voight doesn’t say much indicating he’s burying the case. Halstead wants his thumb drive back. Voight hands nothing over, instead saying “It’s late.” Uh, oh. Jay storms off, skinny jeans in a wad.

He heads for a bar and Erin shows up. “So let me ask you something, is there any chance Voight was involved in Jin’s murder?” Lindsay says, “No way.” She is one loyal girl, and we love her for it.


A Not So Secret Love Connection

Burgess and Ruzek are off duty, kissing, drinking wine, and complaining that they have to keep their relationship under wraps. He’s really complaining with Kim whining about not being in IU. I have one Italian word for you, Burgess … Roman.

Pictured: (l-r) Sophia Bush as Erin Lindsay, Jesse Lee Soffer as Jay Halstead -- (Photo by: Matt Dinerstein/NBC)

Pictured: (l-r) Sophia Bush as Erin Lindsay, Jesse Lee Soffer as Jay Halstead — (Photo by: Matt Dinerstein/NBC)

Do the Right Thing

Jin’s mom shows up to meet with Voight, saying all her son wanted was to be a police officer. “His first few posts were not happy ones. Working with you was the first time he felt like part of a team. He died fulfilling his dream. Thank you.” She hugs him out, Voight stiffly taking it. He goes to peer out over his city again, his go to move when he’s really thinking, or upset, or whatever. That peering did the trick and Voight heads to the US Attorney’s office to tattle on Stillwell, to do the right thing.

Burgess finds out that new partner is gun shy with female partners because he fell in love with his last partner. Gotta admit, that’s a little cute. Prediction time again … I’m giving this duo four episodes before they join the partners as more than partners ranks, as well.

Burgess badasses it up and runs a suspect down with partner showing up to land an elbow in the face. They make a pretty good team.

Lindsay and Halstead play bad cop, bad cop with the suspect and it’s a little hilarious. They are just too pretty to be taken seriously. What’s Erin going to do? Swing that flowing hair on bad guy’s nose until he can’t take it anymore?

Voght comes clean with his crew about his deal with IA. They all look outraged, but I don’t see the big deal. Jay must not be mad because he shakes Voight’s hand and gives him “the look.” One more prediction? I’m giving this pair four episodes before … just kidding!

Olinsky takes the lead on the Oscar bust. He’s said more in this episode than he did all of season one. Money changes hands and the criminal’s goons are ready to kill them all. The team moves in and arrests Oscar, but not before Jay kills Oscar’s brother. Bad guy gives Jay the stink eye. He may need a little brotherly retribution.

Antonio’s cute CI shows up and Dawson tells her she gets ten percent of the money they got in the bust… $20,000. She cries and Platt even looks like she’s got a tear forming. Antonio says, “Get your ass to Kansas City, kid.” She’s gotta go to Kansas? I’d return that bank roll quick.

Erin ends up at a bar looking for Bunny. It’s Markie Post! “Hey mom. Do me a favor. If you need to get a hold of me don’t call my work. Here’s my email.”

“I’m getting married,” she tells her daughter.

“Great, email me.” Erin’s not breaking down any mommy walls yet.

O meets with a shady guy at the end. “You got a cop you work with named Halstead?” Alvin  tracks down Jay at a bar. “Oscar put a bounty on your head for killing his brother.”

The last scene of the night shows Voight rummaging through a secret safe in his man cave, full of money and important stuff like file folders. He grabs a wad and meets up with Jin’s dad. “Pay off your gambling debts. Your wife needs you.” Oh, Voight, you are a softie. As well as Antonio. As well as Erin.

Yes, CPD is back with our big band of cops doing the right thing and looking better than ever. They guys all look buffed up and Sophia Bush’s hair if just this side of perfect. So what did you think of this entry into season two? Was the Jin wrap up a little quick?

And what about that mommy thing with Erin? Who wants to see a Bunny/Lindsay showdown? We’ll be back next week to report on the Jay hit, the Erin mommy connection, and the emotional blow Voight takes when an old buddy dies.

Chicago PD airs Wednesdays on NBC at 10:00

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