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‘Krypton’ Season 2, Episode 3 ‘Will To Power” Recap: Battle of Wits

BY Stephanie Larson

Published 5 years ago

'Krypton' Season 2, Episode 3 'Will To Power

Taking a sweet little break, this week’s episode of Krypton takes the action down a notch. Instead, we see a lot of Seg (Cameron Cuffe) literally going head to head against Brainiac (Blake Ritson) in a tense battle of wits. What makes this episode better is the welcome and comical distraction provided by Shaun Sipos’ Adam and Emmett J. Scanlan’s Lobo. As far as Krypton has come, this is the most fun I’ve seen between Adam and Seg. Sipos and Cuffe play them so well that their banter has become one of Krypton’s golden humor keys. And don’t even get me started on Lobo. The guy just grows on you from the get-go like a weed on steroids. 

Krypton has gotten wilder. And here comes this little chill point saying “Oh, you think that was good? Wait ‘till the good stuff begins.” In this episode, Krypton is starting to tip the scales. Seg is on a mind-battle with Brainiac. On the other hand, Jax (Hannah Waddingham) and Val (Ian McElhinney) has fallen into Nyssa’s trap. And General Zod (Colin Salmon) is on the other end waiting for the right moment to strike with the help of none other than his loyal mother Lyta (Georgina Campbell). 

Mind Games

While on the run from Lobo, Seg discovers three very useful things from his mind chats with Brainiac. First, Brainiac’s trying to cultivate a new body through him. Second, Brainiac can be one very persuasive son of a bitch. And lastly, he can access Brainiac’s vast archives of knowledge just like how the green monster can access his memories. From there, Seg plucks out his and Adam’s next destination: Brainiac’s birthpod.

Cameron Cuffe and Shaun Sipos in Krypton Season 2 Episode 3


On the other hand, the Wegthor rebellion is well underway on a fake victory. Nyssa’s intel checked out and the rebels got their fill of Sagitarii supplies including crates of high-quality oxygenators. And Val makes sure that Jax doesn’t forget that. However, a little doubt creeps into her mind. But, before she can voice out her thoughts, Val takes off. 

Back in Krypton, Lyta is at it again at trying to convince General Zod to send her up to Wegthor to end the rebellion. A little of the old idealistic Lyta shines through as she insists that she can get Val to agree to a surrender. However, Zod remains adamant. What makes him reconsider is when Lyta indirectly begs to prove herself against the version of her he remembers. It’s like the Jayna (Ann Ogbomo) situation all over again from season 1. Lyta’s always proving herself to somebody else.  

Sting of Betrayal

Meanwhile, after Dev (Aaron Pierre) saves her, Jayna realizes that the Sagitarii who came in weren’t looking for her. They all thought her dead. They were looking for Dev. When she confronts him about it, he refuses to give the reason why. He also refuses to help her feeling hurt and betrayed by her disappearance and sudden appearance. 

Wallis Day and Ian McElhinney in Krypton Season 2 Episode 3


In Wegthor, the rebels’ scouts got wind of another of Zod’s plans. He plans to rally his Sagitarii forces to the base of the elevator to Wegthor so they could attack topside. And Jax suggests attacking them on the route using their newly confiscated supplies and pushing them back until they gain control of the path. This would give them the tipping point they so desperately need. But, it also means Lyta’s suggestions to her son might actually work. And the rebels might just get served a huge disaster on their hands. On the other hand, Nyssa is still dutifully doing her double agent tasks. She goes so far as to use her vulnerabilities as a mother to trick Val into trusting her and setting her free from her guard. 

The Place of Origin

Back in Colu, Seg and Adam find the place where the ancient Coluans made Brainiac. And inside Seg’s head, he’s still fighting against Brainiac’s advances, enduring the constant pull to give in. Brainiac, on the other hand, uses Seg’s memories of people dear to him like Nyssa and Kem to further weaken his resolve. In the end, he settles for Lyta’s form to continue seducing Seg into giving up. 

