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TV REVIEW: Supernatural “King of the Damned”

BY The Screen Spy Team

Published 9 years ago

TV REVIEW: Supernatural

Wouldn’t it be weird to live in the Supernatural world? Always having to look over your shoulder to make sure a demon or angel isn’t going to take over your body, constantly worrying about evil spirits, werewolves, vampires, djinn, sexy angels in trench coats, etc.  Even weirder is we would live in a world where the Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat the New Orleans Saints in an American football match.  Like I said, weird.

This week’s episode of Supernatural finally pulled out some big plays.  After witnessing Castiel’s new angel regime firsthand, the Winchesters decided to help out their friend with interrogating an outspoken follower of Metatron.  Fortunately, the overly confident angel was, well, stupid.  It didn’t take long for Sam and Dean to extract the necessary information they needed for Cas.

Over in Crowley’s neck of the woods, Abaddon was ready to take full control of Hell.  She needed Crowley’s help to lure in the Winchesters in order to to be rid of the brothers and the First Blade.  Crowley, still loyal to his bestie Dean, was not easily swayed.  The Queen of Hell had taken note of Crowley’s loyalties, though, and used her powers to transport Crowley’s long dead son to the present.  Crowley, unable to resist his lingering human emotions, was powerless against Abaddon, especially after she used a specially etched bullet to render him so.

After receiving a phone call from Crowley, the brothers headed on their mission to finally rid of Abaddon, but not before retrieving the First Blade from inside of a dead corpse.  Crowley made his best effort to warn Dean that their trip would be a trap, but Dean really didn’t give a damn. He had the First Blade and there was nothing stopping him now.

Once at the hotel where Crowley and Abaddon had lead them to, Dean found it best if he and Sammy split up to double their efforts.  Except Dean was lying, as the Winchesters often do.  He used his lie to fight off Abaddon by himself, finally ridding the world of the self-proclaimed Queen of Hell, First Blade in a tight-gripped hand.  The power of the blade paired with the Mark of Cain once again pulsated through him.

Pictured (L-R): Theo Devaney as Gavin and Mark Sheppard as Crowley -- Credit: Jack Rowand/The CW

Pictured (L-R): Theo Devaney as Gavin and Mark Sheppard as Crowley — Credit: Jack Rowand/The CW

Meanwhile, Castiel had made a call to Gadreel to finally convince him he was fighting on the wrong side of the war, and that Metatron was deceiving him.  The conflicted angel, who had once housed himself inside of Sam, found it easy to trust Castiel; a secret pact was underway.

Sam and Dean were eager to try and send Crowley’s anger-fueled son back to his own time.  On the other hand, Crowley wasn’t ready to let go because of his human feelings.  He knew that sending Gavin back to his time would mean he would board a sinking ship, leading to his death.  But the rules were clear, changing one little thing in time could change immeasurable amounts of things in the future (remember Balthazar’s unsinking of the Titanic?).  Crowley didn’t care, though.  He used his last moment with his son to transport them away from the Winchesters to save his life.

Without knowing where Crowley went, the brothers headed home.  Sam suggested they hide the First Blade far away in safe place, but Dean, in a menacing tone, simply replied ‘No.’

Evil Dean is headed to the front.

This week’s episode finally geared events up for the final episodes of the season.  With Abaddon gone the focus can now shift back to Castiel and the angel fight against Metatron.  Metatron may claim to know the ending to the war, but that’s never stopped the Winchester brothers and Castiel from finding a way around a good ole prophecy.

What kind of consequences will occur now that Crowley has saved his son? Besides the lad not being able to grasp 21st century technology, this could mean that certain people were never born, that big advances in technology were never made, and maybe Fate would once again have to intervene.

This season has been messy, but the last few episodes are sure to be a trip. As the angels finally face off against each other and Dean struggles to fight the temptation of the First Blade, who will be the last ones standing? Will Dean be able to rid himself of the Mark of Cain? Will he even want to?  Can Castiel lead his angel warriors in a winning fight?

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