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TV REVIEW: Revenge Showcases the “Repercussions” of Emily’s Actions

BY Lisa Casas

Published 7 years ago

Revenge plays a game of Emily keep away for most of tonight’s episode, creating one of those hours where you just want to pull your hair out in frustration. The big daddy/daughter reunion is teased throughout “Repercussions” but never comes to fruition. There is one, two, twenty three “almost” meet-ups between David and Emily/Amanda, but alas, we come away empty handed. So what did go down? Victoria proves she has earned the Queen B not V title, Charlotte shows us she’s a runner-up, Emily is still not on her A-game, Daniel and Margaux get a new name, and David never breaks voice, keeping the Batman rasp throughout.


Can’t You Just Stay Dead?

“Repercussions” begins with David Clarke out of town with Victoria, putting flowers on his daughter Amanda’s grave. The press is there following his every move. The crazy couple have a heart to heart while being watched because it’s always good to talk it out with an audience. Victoria continues to manipulate, promising they will have a happily ever after.

Emily is going at a punching bag like it’s Victoria’s face. She’s furious that dear old dad has been with Victoria for five days. Nolan warns her to tread lightly, “What if he’s not the man we think?”

Ems won’t listen, insisting on being at the hotel when David arrives back in town from the gravesite visit. She’s watching him interact with Victoria when a car with a David magnet almost runs him over. Luckily, he’s got moves like Neo and Matrixes out of the way. Okay, who wants him dead now? Or dead again? My money’s on a Victoria set up.

“It definitely sounds like her shade of bitch,” Nolan says. “If Aiden were here, he could make you see it. Victoria’s gunning for you. Before you make a mistake, slow down.” Nolan is always the semi-voice of reason. Tonight, he was at his level-headed, best friend best.

“Vicky’s done a helluva job Clarke blocking us,” he adds. That does seem to be her specialty.


Your Cray Cray Is Showing


Daniel and Margaux are scheming some new career moves now that he’s on the fast track with one client, Louise. He’s being super secretive about the redhead who wears that white bikini so well. Margaux advises, “Keep her happy.” He seems more than happy to comply.

Danny boy takes off to meet Louise for a shopping excursion in a dress shop. She tries on dresses, conveniently leaving the curtain open a bit. “Am I wasting all my top notch flirting on you? Is there a girl in your life?”

“No, no there’s not,” he stammers in a French accent. Red is thrilled.

Later, Louise and Daniel drink it up in his place. Then sex it up. Anyone surprised? Nah. The only question is how long it will take before Margaux walks in on them?

Louise eventually confronts Danny saying he’s a big, fat liar. She accuses him of stepping out with Margaux. He tells the truth for once admitting that they make a good team. He’s sticking with French girl. Louise takes it like a champ saying he can still mess with her, uh, portfolio. He walks her out, thrilled he didn’t lose his one client. Once Louise is alone in the elevator, she punches the metal wall over and over, then smiles at her reflection. Hmmm, I guess those electroshock treatments can only do so much. I’m thinking we’ll be seeing much more of the crazy redhead over the next few episodes.



(ABC/Isabella Vosmikova)


Charlotte Goes for the Queen B Title

Emily ambushes Charlotte to enlist little half sis’ help. “Let me see our father alone. Are you sure you want to side with Victoria on this?” Ems has some good points, little things like Victoria is bat shit crazy. Charlotte’s “I hate Emily” armor seems to be cracking a tad.

Charlotte goes upstairs to confront Victoria, asking “Were you behind the attack on David?” Vicky denies everything, countering with, “Emily’s manipulating you. That’s what she does best.” David walks in the room and Charlotte tells him, “There’s someone you need to meet.” Finally!

In the lobby, Margaux tries to get a message up to David for an exclusive interview. Emily is there to fend her off and reprimand her lack of scruples. There is something ironic in that, but we’ll let it slide for now.

Ems gets a text from Charlotte saying “come up.” Yes! Reunited and it feels about time. Emily goes up and we’ve fallen for the old bait and switch. Charlotte has taken daddy dearest to see Jack and be reunited with grandson. Emily is facing Victoria who says, “We have so much to discuss.”

