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Home 'Ghosted' Season 1, Episode 9 'Snatcher' Recap: Kinda Sounds like Batman [SPOILERS]

'Ghosted' Season 1, Episode 9 'Snatcher' Recap: Kinda Sounds like Batman [SPOILERS]

BY Louie Anne Matthews

Published 5 years ago

'Ghosted' Season 1, Episode 9 'Snatcher' Recap: Kinda Sounds like Batman [SPOILERS]

FOX’s “Ghosted” returns adding more laughter and silly gags with the supernatural. Max Jennifer (Adam Scott) learns that he should never invite his crush during a mission. With Max trying to impress Annie (Amber Stevens West), the pair—along with Leroy (Craig Robinson)—find themselves lost in the woods while an Oz Monkey Batman is on the loose. Meanwhile, back in the Bureau Underground, Barry (Adeel Akhtar) helps Captain Ava LaFrey (Ally Walker) with her love life situation.

Max tries to impress Annie

The previous episodes showed that Max and Annie like each other. But with Max still technically married to his fugitive wife on the run, it’s hard to get into a relationship. Meanwhile, Annie is in a relationship, despite her feelings for Max. The Bureau then receives a compelling case about a mysterious creature killing hikers—a case Annie has been following for a while now. Because of this, Max invites Annie as a consultant on the mission. However, Leroy saw through his partner’s invitation. During the trip, Max tells Annie that he loves the forest to impress her. Helping his partner out, Leroy tells Max to fake it until he makes it. Being an eagle scout himself, Leroy promises to help Max out to gain points with Annie.

Adam Scott and Amber Stevens West in Ghosted (2017)

Kevin Estrada/Fox

Things start to go sour when Max encounters a bat/monkey-like creature. Leroy calls it Batman while Annie insists it’s called a Gila Snatcher. Whatever it’s called, there is a high chance for the beast to kill them. The three find refuge in an abandoned cabin. Max then admits to Annie that he hates the forest and only pretended to love it because he liked her. Easing the awkward tension, they focused their attention on the Bat creature as it proved to be a higher threat than their impending romance. When Leroy’s Eagle Scout forest lessons didn’t work, Max does a MacGyver—or “MaxGuyver,” as Leroy puts it. Max uses the corpse’s camping tools to create a make-shift bomb. Trapping the Batman creature, Annie wears the body they found in the cabin as bait. As soon as the beast took it, Max blew it up, saving everyone.

‘Ghosted’ Gives Relationship Counseling

Amber Stevens West, Adam Scott and Craig Robinson in Ghosted (2017)

Kevin Estrada/Fox

While everyone else dealt with paranormal drama, Barry helps Captain LaFrey with her personal life. Despite being the badass boss that she is, LaFrey still deals with a dysfunctional life. A few episodes ago we saw her enlist Annie and Barry’s help to spy on her daughter because LaFrey has no other way to communicate with her. Now, she’s trying to get over a former flame. Barry gave her some advice telling LaFrey to keep things H.O.T—an honest, open, and two-way communication. LaFrey ignores Barry’s interest in her personal life but follows it in the end. She found out his advice works, with Barry becoming her relationship consultant.
At first thrilled that his boss would open up to him, Barry soon realized he couldn’t take another second of LaFrey’s whining. As a solution, Barry tells LaFrey to find closure with her ex. LaFrey did exactly that, but when Barry met her ex, he then asks her to give her ex a second chance. Realizing she didn’t need any relationship advice, LaFrey ignored Barry, resulting in a much-needed closure. We all know LaFrey has the entire season of “Ghosted” to find another man, but what about Max and Annie? They both acknowledged their feelings, but then again, they are involved in very complicated relationships to start another one.
“Ghosted” continues next Sunday, January 14th, with “Hello Boys” at 8:30 PM on FOX.

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