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IT Movie Teaser Trailer 2: The Losers Club Goes Into The Sewers

BY David Riley

Published 6 years ago

IT Movie Teaser Trailer 2: The Losers Club Goes Into The Sewers

The newest preview for the “IT Movie” has just been released, thanks to MTV. Stephen King’s famous novel of the same name is slated to show it’s remake of the hit 1990’s TV movie which still terrifies viewers to this day. “IT” tells the famous story of The Losers’ Club; as they battle their way from childhood to adulthood, while facing the centuries-old shapeshifting demon known as Pennywise the Clown.

The TV “IT movie” from the 90’s has become a classic due to Tim Curry’s legendary portrayal of Pennywise. While Pennywise takes on many forms in the book, the live-action adaptation shows him sticking to his clown persona, making it a lasting mark of terror to both children and adults (especially if you’re dealing with coulrophobia—the fear of clowns.)

IT Movie Warns: Don’t Go Into The Sewers

Viewers of the 2017 MTV Movie & TV Awards were treated to a special preview of the “IT Movie.” The new teaser trailer features a detailed view of Derry, Maine and The Losers’ Club themselves. It shows a couple of terrifying instances where Pennywise unleashes fear into the lives of Bill, Ritchie, Bev, Stan and the rest of the Club. They find a shoe in the sewers, and then a red balloon appears. Uh-oh. Watch the “IT Movie” teaser trailer at your own risk; and maybe you should also check your bed and closet for monster clowns before you sleep tonight.

The first trailer shattered view records, and it just proves how strong the effect of the “IT Movie” has been doing over the years. “IT” is a book that meant a lot to people today, and this newest remake just gives us a worthy adaptation in a modern take.

Director Andrew Muschietti is taking a different feel for the “IT Movie.” The previous Pennywise came off as a taunting demon while Bill Skarsgard’s take would involve the clown being more sadistic and a lot less playful than Curry’s version—perhaps the most vicious and terrifying clown ever seen in the big screen. With the film set to release in a matter of months, we can’t help but sit back and think about all the children floating down there. Will we all float too?

“IT Movie” hits theaters on September 8, 2017. Watch the teaser trailer below:

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