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Bree Turner on Everybody’s Favorite Fuchsbau, Grimm’s Season 2 Finale & Beyond

BY Abbey White

Published 11 years ago

Bree Turner on Everybody's Favorite Fuchsbau, Grimm's Season 2 Finale & Beyond

Grimm’s second season has been an interesting one for actress Bree Turner and Portland’s favorite Fuschsbau, Rosalee.

As Turner’s off-screen life expanded, including a promotion to series regular and a brand new baby, fans watched as Rosalee grew into her own. One of the highlight’s of Rosalee’s season arc was a concoction which helped Juliette (Bitsie Tulloch), both her friend and love interest to Nick (David Giuntoli), get rid of an intense lust for Captain Renard (Sasha Roiz). She would also be the one to send Juliette on a kaleidoscope adventure to help her remember Nick, the man she once loved.

Not only did Rosalee more fully embrace her apothecary talents, but her love interest Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell) as well. After hitting a few walls, the two were finally able to settle into their relationship. The Wesens’ bliss was threatened twice during the season, however, when Nick moved in with Monroe and when Monroe had a near death run in with Renard’s “royal” ties friend, Mia.

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ScreenSpy participated in a conference call last Friday with Turner, where she reflected on her character’s season 2 journey, what’s in store for Tuesday’s finale, and how season 3 might shape up for our favorite fox.

In the finale, “Goodnight, Sweet Grimm,” we see a very different Rosalee from the one we saw in the first season. She’s now a confident and dedicated apothecary, eager to fight alongside Monroe and ready to assist Nick at a moment’s notice. Season 2 had growth for every character, but Rosalee’s evolution was a pleasant and welcome surprise for both Bree Turner and viewers, who will be able to see in tonight’s episode just how far the character has come. “It’s been a really, really fun season,” Turner states, “just sort of embracing Rosalee’s light and her kindness and compassion, who I just feel is who she is. I think her past is just her skeletons, her demons, her path that she was on and I think at her core she’s a truly compassionate loving soul and spirit.”

“I think the biggest evolution for Rosalee between Season 1 and Season 2 is her confidence in the spice shop and being an apothecary,” adds Turner. “When I arrived on the scene I always likened Rosalee as someone who was the most talented with the biggest gifts in terms of this world in her family, but the one that was the most insecure and lost with it all. And now that we’re at the end of the second season I think it’s been really fun to throw a lot of that away now and just be confident and own my power.”

We watched and saw that when Rosalee’s personal confidence grew, so did her confidence in her relationship with Monroe. While the characters are both old souls and their approach to romance much more traditional, the chemistry burns like a young flame between them. According to Turner, it comes from the camaraderie shared between her and Mitchell. “We’re so relaxed with each other and I feel so comfortable with him that it’s just – just all feels very organic which I think is coming through. It’s been really fun and it’s been so sweet and it’s so enjoyable working with Silas.”

Silas Weir Mitchell as Monroe and Bree Turner as Rosalee Calvert -- Photo: Scott Green/NBC -- © 2013 NBC

Silas Weir Mitchell as Monroe and Bree Turner as Rosalee Calvert — Photo: Scott Green/NBC — © 2013 NBC

Fans who love the Rosalee and Monroe partnership will be happy to know that there’s an exciting moment for the couple in the season 2 finale. “I think that the payoff the fans will receive will be well worth the wait,” teases Turner. And for those who are less invested in the romance and more attune to the action, you too should prepare for some big payoffs. “Every story line gets blown out and exposed, resolved, challenged. Just the level of production value in this finale, I mean, it’s like feature film quality stuff that we did in terms of effects and story and set. It was all just really at the top of our game I felt.”

“Someone’s life is definitely in [the] balance and it’s very, very, very scary to be this person,” says Turner. “I honestly don’t know how we’re going to resolve it in terms of storyline. I’m nervous and excited about how Season 3 is going to begin with this cliffhanger because it’s pretty major.”

One of Grimm’s other characters experienced something pretty major during last week’s episode. Juliette learns from Nick about his true identity and the world of creatures living right under her nose. Being both Juliette’s friend and a wesen herself puts Rosalee in a unique position as someone who can help Juliette transition easier. Rosalee is protective of Juliette on some level, as we’ve watched her on more than one occasion fend off the (supernatural) powers that be’s hold on Nick’s love. We asked what Bree thought about Juliette’s introduction to the Grimm realm in tonight’s finale and into the third season.

“It’s been such an enjoyable relationship to explore, the Juliette Rosalee friendship. I think at the beginning of this relationship I truly felt very, very responsible for her unraveling, considering I gave her the potion that caused her problems. [In] Tuesday night’s episode there’s obviously sort of exploring more of that new reveal for her and her involvement in the group will be explored more. I’m excited about that. I’m happy she’s in the know.” Turner continues, “Just to have her memory back and to have her in the involved in this world and also just to – just for another female energy [to be] in the group, I think it will bring some lovely new dynamic to the scenes and to the show itself. So I’m excited for us to be a little girl power unit.”

Silas Weir Mitchell as Monroe and Bree Turner as Rosalee -- Photo: Scott Green/NBC -- © 2013 NBC

Photo: Scott Green/NBC — © 2013 NBC

While we aren’t sure who’s set to meet the Grimm Reaper, we do know Rosalee’s new found confidence as an apothecary gets her into a sticky situation she may not be able to work her way out of. “It does get me into trouble with what we’re dealing with,” Turner says. “You know, it’s a lot of pressure. And I think everyone sort of is starting to look to me for the answers and I only can do what I can do, you know.”

As for Rosalee’s season 3 storylines, Turner shares about as much as she knows. On whether Rosalee and Monroe will face hardships in the coming season, Bree comments, “It’s Grimm, you know? People don’t stay happy very long on this show. And the Rosalee Monroe romance has been moving in such a beautiful – it’s had such a beautiful journey this season that I mean let’s be real. Only complications are coming.” And should fans expect to learn more about Rosalee’s legacy and her ties to the Wesen Council? “We don’t know where the writers are going to take us, but I think that’s a pretty juicy storyline to explore for Rosalee in particular.”

Catch Grimm’s season 2 finale, Tuesday May 21 on NBC.

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