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Twisted Homecoming Dance Featurette

BY Jennifer Griffin

Published 8 years ago

Homecoming is just around the corner and just about everyone in Green Grove High is scrambling for a date.

Twisted’s Feb. 25 episode “Home is Where the Hurt Is” sees tensions rising all round as Danny wonders if he can maintain a relationship with Lacey while keeping a major secret from her. Meanwhile, Charlie, a new face in town, stirs up trouble when he asks Danny for his permission to make a move on Lacey … and Jo!

And while Rico is deathly afraid of asking Jo to the Homecoming dance, Jo soon realises that the nerdy Andy may have feelings for her friend.

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Got all that? If Twisted’s many twisted relationships leaves you feeling dizzy then you could do worse than to check out this new featurette, sent our way from ABC Family, moments ago.

Watch as Twisted stars Avan Jogia, Kylie Bunbury and Maddie Hasson explain what’s about to go down this Tuesday night.

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