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TV REVIEW: Orphan Black “Governed as It Were By Chance”

BY The Screen Spy Team

Published 8 years ago

By Clinton Bell

Orphan Black season 2 hasn’t even hit the midway point yet, but it already feels like it’s sprinting to the finish line. Season 2 has introduced tons of new characters and mysteries, yet the writers are still in control of their own story. Shows of this nature run the risk of becoming absurd and convoluted, but, for now, Orphan Black has stayed the course, and is quickly becoming one of TV’s most reliable treats.

Let’s start with that terrific ending. Sarah has been through a lot of intense, terrifying situations, but I don’t know if we’ve ever seen her as scared as she is here. It’s not just because Helena is coming towards her with a knife, but also because of the shock of seeing Helena alive. I love Helena’s entrance here and how her fight with Daniel takes place completely off-camera. The writers were generous to bring her back.

Helena, like many of the characters, is in a very different place than she was in season 1. One of the best things Orphan Black has accomplished this season is how it has given its characters new roles. Mrs. S, for example, is in a dramatically different, intriguing situation. Alison is now in rehab getting treatment for her drug and alcohol abuse. Art has begun to embrace this whole bizarre situation and is looking into the Proletheans. The characters have shown tremendous growth, and it’s encouraging to see that the writers aren’t afraid of pushing the characters in unexpected directions.

Not only have the characters matured, but the show looks different visually, as well. Most of season 1 was spent in the city, but season 2 has spent a considerable amount of time in the countryside. Not only does it change up the show’s color palette and mood, it changes the drama as well. Take, for example, Sarah almost deciding to shoot at the police officer after the accident. Thankfully for her, she didn’t have to make a choice, but she held a gun at her side, ready to use it if necessary. If we were in Toronto, Sarah likely would’ve had to try a different strategy, but here, out in the middle of nowhere, she maybe could’ve gotten away with it.

I’m really pleased with how the show has grown as whole. Season 1 didn’t move at a leisurely pace by any means, but it almost seems like it did, when compared to season 2. It is relentless, high-octane, and one of the coolest shows on TV. If you’re not watching it—and if you read this review, you most likely are—then you’re missing out.


Additional notes:

– I really like Cal, and I’m going to be pretty crushed if he is somehow connected to the bad guys. Based on what we know about him, I don’t think he is, but you can never be sure with this show.

– Mrs. S got laid in this episode. That’s not a sentence I ever thought I’d write, but yes, it happened.

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