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Jennifer Lopez and Ray Liotta Talk SHADES OF BLUE Season 2

BY Jennifer Griffin

Published 7 years ago

Jennifer Lopez and Ray Liotta Talk SHADES OF BLUE Season 2

Shades of Blue knew just how to keep fans on tenterhooks over the course of its season one finale last April (yes, it’s been almost a year, guys) as Harlee Santos (Jennifer Lopez) fought to keep her family together against rapidly rising odds, and Wozniak (Ray Liotta) took the ultimate — and surprising — fall in order to keep her safe.

A quick recap because a year is a long time, folks:

As you may recall, Harlee agreed to give up Woz, Donnie, and Linklater in exchange for her crew’s immunity — not realizing that Donnie was dead and that Linklater had fled the country at this point. However, Woz (Ray Liotta) knew the real story, namely that there would be no immunity for Harlee if she only had him, and no money, as a prize for Stahl, and so took it upon himself to strike his own deal with the devil. In the end, Woz agreed to turn himself (and the money) in, in exchange for Harlee’s immunity.

The pair had a tearful telephone exchange, with Harlee telling Woz to take Linda and get the hell outta Dodge. But it was too late. Woz was already in police custody, leaving Harlee an unexpectedly free woman.

But perhaps the biggest kicker came in the finale’s closing moments when Harlee’s abusive ex Miguel reappeared, claiming to want back in Harlee’s — and their daughter Cristina’s — life. When things turned ugly, Harlee ended up snapping Miguel’s neck.

“So much has changed for Harlee in that moment,” says Jennifer Lopez in a new video interview, courtesy of NBC. “She’s crossed another line. In a way she’s relieved herself from this life she was living. There’s closure on that situation she’s been haunted by for the past ten years, but who is she going to be after that? Who will she become?”

On her fractured relationship with Woz, Lopez reveals there are many unanswered questions that will find answers this season.

“What’s going to happen now that Woz has taken the fall, and having been picked up by the FBI? How is that all going to play out now that he finds out she was the rat the whole time? She was the mole. What is that going to do to their relationship? How are they going to recover from that?”

Ray Liotta meanwhile hints that although Woz may be at the lowest point yet, there may a way for him to wriggle out of the self imposed noose he made for himself in the season one finale.

“As things happen, it all went crazy,” says Liotta, referencing season one’s bungled attempt to steal 12 million dollars from an armored truck that kicked off the spiral of events in the finale.

“It didn’t work out. Somebody ended up getting the money who we didn’t think would get the money, and then all of a sudden we realized that it was Jennifer [Harlee]. Because of my deep love for her, and my wanting to protect her and her kid, I end up taking the money from her, which she doesn’t know about. I call up the FBI and say I have the money. Come and get me, hoping that there would be a way I could get out of it — and of course I do,” he adds with an enigmatic smile.

Shades of Blue returns on Sunday, March 5 at 10:00 pm on NBC. The first episode of the new season is titled “Unforgiven” and will see Harlee struggling to cover up her murder, while Woz is forced to make a deal with FBI Agent Robert Stahl (Warren Kole) to keep himself and his crew out of jail.

However he soon discovers Stahl has led him into an impossible trap.

Meanwhile, as the crew deals with the fall-out from the failed heist, Tess (Drea DeMatteo) struggles to keep her painful gunshot wound under wraps.

Catch Jennifer Lopez and Ray Liotta’s talking Harlee, Woz and all things season 2 below.

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