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TV REVIEW: True Blood “Karma”

BY The Screen Spy Team

Published 8 years ago

We’re officially more than halfway through the very last season of True Blood.  And I’m not too sure how I feel about it.  Last season I was throwing my arms up in the air and declaring “hallelujah” to the prospect of the series ending.  Not because I didn’t want anymore naked Eric or tons of shirtless hugging, but because the series just got…weird.  But this season I’m happy to report that I am not ready to say goodbye.  I’m sad that we only have four more episodes left of our favorite Louisiana residents and their crazy, supernatural-filled shenanigans.

This week propelled the back half of the season forward, giving us new mysteries and stories that will be sure to keep us hooked until we find ourselves sobbing four weeks from now.  Shall we discuss?

After literally ripping off the face of the Yakuza, Eric continued on his mission to rid the world of Sarah Newlin.  Unfortunately, there weren’t just one hoard of Yakuza soldiers and even though he could fight the very human men off, Pam wasn’t so lucky.  Eric surrendered himself as he found Pam bound in silver chains.  It turned out the head of the True Blood corporation was willing to settle with the two vampires so long as they provided the whereabouts of Sarah.  They bickered over who was the lucky man to do the deed of doing her in, but it was Eric that reigned victorious.

Back in Bon Temps, Bill’s Hep-V had begun progressing faster than normal.  He kept it cool and headed to finalize his last will and testament; except Jess had overheard him on the phone with the lawyer’s office and the redhead in turn tried to keep it cool before Bill left to run his final errand.  Jess quickly let Sookie and Jason in on what she had overheard and Sookie knew right away that the only way Bill had caught the virus was her own tainted blood.  Sookie stayed as calm as she could and took a trip to get tested, as most humans should do in their real life, to confirm her positive status.


Over at Lafayette’s, James had decided to take up Lafayette’s invitation to stay the night. First thing was first though, as Lafayette had to deal with Lettie Mae and her continued wild accusations of connecting with Tara.  James wasn’t so sure Lettie Mae was as crazy as everyone had made her out to be and offered her his blood.  Lafayette decided that if she was going to go down the path to find Tara in her vamp blood-induced high then he was going to follow suit.  Fortunately for Lettie Mae, Lafayette’s hallucinations brought him into clarity; Tara was on the other side and she was trying with all her ghostly might to tell them something.

As Bill sat in the waiting room of the overly-packed law firm, he quickly realized that his days were numbered.  The lawyer was no help as recognition of Bill and his assets sent the lawyer into extortion mode. Bill decided that godliness was wasted if he was a goner anyway and murdered the lawyer and her assistant in retaliation.

Elsewhere, Nicole decided to go back to Dillon, Texas, or wherever she’s from, hoping Sam would join her.  On the Bellefleur end, Andy had caught Adilyn and Wade in bed together.  The story line would have been futile except Violet, angry and harboring hatred for Jason’s misdeeds, decided the two teenagers were her perfect targets.

But the best part of the episode came as Sarah, excuse me, “Newme,” begged her sister Amber for a place to hide out from the Yakuza, Eric, and Pam.  She pleaded with Amber to see that she had changed for the better because going to an Ashram in Los Angeles and having many shirtless hugs with a Buddhist signified major life changes. Amber was ready to kill her sister but the explosive secret that Sarah had drank all the Hep-V anecdote and she was, in fact, the cure for Hep-V stopped Amber in her tracks.

Quick Thoughts:

  • Sarah Newlin, you delicious bitch.

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