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The 10 Most Emotional Moments on LOST

BY The Screen Spy Team

Published 8 years ago

The 10 Most Emotional Moments on LOST

By Roxanne Sancto

September 22 2016 marks the twelfth anniversary of Lost – a show that is still the subject of some of the most interesting (if not frustrating!) discussions in entertainment history.

For six years, we followed the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 as they raced through the jungles chasing after phantoms, ran from black smoke monsters and confronted their deepest, darkest secrets. We feverishly discussed the theories we thought were most evident, only to be proven wrong in following episodes. And most of all, we loved, laughed and cried with every single one of the protagonists throughout its six year run.

There are certain moments on Lost that are so overwhelmingly emotional, we will never be able to erase them from our minds. So, in celebration of the upcoming anniversary, we invite you all to grab a box of tissues and relive some of Lost’s most important scenes with us.

10. Dear Mister Sawyer (The Brig)

From the moment we were introduced to Sawyer, we knew he was hiding an obscure past that shaped his future. Always quick to offend others and make himself out to be a heartless man who can fend for himself, he makes quite a few enemies on the island within a matter of days.

But we soon come to realize that Sawyer’s tough exterior is just a sham. It’s his way of dealing with the grief and loneliness that threatens to weigh him down should he allow his hard-shelled façade to crumble. His life’s purpose thus far has consisted of a search for vengeance, fueled by hatred for the man who was responsible for his parents’ murder-suicide: a con artist he only knows as Tom Sawyer aka Anthony Cooper.

Following his parents’ funeral, he penned a letter to Tom Sawyer. He has been carrying this letter around for years, symbolizing his inability to move on into responsible, healthy adulthood. Instead, he remains trapped in the enraged mourning period he experienced as a child.

When Locke finally presents him with the opportunity to find closure over his parents’ death, Sawyer realizes that revenge isn’t all it is cracked up to be. Though he strangles and kills Cooper, he does not find peace.

This is a painful scene that saddens and angers the viewer equally: Sawyer’s heartache and vulnerability is difficult to watch whereas Cooper’s malicious, disinterested attitude further spurs on our fury, leaving us rooting for his death.

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