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5 Things to Know About Bones “The Baker in the Bits”

BY Jennifer Griffin

Published 8 years ago

5 Things to Know About Bones

The Jeffersonians investigate the rather spectacular murder of an ex-con in Bones' Thursday night installment "The Baker in the Bits." (Seriously, don't miss that opening sequence!)

When clues lead to a local bakery known for employing former felons, Booth and Aubrey begin to theorize that the crime might have been the result of a robbery gone bad.

However their investigation will take them to new and disturbing territory over the course of the hour, surprising everyone.

Meanwhile, Cam and Arastoo's relationship is put to the test when he is forced to make a heart-wrenching decision.

We’ve seen this episode a little earlier than most, thanks to our friends at FOX, and have 5 new teasers to share with you. As usual, no major spoilers! We want you to enjoy this episode as much as we did.

Here then are 5 things to know about “The Baker in the Bits.”

Quick to Judge?

Is Brennan a little too quick to judge men who have served time behind bars?

Booth certainly seems to think so.

“The Baker in the Bits” sees our couple disagreeing over the nature of men who have done time behind bars.

While Booth, who can totally relate, thinks there’s still hope for any man in similar circumstances, Brennan can’t help but feel the crime justifies the time.

It’s a polarizing viewpoint our couple will revisit several times throughout the course of this episode, and ultimately leave one wishing they had taken the other’s viewpoint.

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