Charlotte, you really are your mother’s daughter. I’ve gotta admit, drunk, drugged out, and ruthless Charlotte is pretty interesting, such a far cry from the boring, sweet Charlotte of earlier Revenge seasons.


Live with your Repercussions

“Tell me where my father is!” demands Emily.

“Have you ever considered what will happen when you tell him about all your lies. Your plan was perfect except for one fact – your father is alive. Now you must live with the repercussions of what you’ve done. Tell him or stay in this identity.” Victoria is the master of mind control, planting seeds of doubt, and manipulating with just one raised eyebrow.

The other meeting going on is David’s reunion with Jack … it is awkward and frustrating with mastermind Charlotte watching it all unfold. Grandpa David is thrilled to meet his not really grandson, Carl, while Jack keeps his mouth shut, not telling Clarke about Emily. Why does he not just tell him?

David’s in a visiting mood, heading over to Nolan’s place next. He’s accusatory and asks why Amanda was living above a bar? Yuck. “Didn’t you give her the money,” he asks. Nolan says he did, but there’s much more to the story. More that is apparently a deep, dark secret because he doesn’t tell David about Emily either. Aaaagghhh! This is so frustrating!

David admits to Nolan, “The more I hear, the harder it is for me to remember my little girl. She’s slipping away from me.” They hug it out and again this would be the perfect time for the big reveal. Not happening tonight.

Emily’s back at her beach house when Jack shows up. Those Vicky seeds of doubt are showing, “Do you think my father’s going to hate me for everything I’ve done?” Please tell me she is not going to keep her identity a secret for this entire season.

Nolan doesn’t want that either, telling her, “There is still a chance you can connect with him.”

So now the plan is to get him to this house, away from Victoria, just the two of them. Here’s another idea – walk the three steps to his house and say, “Hi dad!”




(ABC/Isabella Vosmikova)


David Gets Out His Red Sharpie
The final scenes focus on Crazy Dave and what the motivation of his return is. He talks to Victoria, “Something is not right here.” You think?

There’s a knock at the door. It’s Daniel Grayson. Mom wants him to leave immediately. He says he needs to personally apologize for what happened. He gives David the deed to the beach house as payment for being kidnapped and tortured by Conrad for ten years. An Emily plan coming together? Victoria looks like she just ate a lemon … or a beach house. Not what she wanted or expected.

They all head down to the house where Margaux, a camera, and a boom mic are awaiting. Strangely, David’s okay with the big interview in his new digs.

Emily and Nolan watch the happenings from atop the big, Grayson estate. Nolan’s impressed with the manipulation of Margaux and Daniel.

“What do we call them? Maniel? Dangaux?” he asks. “Trouble,” Emily answers.

Jack shows up, and the trifecta that makes up Team Emily cooks up a new plan.

“When are you going to tell him?” asks Jack, as well as everyone everywhere.

“When he’s ready. I want to win him back with the truth.” Since when has the truth been all that important?

Emily receives confirmation that she’s making the right decision… she hears a song blasting from David’s new/her old house. A song father/daughter used to dance to.

David’s narration booms in at the end, “Evil takes many forms. Including those we think we can trust the most… “ We see him writing a letter to his dead daughter. He says he now knows what he must do. He vows that he will have revenge against the person who did her wrong. “I will have my revenge.” Ding, ding, ding… the season four reason for living has just been announced. Revenge does not have to change its name.

What did you think of David reunited with everyone except his own daughter on tonight’s episode? Were you screaming at your television as much as I was?

Now, we get to watch David map out his revengenda on the person who hurt his daughter the most. Has Nolan found his name written in red Sharpie? Let’s hope not. Nolan is too hilarious to die. Although I think I said Aiden was too hot to die last season, and we all know what happened there. Until next week, Revengers. Keep those hoodies on, your Sharpies in hand, and that stress ball firmly squeezed. I have a feeling we’re going to need it with all the craziness being cooked up in the Hamptons.

Revenge airs Sundays on ABC at 10 pm.

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