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DARK Season 3 Wrap-Up

BY Shannon Entin

Published 4 years ago

DARK Season 3 Wrap-Up

We are wrapping up season 3 of the Netflix original series DARK with your feedback, our unanswered questions, and a little bit about the writers and producers of DARK.

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DARK’s Showrunners, Props and Locations

DARK’s writers/producers are Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar and they have a multiple-year deal with Netflix. Their next project is called “1899” and it’s described as a multi-language, historic, horror series about a steamship filled with European migrants traveling from London to New York. We are looking forward to it!

DARK has piqued our interest in Netflix foreign language shows. Here are a few others we recommend:

  • La Foret (French)
  • The Rain (Danish)
  • The Woods (Polish)
  • How to Sell Drugs Online Fast (German)

Curious how they mirrored the scenes in World B? According to Odar, “We actually mirrored all the images that take place in the mirrored world, which means you mirror the sets. Stairs that go from left to right, they now go from right to left. Doors that used to be on the left side, were on the right side,” Odar said. “But it also means props-wise, you have to change a lot of things like books and bookshelves. You have to change the titles on them and mirror them. But the biggest challenge was actually for actors to play everything in a mirrored way. You have to open doors with your left hand. And if you ever tried that for one day, it is really weird and awkward.”

And what about the props? Friese and Odar said that they were able to keep the raincoat, the St. Christopher necklace, and the recreation of the Rubens painting “The Fall of the Damned” that is the centerpiece of Adam’s Sic Mundus hall.

If you’re wondering if you can make a pilgrimage to the Winden Cave, we’re sorry to say it doesn’t exist. It was a set constructed specifically for the series. But if you are in the Berlin area, there are several locations you can find such as the Winden School, the road leading to the power plant, the train tracks and the woods. Here’s a great post detailing the filming locations for DARK.

Unanswered Questions in DARK

DARK is a show about choices and consequences. It questions what unites us and what divides us – and how fear can be a trigger for the latter. It’s brilliantly executed and we have praised it for the way it picks up loose ends and fills in the gaps for you. But with a show this complex, there’s bound to be some unanswered questions!

Our listeners sent in a few questions:

  • Rashan asks: “In the Finale, they say that this was the first time that Jonas and Badass Martha travel to the origin world.  They stop the car from going off the bridge and you know what happens from there.  My question is could that be another switch point?  What if it has happened before and they failed, but this particular instance they succeeded?  Could there actually be more than the 3 worlds they present in the show?” We think this is definitely a possibility. The finale was open to interpretation!
  • Brendann asks: “We see Noah and Helge in S1 using this (obviously ineffective) version of a time machine in a weird version of the bunker with 80s stuff all around. Why does this happen and why would that machine even exist in the first place? In S3 it’s revealed that after Charlotte is stolen from Noah, he goes off the deep end and ends up on Adam’s doorstep. Adam says he can help get Charlotte back and that “Helge will help you.” If Noah was able to get back to Adam, he already knew how to travel. So what was the point of using some other unsophisticated version of the machine? Also, it was made clear that Jonas couldn’t figure out how to get the God Particle to function. So when Noah tells Elisabeth, “I will find her and bring her back,” how the hell did he even get back to Adam in the first place?” THAT IS A DAMN GOOD QUESTION! We are still puzzled about this…
  • And Zach wrote in with a theory about Aleksander: “Boris/Aleksander Tiedemann is the devil. If you think about it, he’s the only out of place character in the show. If there was no Aleksander there would be no apocalypse. He is the start of it all. He was created along with the 2 worlds. Regina was real, Aleksander was not, and these 2 made an abomination, Bartosz, which was the beginning.” We discuss this on the podcast, and there are a lot of biblical parallels on this show, but… I’m not sold.

We wrap up with a few of our own unanswered questions:

  • Who was the guy in the carriage who had the Charlotte watch? Tannhaus? How did he get this watch? Is “Charlotte” someone other than the Charlotte we know?
  • When and why did Jonas and Martha take the names Adam and Eva? When did Hanno become Noah?
  • Why did Agnes kill Noah in 1921?
  • What was the point of the character Clausen? Just to open the barrels and start the apocalypse?
  • Wanted a little more info on Silja’s journey. Did older Jonas take her as a young girl to 2040 and she was raised by Elisabeth?
  • Who was Regina’s father? We see her in the photo at the end of S3 with Claudia and a man… a little investigation revealed that it was Bernd Doppler. Kinda creepy since he was old enough to be her father. But it makes sense. There was the weird scene where he gives her money, and we know he took her under his wing and primed her to take over the power plant. In the origin world, if there was no power plant, it seems they simply got together and had a happy life.

If you want a complete timeline of the events of DARK, this is one of best posts we’ve found: Dark Simplified Timeline of Events.

Please contact us with your feedback, questions, and comments! We’d love to hear what you think and talk about it in our Season 3 Wrap-Up episode. We’re @StingerPodcast everywhere.

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