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TV REVIEW: “Echoes” Haunt All in Graceland

BY Lisa Casas

Published 7 years ago

Our Southern California crime fighters in Graceland have turned ugly the past couple of weeks.

No, there hasn’t been a weight gain or anything drastic like that, but their actions have been so dark it’s been difficult to pick someone to root for.  Conflict has escalated, and not conflict between our heroes and the bad guys, but conflict with each other. Several couples have reached the breaking point with fractures so deep a recovery seems unlikely. Let’s take a look at the secrets that surfaced, the couples who consciously uncoupled, and that cliffhanger that makes it almost impossible to wait for next week’s season finale.


Charlie Can’t Forgive Briggs

Tonight’s episode begins with Briggs and Charlie talking with a glass door between them. If only that was all standing between the two. She says it isn’t even about Juan, it’s about the fact that he lied to her for months. When Charlie grabs onto something, it’s with a ferocity unmatched by her housemates (remember the whole helping Kelly Badillo?). I don’t see her letting this go or letting Paul get away with any of it.

Briggs and Markham continue to be buddy buddy with Sid saying they’re taking a little road trip tomorrow, south of the border. Paul says he’s in, he’s got a baby on the way. I fear you may never see that baby, Briggs.


Pictured: Vanessa Ferlito as Charlie DeMarco -- (Photo by: Jeff Daly/USA Network)

Pictured: Vanessa Ferlito as Charlie DeMarco — (Photo by: Jeff Daly/USA Network)

Paige Can’t Forgive Warren

Johnny and Jakes are in the Mojave Desert where a drug plane is parachuting down some contraband. The Solano deal is falling into place. JT and Jakes head back to Graceland to work on the counterfeit money they need for the deal. Page comes in and tells them her theory that Mike covered up Lena’s death so the case could still go on. Johnny doesn’t believe it. Not their Mike!

“The Mike Warren that you are talking about does not exist.” Paige says. It’s as if she watched the whole ugly ordeal unfold before her eyes.

Later, Paige prods Mike into a conversation about Sulla. She admits that she was being unreasonable about staying in the house asking him how he felt when Sulla hit her.

Mike doesn’t answer directly, instead, he tells a story about hiking when he was a kid and coming across a fox trap. He remembers feeling horrible for that fox who escaped but lost a leg in the process.

He says you can wait it out and die or you can take this piece of yourself and mutilate it and die. Does that answer Paige’s question? No, turns out Paige is furious with his little tale, saying “even when you’re talking about me, you’re the fox.” She says she wants him back in the trap. No romance between these two. It’s hard to believe they ever cared about each other. Like Charlie, Paige is not letting this one go.

Meanwhile, Paige gets a call that Lena’s been picked up and is alive. She discovers that the girl is not Lena, but the Ukrainian’s sister, Irina. She’s hoping she can get information out of her that will lead to some resolution.


Lovesick Johnny

The only couple happy in love is FBI agent Johnny and drug cartel daughter Lucia. This doomed pair has about as much chance of making it as any couple on Graceland. Think snowball and hell.

Johnny and Jakes set up in a seedy motel with JT ready to get Dale out of there. He wants to bring Lucia to the love nest before things get too hot at the Solano bust. Johnny heads back to the Solano estate and takes a pre-bust romantic stroll with his lady love. She talks about the stars and you just know this will not end well.


Sid Markham Gets the Upper Hand

Mike rolls into the FBI and finds Sid Markham in his boss’ office with a satisfied look on his face. The cop has filed charges with the U.S. Attorney’s office against Mike. Warren can’t take that look for very long and tries to knock it off. They fight it out and Markham deposits something in Mike’s pocket.


Pictured: Vanessa Ferlito as Charlie DeMarco -- (Photo by: Jeff Daly/USA Network)

Pictured: Vanessa Ferlito as Charlie DeMarco — (Photo by: Jeff Daly/USA Network)

Echoes Haunt Them All

Charlie gets a sonogram and everything is going well with the baby. She looks a little happy, if that’s possible, and thinks the baby looks like a peanut. The maternal instinct is strong in this one.The doctor hilariously advises her to keep a stress free environment. Piece of cake.


Meanwhile, Charlie and Mike catch up on tracking down bank robber Amber. Charlie chides him about his black eye. He replies, “This is nothing, it’s just an echo. We do what we have to, even if it hurts. Especially if it hurts.” Charlie hands over the Juan Badillo tape. “What is that?” asks Warren.  “More echoes,” Charlie explains.

They listen to it together. “it sounds like a mistake, a mix up.” Mike is in the position of defending Briggs while Charlie says he’s guilty. She says she’s leaving the house when this is over. “I need your help. I can’t turn him in, I love him.”  You’ve got to feel for Mike. His emotional plate is pretty full.


Even the Most Carefully Laid Plans…

The last few minutes of “Echoes” shows Lucia making it to the motel room, thrilled with herself. She’s stolen some of the counterfeit money. Johnny’s in disbelief. This has all the markings of a disaster about to happen.

Charlie sets a meet with bank robber Amber and gets T-boned on the way.  A creepy, kidnapper van stops and whisks her away.

Sid Markham breaks into Graceland and sees a picture of the smiling family, Briggs, Mike, Paige. He knows he’s been set up. He steals a gun and gets out. The final scene is Paul and Sid taking off to Solano’s.

What did you think of Graceland’s latest offering,  “Echoes?”

Will Charlie, Briggs, and Johnny see the other side or will one of them look into the light? With only one episode left, it’s hard to imagine a neat little resolution to everything that’s gone down this season.

Graceland airs Wednesday on USA Network at 10 pm.

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