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TV REVIEW: Rising from the “Ashes” on Revenge

BY Lisa Casas

Published 8 years ago

TV REVIEW: Rising from the “Ashes” on Revenge

Season four of Revenge has flipped the series on its ear and rejuvenated it in the process.

The premise of the past three seasons was Emily/Amanda’s journey for revenge, going through guilty people one red Sharpie cross out at a time. Now that daddy is alive, his “death” needing no avenging, where does the series go from here? In “Ashes” we see some clues on where our favorite Sunday night treat is heading. We start with several characters rising from the “Ashes” to wreak havoc on our hoodie wearing hero, turning the tables on her while putting her in an unfamiliar position… one of vulnerability. This new Emily is one of second chances and, dare I say, forgiveness.


Toast You Like Marshmallow  

“Ashes” opens with a scene straight out of Chicago Fire, complete with shooting fire ball. Jack is playing the role of fireman. Cop last week, hose dragger tonight. He’s taking that hero role seriously rushing into his bar and saving Emily. Charlotte watches from the wings with a “that sucks” look on her face. Roasting half-sis is proving harder than expected. Go tell mom about it.

An arson investigator questions Emily about what happened, but Ems keeps mum on the Charlotte attempted murder. She says she just stumbled into the fire, and he buys it.

Jack’s not buying it when he hears from an eyewitness that Charlotte was spotted at the bar. He calls an Emily interrogation to find out what really happened. Surprisingly, new Emily tells him the truth, the whole truth. Jack can’t believe that she’s going to let Charlotte get away with it. “I’m going to deal with this the way I have to,” she says cryptically.

It turns out “dealing with it” does not involve a revengenda or a Sharpie. Emily just wants to talk to Charlotte again and try to forge some sister bond. Nolan says wake up, Charlotte “tried to toast you like a marshmallow.” New Emily insists on doing things her way.



(ABC/Danny Feld)

Creepy Couple Award Goes To…

It’s a close call, but David and Victoria take the prize (narrowly beating Daniel and Margaux rolling around in bed). They hole up in an abandoned house in the woods, with David still sporting the look of a crazy guy and Victoria still sporting him wrapped around her little finger. Vicky is at her evil best tonight, truly rising from the ashes of looney bin lock-up to begin setting her revengenda into motion against Emily. First up, enlist David in her plan. She’s got him convinced that Emily must be stopped.


One Reunion After Another

Queen V surprises Danny boy for a mom/son reunion, to say hi, I love you, and … I need money. She’s shocked that Daniel hasn’t put away for a rainy day because he’s usually so responsible. He does fill mom in on the Charlotte downward spiral saying “let’s do this again in another six months.” No love lost between these two.

Victoria tries again, this time with Charlotte. This reunion is more what mom had in mind with the gals bonding over Emily hatred. Has Victoria ever looked more proud than when Charlotte says she tried to kill Emily?

Victoria takes Charlotte to David for a daddy/daughter reunion she can actually back. Vicky tells the Emily revenge story, but says that Charlotte did all the “get even for dad” deeds. David is mightily impressed and Charlotte is left looking confused. Just another piece in Victoria’s puzzle coming together.

Weird reunion of the night tries to come off as a coincidence but hints that there may be something more to it (definitely). Louise, the asylum-mate that Victoria left behind, “runs into” her old roomie, wanting to get a mani/pedi to celebrate their freedom. Victoria says she’s too busy for crazy girl. Later, Louise shows up at the hotel bar where Daniel’s throwing an “I’m poor” pity party. Wow, this girl gets around. She’s complaining loudly about how much money she has. Rich girl problems. Danny’s listening. It will be interesting to see where this story line goes because does a coincidence ever occur on Revenge? We didn’t think so.


Pistol Packing Mama

Emily makes good on her threat to plead her case to Charlotte again. She suspects half sis is in the hideaway in the woods but Victoria pulls a shotgun with Charlotte hiding inside. Emily tells Victoria “go ahead, shoot.” Vicky says, “That would be too easy. I owe you so much more than a quick death. Buckle up sweetheart.” Buckling up, buckling up right now. Season four we’re holding on tight.

Emily walks back to her car and Stalker Cop Hunter is checking her out, her car that is. Emily wonders what he’s doing up there, and he gives an investigating teens on drugs excuse. In the woods? While peering into Emily’s car? Ems says she was just “clearing her head.” He tries with the hilarious, “I’m a walk in the woods kinda guy, so if you ever want any company…”

The look on Emily’s face says it all. He asks, “You’re not ever gonna want company, right?” “Probably not,” she says coldly and drives off. The new Emily is open and vulnerable, but definitely not stupid.

Nolan can’t believe Emily challenged Victoria’s “bitchy trigger finger” and reprimands her for going it alone. He’s always looking out for her, and tonight’s no exception. Big Nolan save coming…



(ABC/Danny Feld)

End Game?

Jack shows up on Emily’s doorstep bearing a ring, just kidding, a picture of them as kids he had in the bar that miraculously survived the fire. He admits he’s thinking of not rebuilding; it was really more his dad’s bar. He says he needs to concentrate on the “things that matter.” They give each other goo goo eyes and Emily says “thank you” which seems to mean “I love you.” Do I hear Revenge writers penciling in “end game?” With Aiden gone (still sad and missing that towel), we can get behind these childhood friends. Emily needs a happily ever after, right?


An Almost Reunion

The final scene is David Clarke slipping into Emily’s bedroom wearing a hoodie. Love it. Like father, like daughter. Nolan is working downstairs, keeping watch over his bestie. He hears something and catches hoodie dad hovering over Emily. He shoots at David because apparently Nolan is packing at all times now. David escapes and neither of our heroes sees his face. The almost reunion was one of those classic Revenge scenes where it almost gives us what we want, but is going to make us wait a little while longer.

“Ashes” showed us Charlotte rising to join mom and dad in a plot to take down Emily, Victoria gaining momentum and the upper hand against Ems, Daniel maybe tapping into a Louise bank, Jack finally making a sort of move, and a kinder, gentler Emily dropping her revenge plot in favor of a sister reunion.


Random Notes

What’s funnier than Emily/Nolan banter? Nothing! Nolan shows up bearing balloons to spruce up Emily’s hospital room. “I checked myself out,” she tells him. “It’s not a hotel room,” he reprimands. When Nolan reports that there’s been a Vicky spotting in Manhattan, Emily says she’s busy with something else. Nolan’s confused. What trumps “destroy Vicky” on the to-do list?

Daniel’s broke and gets kicked out of his fancy hotel suite. Okay, that may be funnier than the Emily/Nolan banter. Who wants to see Danny get a real job? Where he actually has to work?

Victoria visits with Margaux letting it slip that Daniel’s broke, and Frenchie wants to pitch in. Victoria says no way, I just couldn’t. Oh, yeah you could. Margaux suggests they can call it a loan and Vicky says, “Well if you twist my arm that way.” Looks like Daniel can avoid that job for now.

Next week is promising the daddy/daughter reunion we’ve been waiting for. Is David going to realize that Emily is his daughter? Will Emily go dark hoodie when she finds out dad is not dead? I can’t wait!

Revenge airs Sundays on ABC at 10 pm.

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