Emmett J. Scanlan in Krypton Season 2 Episode 3


Since Seg’s preoccupied, Adam takes it into his hands to make sure he connects to Brainiac’s pod. According to Seg, this will separate him from Brainiac. And once they’re separated, they can zeta beam back to Krypton. As soon as he sits him down on the chair, a bunch of tendrils shoots themselves up Seg’s neck. By that time, Lobo has caught up. When he tries to enter the pod though, a forcefield materializes cutting off the arm he put forward first. After screaming, then laughing, Lobo dissolves into something like a little sob as he says, “You little turd, you cut off my favorite arm.” Then, he proceeds to pull out his blaster, blasts the forcefield, and blasts his own head off with the backfire. Poor Adam. He had to see all that gore but, it’s actually one of the most amusing scenes in the episode. There’s just nothing that Lobo can’t turn funny.

Meanwhile, Zod finally gives his mother a chance. After recalling that it was his mother that taught him calculated risks, Zod finally allows Lyta to spearhead the fight against the rebellion. In a tender moment, the mother and son embrace each other. What’s strange is Zod pulls a face of pain or something like that as they do. And once Lyta departs, something else seems to be running in Zod’s mind. 

Fools for Lovers

After being set free, Nyssa finds an unexpected surprise from her past, Araame (Kae Alexander) her old lover. She’s the very same one that taught her how to fight. And even now, it seems that Araame still has a thing for her with how quickly Nyssa got her into bed. After their little romp in the sheets, Nyssa steals classified information about the codex from her lover. And it seems like whatever she saw wasn’t the pleasant answers she was desperately seeking. 

Emmett J. Scanlan and Blake Ritson in Krypton Season 2 Episode 3


Meanwhile, Brainiac and Seg are still at it. Brainiac’s still using Lyta’s form to talk Seg into submission. And for a moment, it seems to be working. Seg is almost down to his knees willing to do whatever the fake Lyta wants him to. When the right moment arrives, however, Seg gives up the ruse. And he emerges the victor using Brainiac’s growing fear and desperation to overpower him and keep him at bay.  

On the outside, Lobo has successfully grown his head and shoulders from the arm that was cut off much to Adam’s horror. Soon enough, he’s grown a full torso and both arms. And to Adam, it didn’t seem fair to fight him like that. But, Lobo proves he’s just as deadly with half a body as he is with a whole one. 

Just when Lobo’s about to crush Adam’s skull, Seg wakes up and throws the half-monster to the wall. Then, he proceeds to detach himself from the chair where Brainiac’s body immediately beings to take form. Before Lobo can crawl back to them and rip them apart, the Adam and Seg Zeta beams back to Krypton leaving Lobo with the image of their smiling faces as they flip him off. But, it’s not all bad for him. He’s still left with Brainiac’s weakened body which he immediately rips apart. And I refuse to believe that this is the last we’ll see of them. Brainiac’s too evil and Lobo’s too amusing to get rid off. Without them, Krypton loses a big part of the reason why the second season’s so damn good. 

Superheroes Have No Days Off

While all that’s happening in Colu, something’s starting to stir up in Krypton. The Sagitarii have been alerted of their new mission and they’re falling into place. And one of them is Seg’s old friend Kem. Meanwhile, in the Outlands, Jayna finds an unconscious Dev on the snow. She takes him to her place and cares for him just as she would a son. When he wakes up, he finally gives in to his emotions and allows Jayna to take him into her arms like a child after a little temper tantrum. 

Shaun Sipos and Cameron Cuffe in Krypton Season 2 Episode 3


On the other hand, Adam and Seg successfully land in Krypton’s Outlands but, with a minor hitch. Seg’s not waking up. But, after Adam lands one hard fist on his chest, Seg is back up and breathing. He slightly panics at the thought that he was a few seconds dead. But, Superman’s grandfather is fine. Soon enough, they start their trek back to the Kandor. And with the remains of Brainiac’s ship still looming over the city, the sight doesn’t seem all that promising. 

Krypton continues next Wednesday, July 3rd, with “Danger Close” at 10/9c on SyFy.

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