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TV RECAP: The Originals “Exquisite Corpse”

BY The Screen Spy Team

Published 8 years ago

TV RECAP: The Originals “Exquisite Corpse”

By Erin Resnick

With Mother’s Day quickly approaching, it’s time to start thinking about what to get those beloved mother figures in our lives. Flowers? Chocolates? Gift cards to Olive Garden? Will you write your mother a heartfelt card? Or will you shout obscenities in her face because she’s an ancient witch who abandoned you as a child and sold you into witch slavery? This week’s episode of The Originals, entitled “Exquisite Corpse,” was a teaser of what dark magic is lurking around the corner for our favorite Mikaelson clan.

A child version of Rebekah ran around Eva’s subconscious as the powerful witch regained control of her body. Eva tried to kidnap Hope but fled as Klaus and Hayley came to their child’s rescue.

Hayley had joined Elijah and Gia to charm Josephine, making it painfully obvious how uncomfortable she was with Elijah’s new friends-with-benefits situation with the baby vampire. Over at the compound, Klaus appealed to Freya by way of threats; it was either help Rebekah return to her original body or feel what it was like to be skinned alive. Freya claimed she wasn’t powerful enough to pluck a dormant Rebekah out of Eva’s body, but Klaus knew exactly who was knowledgeable enough to help them.

While Elijah, Hayley, and Gia tried to convince Josephine to keep the witches at bay, Marcel tried to persuade a drunk Vincent to help find and detain Eva. The two witches filled their respected audiences in on Eva’s past; she believed that if she sacrificed a child witch from each of the nine Louisiana covens then she would be able to create a new order, similar to Klaus releasing his werewolf side and creating a new species.

Klaus had slapped Freya with some anti-magic cuffs and forced her to come face-to-face with Esther. He quickly filled mommy dearest in on current events while asking for the correct spell to free Rebekah. Both Klaus and Freya spat hateful comments at Esther, who stated that her reason for having half a dozen children in the first place was to replace the pain of missing Freya. Esther wasn’t happy to see her eldest daughter still alive; sure that she was pure evil from being with Dahlia for so long. Though Klaus couldn’t trust Freya, the two could find common ground in hating their mother.

Image © CW Network

Image © CW Network

Vincent led Marcel to Eva where she confessed to Vincent that she hadn’t murdered any of the nine children. Her revelation stunned Vincent and he became conflicted, deciding to help Eva over Marcel. Vincent freed Eva, injured Marcel, and the two witches paid Josephine a visit, taking her hostage. Eva had been lying, though, as she had been responsible for several witch children’s death, citing that sacrificing a few was being done for a greater cause. Vincent knocked Eva out and put a call into Marcel, revealing that Eva was linked to the witch children, including Davina.

Esther provided Freya with the correct spell, but the eldest Mikaelson was wary and claimed she didn’t have enough power unless she channeled Klaus and his powers. Klaus called her bluff, believing she was only claiming to do so in order to see into his mind. Elijah popped in to call out Klaus and offer his own mind up instead, which Freya quickly agreed to after freeing herself from the cuffs and snapping Klaus’ neck.

Freya entered Eva’s subconscious along with Marcel and Vincent. While Marcel looked for Rebekah, Vincent tried to stop Eva, but she was too powerful and Freya was losing power. Klaus entered just in time to offer his power up to Freya. He may have zero trust for his sister, but his child’s life was at stake. Eva was seconds away from killing Vincent when the subconscious child Rebekah killed Eva’s spirit, saving her body and everyone else inside Eva’s mind.

Klaus was ready to torture Freya and Esther to put Rebekah back in her body, but Rebekah insisted on staying inside Eva. She was still tethered to Davina and the other witches and killing the body would also kill them. There was also the matter of Kol and bringing him back from the dead, which she wouldn’t be able to successfully do if she wasn’t still a witch. Klaus agreed and the two shared a rare and sweet moment of clarity.

The witches of New Orleans welcomed Freya, but Klaus was still not buying her façade. She decided to pay Esther a visit in the tombs where she confronted her mother for her wrongdoings. From peeking into Klaus’ mind she learned that he would never trust her and vowed to turn the family against him. Esther wondered out loud why Freya would utter such plans to her and Freya responded by killing Esther and turning her into a pile of dead birds.


Things we need to discuss:

– Though it will be Klaus and his own paranoia that eventually drives a huge wedge between himself and his family members, Freya will undoubtedly come out on the losing end. Time and time again Elijah and Rebekah have proven that no matter how farfetched and wild Klaus may appear, they are family “always and forever.”

– Maisie Richardson-Sellers has continued to be spot on as Rebekah and added a flare as Eva. I’ll be happy to see Claire Holt return as the Original sister, but I’ll be sad to see Maisie go, as she has been wonderful and adds great talent to the cast.

– I didn’t feel one way or the other about Esther’s death. She does take the cake for the worst mother in America and I’m surprised she lasted so long in the shadows without having much to do since being reintroduced. I wonder if her death will have future ramifications, though, as her knowledge is what may be needed to stop Dahlia.

– Seriously, what’s Cami been up to?

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