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‘It: Chapter Two’ Trailer: Pennywise is Back And Deadlier Than Ever

BY Stephanie Larson

Published 4 years ago

'It: Chapter Two' Trailer: Pennywise is Back And Deadlier Than Ever

If Bill Skarsgard’s Pennywise left you nightmares from the first IT movie, then you’d better gear up for IT: Chapter Two. The new trailer has shown as much. Those yellow eyes, that needle-teeth filled smile, and that grating voice – even when you already know what’s coming, it’s still as hair-raising and goosebump-inducing. The first teaser for IT: Chapter Two was already a bit disturbing with the old woman and all. But, the final trailer just goes and ups the ante. The cast and the crew really left no reservations to bring and redefine the horrors of Stephen King’s novel to life.

‘It: Chapter Two’ Breakdown

IT: Chapter Two is the conclusion to one of the highest-grossing horror stories of today. And it takes off 27 years after the Losers club defeated Pennywise. Now that the monster has returned, the Losers club who are now adults must reunite in Derry to fight the final battle and end Pennywise once and for all. But, the clown is deadlier than ever and thirsts for their blood more than anyone.

In the trailer, a controversial scene sets up the stage for Pennywise’s return. It features a gay citizen of Derry being swept into the sewers where he becomes the first victim of an awakened Pennywise. This, on top of the other new disappearances, triggers the return of the Losers club to Derry. In a short snippet, they seem to be enjoying their reunion. But, the past quickly catches up to them. And in Mike’s (Isaiah Mustafa) voice over, he reminds the gang of the oath they made to stop It. As Beverly (Jessica Chastain) utters Pennywise’s name, the terror becomes visible in the gang’s faces.

Another interesting feature in the trailer is the carnival. Seeing as Pennywise is a clown, it’s only fitting for him to haunt a supposedly jolly place such as that. There, Bill (James McAvoy) faces a parallel situation when his brother disappeared as he tries to save a kid from the clutches of It. Other callbacks to the first film include clips of the fridge Pennywise emerged from, the “Scary” doors, Beverly’s capture, and the sewers. Even Bill’s dead little brother made a reappearance repeating the words “You lied, I died!” in his yellow coat.

The bloodbath scene was also prominent as well as the part that Beverly shatters a mirror. If you look closely at the reflection, you can see Pennywise creeping up behind Mike. Then, the trailer jumps to the gang in a circle as if they were performing a ritual. To up the stakes, several clips of the gang facing down their greatest fears jumps in between. But, the most interesting part of all? It’s Pennywise as a human.

That final clip might hint at the origins of Pennywise that is different from Its source material. The old styled clothes and the antiques in the background suggest a time period older than the 80s. Even the pictures that Beverly saw in the teaser suggested it. And if the production so chooses, they might deviate from King’s story to present a new and intriguing background to the world’s most frightening clown. Nevertheless, the trailer for It: Chapter Two already says tons about how fantastic a job it has done to bring this classic to its heights.

It: Chapter Two hits theaters September 5, 2019. Watch the official trailer below:

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