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What Are Your Favorite Creepy, Spooky Movies and TV Shows?

BY Shannon Entin

Published 6 years ago

What Are Your Favorite Creepy, Spooky Movies and TV Shows?

Halloween is right around the corner, and this week Shannon and Fadra are talking about their favorite (and not-so-favorite) scary, creepy, gory movies and TV shows.

5:07 What are we watching?

  • Shannon’s new favorite show is Broadchurch. Available on Netflix, Broadchurch is a British crime drama about the murder of a young boy and the impact it has on the small, tight-knit community. Stars the excellent David Tennant.
  • Fadra has been listening to some great new podcasts in the true crime genre, including Someone Knows Something and Dirty John – which has a Walking Dead connection!
  • Fadra also started watching The Gifted (yay!), as well as continuing to watch Black Mirror, Narcos, The Good Place, Shitt’s Creek, and The Flash. Surprisingly, Fadra is not thrilled with The Flash (one of her favorite shows) this season. Stay tuned…

21:51 Last movie seen?

  • Shannon saw It. She didn’t love, but says that everyone she knows did love it. She thought it was a bit slow and not really scary at all. We chat Stephen King…
  • Speaking of Stephen King, Fadra has Gerald’s Game in her queue.

24:55 What’s coming up?

  • Netflix has set a release date for The Punisher – November 17th! Shannon was really excited for this series, but after seeing the latest trailer, she thinks it might be a little too dark and violent. On the contrary, the trailer made Fadra more interested in the show. Hmmm… should be some good conversation around this one!
  • Dark comes out on Netflix December 1st.  It’s the first Netflix original series entirely created, produced and shot in Germany. Plot revolves around the disappearance of two young children, which exposes the double lives and fractured relationships among four families. Also has a supernatural twist. Sounds intriguing!

Stinger Topic of the Week: Scary, Creepy Movies and TV

28:32 First scary movie?

  • Shannon’s was probably Nightmare on Elm Street, but she’s not 100% sure.
  • Fadra’s first horror movie was The Redeemer and her parents did not know she was watching a movie with a subtitle of “Son of Satan!” Her first scary movie was Jaws 2.

34:52 Scariest movie we’ve seen?

  • Fadra’s was The Ring – too much reality!
  • Shannon’s was Amityville Horror. Anything that deals with spirits and true stories is just… no. Poltergeist, The Shining, Cujo and Blair Witch also had her on edge for days.

40:00 Scary/creepy TV shows?

  • Fadra and Shannon both love suspenseful sci-fi like Twilight Zone and Black Mirror.
  • American Horror Story is another excellent horror TV show. It’s so well-written and really knows how to play on people’s basic fears.
  • Shannon recommends the first season of Scream Queens (Jamie Lee Curtis and Emma Roberts) for a fun, parody-type horror TV show (but still lots of blood!).

45:05 How about fun Halloween movies?

  • Shannon loves Beetlejuice. It’s not a favorite of Fadra’s.
  • Fadra loved the Goosebumps movie with Jack Black.
  • Just released: Boo 2! A Madea Halloween. Madea is Fadra’s guilty pleasure. Shannon has not seen any Madea movie, but has vowed to watch one before the next Stinger episode.
  • While Fadra’s guilty pleasure is Madea, Shannon’s is Disney Channel movies… she likes to watch Halloweentown and Twitches with her daughter this time of year.

Shannon and Fadra also chat about Misery, The Langoliers, Blair Witch Project, Psycho, Rosemary’s Baby, The Shining, and Maximum Overdrive.

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What Are Your Favorite Creepy, Spooky Movies and TV Shows?


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