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Welcome to Metropolis in New Featurette for Titans

BY Brandon

Published 2 years ago

Welcome to Metropolis in New Featurette for Titans

When Titans first started, the show had brought us to the world of Batman by taking place in Gotham City, but now we’re set to go a different DC locale with Metropolis.

Just in, HBO Max has dropped a new featurette giving us a look at Superman’s city and how they managed to make it feel different from Gotham. Check this out:

After escaping the darkness of Gotham, the Titans make a stop in hopeful Metropolis, but what secrets does this new city hide?

While we don’t really have a look at the Daily Planet, we can see the giant golden globe on top of a building in the skyline of Metropolis. We also have a look at STAR Labs, which is touted to be DC’s version of the Tony Stark’s lab, full of neat toys and cool inventions.

On the darker side of things though, we also have a look at Lex Luthor’s office, as well as the Temple of Azarath, which is the birthplace of Raven.

What’s pretty neat is that they actually repurposed a lot of sets from earlier seasons of the show. The Azarath temple is actually a redressed Batcave where they used the same kind of rock. The underlit floor in STAR Labs was also from Deathstroke’s floor from Season 2.

With the mainline DCEU films having no plans to introduce a cinematic version of the Titans, it looks like the shows can pretty much do what they want with the characters. With Flash said to be exploring multiverse shenanigans though, what are the odds we can get some kind of crossover down the line?

Catch Titans now streaming on HBO Max.

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