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GRIMM Stars David Giuntoli & Bitsie Tulloch Preview Dramatic Finale

BY Jennifer Griffin

Published 9 years ago

GRIMM Stars David Giuntoli & Bitsie Tulloch Preview Dramatic Finale

When we spoke to Grimm star Bitsie Tulloch earlier this season, the actress teased the beginnings of a dark path ahead for Juliette Silverton.  However we didn’t anticipate just how dark that path was going to be.

Now allied with the Royals, and complicit in the shocking death and mutilation of Nick’s Grimm mother, it seems there is no turning back for Juliette, especially now that she knows Adalind is pregnant with Nick’s child.

“It put him into a place that he hasn’t yet gone – dark, bothered and willing to get revenge in any way,” says Giuntoli of last week’s head in a box shocker.

With Nick on the war path and seeking revenge, could this mean the end for our favorite former veterinarian?

In this new video interview, Grimm stars David Giuntoli and Bitsie Tulloch preview what’s to come in tonight’s dramatic season finale.

Events in the season finale will hit fans “out of the blue,” Giuntoli warns. “Things happen that I never thought would happen. Nick and Juliette’s relationship will be forever changed.”

“The Hexenbiest storyline has been awesome,” adds Bitsie Tulloch. “She just keeps getting darker and darker. At first she didn’t want it. She didn’t want the powers. Everywhere she turned there was no solution. She just kept hitting a wall. For the first time on Grimm there is no cure. It got to the point where she had to embrace it and say goodbye to any sort of humanity.”

“This is the new Juliette, and she is evil,” Tulloch explains. “She’s out for revenge.”

“We haven’t shot a storyline this big; we haven’t shot a storyline that has such insane consequences,” she previews.

Watch the unstoppable force meet the immovable object on Grimm’s season 4 finale, tonight 8/7c on NBC.

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