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The 10 Most Emotional Moments on LOST

BY The Screen Spy Team

Published 5 years ago

By Roxanne Sancto

September 22 2016 marks the twelfth anniversary of Lost – a show that is still the subject of some of the most interesting (if not frustrating!) discussions in entertainment history.

For six years, we followed the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 as they raced through the jungles chasing after phantoms, ran from black smoke monsters and confronted their deepest, darkest secrets. We feverishly discussed the theories we thought were most evident, only to be proven wrong in following episodes. And most of all, we loved, laughed and cried with every single one of the protagonists throughout its six year run.

There are certain moments on Lost that are so overwhelmingly emotional, we will never be able to erase them from our minds. So, in celebration of the upcoming anniversary, we invite you all to grab a box of tissues and relive some of Lost’s most important scenes with us.

6. I Don’t Understand (The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham)

Physically, he may have been one of the weakest characters prior to his crash on the island, but mentally, John Locke has always been head-strong. Locke is a man of great faith and determination, and if there’s one thing he cannot – will not – stand for, it’s someone telling him what he can and cannot do. Upon waking on the island to feel a tingle in his toes for the first time in years, he immediately recognizes the power of his new environment. He desperately tries to convince others of his findings, but to no avail: he is up against a man of science (Jack), whose influence over the others is far stronger than Locke’s.

It’s not until he joins Ben and the Others that John gathers enough information to persuade Jack that the mission he is about to undertake is for the good of the island and the people on it. When his plan seemingly fails, Locke is back to square one and goes through great lengths to encourage the Oceanic Six to make their way back to the island and fulfill their destiny. But none of them want to hear what he has to say; they all want to move on with their lives and forget their time on the island ever happened.

Having finally reached the end of his tether, he decides to take his own life. With the noose already around his neck, he is about to jump to his death when Ben appears to inform him that he did not fail: Jack has bought a ticket to Sydney. For a moment, the light sparkles in his eyes again, having found new hope in Jack’s return to the island. Unfortunately, Ben is quick to extinguish it…

The last thought on Locke’s mind was, I don’t understand. These words reverberate a feeling of strong compassion we felt for him throughout the entire show. Life really wasn’t fair on John Locke; he did everything the island ever asked him to do and, yet, he never found his answers.

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