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The 10 Most Emotional Moments on LOST

BY The Screen Spy Team

Published 5 years ago

By Roxanne Sancto

September 22 2016 marks the twelfth anniversary of Lost – a show that is still the subject of some of the most interesting (if not frustrating!) discussions in entertainment history.

For six years, we followed the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 as they raced through the jungles chasing after phantoms, ran from black smoke monsters and confronted their deepest, darkest secrets. We feverishly discussed the theories we thought were most evident, only to be proven wrong in following episodes. And most of all, we loved, laughed and cried with every single one of the protagonists throughout its six year run.

There are certain moments on Lost that are so overwhelmingly emotional, we will never be able to erase them from our minds. So, in celebration of the upcoming anniversary, we invite you all to grab a box of tissues and relive some of Lost’s most important scenes with us.

4. I Won’t Leave You (The Candidate)

When we first got to know Jin and Sun, nothing about them screamed “happy couple”. They distanced themselves from the rest of the group and kept to their own, even though Sun was eager to help out and join others in their quest for survival.

Without knowing their background, it would have been easy to see Jin as nothing other than an aggressive, macho-man who holds the power over his wife, dictating how she should dress and how she should be spending her time. But upon learning more about the life they led prior to crashing on the island, we get to see an entirely different side of Jin. All he ever wanted was to make something of himself, to find a profession he could take pride in and one that would provide for Sun. They were from opposite worlds: Jin, the son of a poor fisherman, Sun, the daughter of a prominent business man. In order to gain the approval of Sun’s father, Jin started working as his “assistant,” not realizing what this job title actually entailed.

Though Sun tried to assure him, time and time again, that wealth meant nothing to her and she’d happily live a modest life if it meant getting out from under her father’s thumb, Jin felt trapped in his world and saw no way out. Sun was actually planning on ditching Jin at the airport and starting a new life without him when she decided, at the last minute, to board flight 815 with him. Although it takes time, they finally find their way back to one another on the island, and their relationship develops a new, healthier dynamic. Nothing will ever tear them apart again, even if it means dying in each other’s arms…

After everything Jin and Sun have been through, we hoped they would have a happy ending together and, in a sense, you could say they did: they entered their next phase of life, tightly grasping each other’s hands.

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