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‘Doom Patrol’ Season 1, Episode 10 ‘Hair Patrol’ Recap: Trackers

BY Daniel Rayner

Published 4 years ago

'Doom Patrol' Season 1, Episode 10 'Hair Patrol' Recap: Trackers

While three members of the Doom Patrol remain unconscious, two deal with the task at hand. However, the misfits are not the only ones looking for The Chief. The Bureau of Normalcy hires the strangest person best suited for the job. Meanwhile, one’s memories haunt him while in captivity. The comfort of indulging in the past lasts for a while, up until an intruder ruins everything.

On Friday’s episode of Doom Patrol, Rita Farr/Elasti-woman (April Bowlby) and Victor Stone/Cyborg (Joivan Wade) take charge of Doom mansion. Meanwhile, Dr. Niles Caulder (Timothy Dalton) revisits his memories. However, Mr. Nobody (Alan Tudyk) pries into his brain, trying to break Niles.

Cave Days

Timothy Dalton in Doom Patrol Season 1 Episode 10

DC Universe

In the year 1913, Niles and his companion, Allister (Max Martini) ventured into the Yukon Territory. As members of the Bureau of Oddities, their mission is to find and study strange things in the world. Unfortunately, the wild gains the upper hand over Niles and Allister as a pack of wolves attack them. Niles is fortunate enough to escape the wolves, but he is wounded. As he rolled down the mountain, splintering his foot, a strange figure stood towering over him.

The creature who found Niles took care of his injured leg. Slowly, Niles began to get to know her. She has human-like features. Also, she understood Nile’s rambling about giving the dead hunters in the cave a proper burial. During the funeral, The Cavewoman summons the beast that Niles and Allister aimed to find. Because of what he witnessed, Niles decides to stay and study the Cavewoman. At some point, both of them fell ill, and they took care of each other. Eventually, they have a romantic relationship despite Niles not understanding her speech.

After years of living and surviving together, Allister suddenly returns to the Yukon Territory. However, his return did not spell anything good for Niles and the Cavewoman. At that point, the world is at war, and much of society changed. The Bureau of Oddities no longer goes under the same name and principles. Now known as the Bureau of Normalcy, the organization aims to find strange things in the world and exterminate them. Because of this, Niles takes the chance to kill Allister and surrender to the Bureau in the hopes that they never find the Cavewoman.

The Bureau may not be anywhere close to the Cavewoman, but Mr. Nobody could try and her. He tormented Niles and even offered to let him return to Doom Mansion. In exchange, However, Niles must tell him where the Cavewoman is. Instead, Niles remains indignant, determined not to let Mr. Nobody break him.

The Conscious Ones

April Bowlby and Joivan Wade in Doom Patrol Season 1 Episode 10

DC Universe

Since Crazy Jane (Diane Guerrero), Cliff Steele/Robotman (Brendan Fraser/Riley Shanahan), and Larry Trainor/Negative Man (Matt Bomer/Matthew Zuk) are unconscious, Rita and Victor must continue their search for Niles. The only lead they have is from the comic book that Danny the Street gave Victor and Larry. As ordinary as it seemed, Rita managed to find something strange on the comic book. An advertisement that usually contained a muscular man included an outline of him, but no photo as if he walked out of the page.

The Beard Hunter

Tommy Snider in Doom Patrol Season 1 Episode 10

DC Universe

Ernest Franklin (Tommy Snider) seemed like the average American loser. A former commercial model and possibly in his mid-20s’, Tommy lived with his mom, Mrs. Franklin (Joan Van Ark) and spent his time in the house’s basement. Out on a regular trip to the supermarket, Ernest received an offer from the Bureau of Normalcy that he cannot refuse. Once known as the Beard Hunter, Ernest can pinpoint one’s location after consuming their beard hair (WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK), so the Bureau thought that he could find Niles.

After breaking into Doom Mansion, he locates the only possible location of what remains of Niles’ beard. He consumes the drain grime from Niles’ sink before he collapses. When he wakes up, he finds himself strapped to a chair, interrogated by Rita and Victor.  Once the duo leaves his room, however, Ernest consumes a piece of Victor’s beard that fell.

Ernest wreaks havoc at the mansion since he could now control Victor. He could predict and avoid Victor’s moves as well as control his weapon systems. Ernest proudly left, knowing that he defeated Cyborg. Luckily, Rita managed to tag Ernest with a tracker so they could follow him and potentially find Niles. What Ernest finds, however, is a strange doll made to resemble Niles right before the beast from Niles’ past roars at him.

‘Doom Patrol’ Season 1, Episode 10 ‘Hair Patrol’ Final Verdict

Admittedly, the show usually gets strange, and all crazy, but that scene where Ernest consumed drain grime is not something recommended for the faint of heart. Having more background to Niles’ story gives a more excellent grasp of his identity and why he chose to become who he is now. Also, the idea that the events of this episode happen at the same time as the events of the previous one is a creative touch, overall adding to how amazing the show is.

Doom Patrol continues Friday, April 26th with ‘Frances Patrol’ at the DC Streaming Service.

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